Chapter 85 - A Wrong Encounter (2) NaughtyOtter's Thoughts

I Reincarnated For Nothing

Chapter 85 - A Wrong Encounter (2)

Aedia was the most advanced nation on this continent in regards to Magical Engineering.  In truth, it wasn’t just Magical Engineering.  They performed extensive research on traditional magic, black magic, dimensional magic, and other disciplines……  If he was being blunt, Aedia was the headquarter of magical studies.  If one wanted to discuss magic on this continent, it all started and ended at Aedia.

“Then there is the holy nation of Paladia that is on the opposite of Aedia.  Aedia and Paladia are separated by two oceans and a continent.  This is true for all the temples spread across the continent, and the priests and holy knights associated with these temples.  They are all affiliated with Paladia.”

“So what is Diaz famous for, Artpe?”

“Diaz isn’t known for anything.  The only thing they can do is create buttered corn cobs.”

He wanted to ask her how she couldn't have missed this fact when witnessing the mess within Diaz.  However, he held himself back from speaking.  When Maetel heard his words, she became a little bit sullen.  He let out a bitter laugh as he spoke again.

“However, you were born there, so that should be enough for Diaz.”

“······Ah.  You can’t stay stuff like that so suddenly.”

The nation’s power was weak, and the monsters that appeared within its borders were weak.  Even the amount of ambient Mana within Diaz was low.  However, heroes continued to be born there for some reason.  He had been trying to convey this fact, yet he seemed to have delivered it in a misleading fashion.  It had truly been a long time since Maetel’s cheeks had turned red from embarrassment.

He had been telling her facts, and if she derived pleasure from his words, he decided to leave it as is.  He turned around to look at his companion, who had travelled with his party.  In the past five month, the Genesis Mermaid Queen Sherryl Anaid had broken through level 200.  Of course, everyone within Artpe’s party increased rapidly in level, so this was nothing new.

“Thank you for everything up until now, Sherryl.”

In the past, she still had some traces baby fat on her face.  However, her beauty had completely ripened.  The mermaid Sherryl’s mere presence let out a dazzling and brilliant light.  She spoke with a voice full of regret.  Artpe answered her.

“From this point on, it is human territory.  I can no longer serve you.”

In the past 5 months, her appearance and level weren’t the only parts that had gone through a change.  As she evolved, her intelligent had increased.  This especially affected her understanding of Mana and the fundamental understanding of the other races on this continent.  She was able to make rapid progress.

One of the results was her ability to learn languages.  In the past, she had only been able to speak the language of the merfolk.  Now she spoke the human language.  She was able to communicate with her party members with no restrictions.

“You are pushing it already by following me this far.  Hurry up and go back.”

“I won’t be able to serve you for a while.  I can’t be by your side, master.  I don’t know where I’ll find solace in my life······.”

“There are thousands of merfolk waiting for your return.  What kind of nonsense are you talking about?”

“Jeez.  It didn’t work.”

Sherryl replied in a playful manner.  She moved like a wave moving across a seashore.  She casually approached him.  She placed a gentle kiss on his cheek, then she retreated.  It was a gesture that contained her loyalty and affection.

“I will wait for the day when I will get to serve you again.  I’ll be back with the ocean in my hands.”

“Yes.  I’m glad you’ve become so imposing······.”

“I’ll see you later, Sherryl unni.”

“You would have been a great mermaid if you hadn’t wagged your tail at Artpe.  When we meet again, please bring a husband with you.”


Each party member gave their farewell in their own unique way.  Sherryl gave a warm smile to everyone except Maetel.  Sparks flew as Sherryl responded to Maetel.

“You better make your move before I return.  By that time, you won’t hold a candle to me.”

“······ho-oh.  You’ve really become brave.”

He decided this was their way of saying goodbye to each other.  Artpe decided to believe in that.  If not, he couldn’t bear the heartburn it would cause.

“I’m really going to go now.”

She had been standing at the edge of the pier.  She lightly jumped backwards. Her body turned into bubbles, and the bubbles melted into the ocean water.  She wasn’t dead.  It was one of the the spells she had gained as a Genesis Mermaid.

When she used the spell, Sherryl could travel through the ocean at speeds that was unfathomable by humans.  When he saw this, Artpe wondered if he had revived a truly terrifying race.

Maetel was grinding her teeth as she observed everything.

“Why is Artpe so popular!  Wh!  Why!  All the women like Artpe.  Aren’t there any other men on this world besides Artpe?!”

As someone who liked Artpe the most, she wasn’t qualified to say those words.  Artpe gave a suitable reply.

“You are also popular.  In fact, Silpennon likes you.  He’s a former prince of a nation.”

“I don’t need anyone else.  I only need Artpe······.”

She was 15 years old now, yet she kept saying things that were unbecoming of a hero.  Unlike her wrongheadedness, her body was growing at a ridiculous speed.  Anyone who saw her right now would think she was a grown adult.

This was especially true when her breasts and butt were displayed when she took off her armor. There was no way her Innate Ability would influence her in such a way, but they were so full….

“Artpe?  Why did you headbutt that pole?”

“This is another form of meditation.  Don’t worry about it.”

“Do you want me to heal you, oppa?”

“······thank you.”

Unlike Maetel, who tempted Artpe with worldly desires at the sight of her, Sienna was still at the cusp of being adulthood.  Her growth was also fast, and she also had a nice body.  However, she was growing at a more conscientious pace than Maetel.

“Let’s head in.”

“It seems there are no boats here, since it is winter.”

“They built four layers of barrier walls here.  However, it seems the 1st and 2nd barrier wall were completely destroyed.”

It was easy to forget right now, but they were still in the midst of the Lunatic Wave.  The humans didn’t open their docks until spring.  It wasn’t until Mana filled up the ocean once again.  Of course, Sherryl was conducting her crusade, so the number of monster attacking this place should have decreased.  However, the humans were unaware of this fact.

“The city doesn’t have a lot of people either.”

“Winter is a really lonely season.”


Even if the city didn’t have an active population, they would have been noticed since they had just popped out of the ocean.  However, Artpe’s party was using a consumable Artifact they had acquired within the underwater Dungeon.  It was called the Ocean Jelly.  This was why they were hidden from prying eyes right now.

Ocean Jelly was an item acquired when they defeated monsters that looked like jellyfishes. It was a treasure that hid anyone that ate the Ocean Jelly.  The best characteristic of this consumable Artifact was the fact that the camouflage became more complete depending on how much Mana one possessed.  

This was obvious, but no one in this city… one in this nation had the capability to discover them.

Moreover, Artpe and Maetel was encroaching on level 280.

After defeating the Ancient Kraken, Artpe’s party had been on the road to Aedia for the past five months.

It wasn’t as good as receiving expert attention from the chef.  However, it made one wonder why it was like this under the ocean.  

That monster was inside the ocean?  That monster was here too?  Why is that bastard here?  He had to ask these questions to himself, because he kept facing powerful monsters one after another.  He kept finding Dungeons crawling with monsters.  Naturally, the average level of the hero’s party went up as a result.

Artpe and Maetel had crossed the level 260 mark after killing the Ancient Kraken.  They had almost increased 20 levels since then.

“Mmm.  At this rate, I think we might be able to invade the Demon world…...”

“Let’s do that!”


[Nyaa!  Nyaa nyaa nyaa-ah!]

Artpe was half serious as he mumbled to himself.  However, Maetel’s eyes immediately twinkled when she heard his words.  She yelled out loud.  Sienna became a bit scared, so she stuck close to Artpe. The one that gave the most enthusiastic response was Roa.  The Demon world was full of curses and Demonic energy that Roa would go nuts over.

“No, we aren’t ready yet.  Let’s stick to our original schedule.”


“Artpe, you are being too cautious.  But that side of you is wonderful.”

“Up until now, you’ve escaped dangerous situations way too easily.  I think that is why you are lacking a sense of crisis.  Even if you think you can’t be killed, a single mistake could kill a humans.  No, this applies to all beings.”


Artpe had lightly thrown those words at her, but it shut Maetel’s mouth up.

What was she thinking?  

When Maetel kept her mouth, her mature looks made Artpe sometimes think about the hero from the past.  He also became silent as he looked at the side of Maetel’s face.

Finally, she opened her mouth.

“I was being too rash.  Artpe is trying so hard to protect me.  I said we should go to the Demon world, because I didn’t want more women to join our party….  I’m an idiot.  I know Artpe is amazing, so I put all my trust in this fact. I acted childish by asking for the impossible.”

“Is that really the only reason why you wanted us to go to the Demon world immediately!?”

“But all the new members of our party are women·····.”

Maetel stopped beating herself up.  She pouted.  However, she soon shook her head, and she clung to Artpe’s arm.

“I won’t complain anymore.  Artpe can do whatever you see fit to do.  You can bring 10 or even 20 women.  If I’m the first amongst them, I can tolerate it.”

“They aren’t all women.”


Color immediately returned to Maetel’s face.

“I hope he is a handsome man!  He should be handsome enough to make the magician fall in love with him!”

“Very.  I heard a rumor that said he is very handsome.  I’m not sure if he would be in favor of joining our party or not······.”

“He must be really famous if there are rumors about him.”

“Yes, I think so.”

He was the next candidate Artpe wanted to bring into his party.  He was so famous that it wouldn’t have been strange for Artpe, who was from the secluded mountain village of Diaz, to have heard about him.  The only problem was he had no idea if he could make the man join his party without a hitch.

This man had been in the hero’s party in Artpe’s past life.  He was such a strange figure that he had no idea how the hero’s party had been able to bring him in…...

“It might be, because Maetel’s appearance.”

“Im not that pretty.  I don’t think I’ll be able to pick him up.”

“You are so full of it everytime you say such words. Let’s go.”

The effect of the Ocean Jelly wasn’t infinite.  He didn’t think there was anyone within the city that could see through their camouflage, but there was no downside in being cautious.

He thought about going inland as fast as possible.  Moreover, he had some business he had to deal with next…...

As he had such thoughts, Artpe turned his head, and he discovered someone had encroached with the range of his Read All Creation ability.  Artpe immediately grabbed his party members, and he used Blink.  In a flash, they traveled several hundred meters.  They arrived at the heart of the city where there were a lot of people.

“Artpe, why did you suddenly…..  Huh.”

“······unni, you felt it too?”

Instead of answering her, Maetel narrowed her eyes as she got into her fighting stance.  Sienna did the same.  Artpe tried to use Blink again, but he heard a voice before he could do so.

[Found. Camouflage status.  No ill or murderous intent.  Be wary of the noncombatants.]

When he heard the voice, Artpe gave up on using Blink again.  His shoulders slumped as he lamented.

“Why now?  Why here?”

“Artpe, I don’t know the answers even if you ask me those questions….  Ah.  Shall I kill the gods for you?”

“Yes.  Please do so.”

At Artpe’s earnest voice, Maetel let out a bright smile as she nodded her head.  She brought up her finger like an aunty wanting a freebie when buying fish.  She pointed at the throw-in as she asked him a question.

“What about her?”

“Ah.  You can’t kill her..”

“Found. ······strong. Battle…. No chance of winning. Impossible to run.  ······attempt conversation.”

She spoke in a voice that was hard to understand.  A brat wearing a robe was slowly walking towards them.  Artpe checked her once again.  He let out a sigh as he spoke.

“She’s our next party member.”

She had been the previous hero party’s strongest firepower.  It was the moment when they encountered the magician Regina.

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