Chapter 1564: Immortal God Opening Salvo!

I Shall Seal the Heavens

Chapter 1564: Immortal God Opening Salvo!

“Or perhaps it’s always been different, and my cultivation base was just never high enough that I would notice.” He looked thoughtfully around at the fighting, and all of a sudden, noticed one particular woman.

It was the same woman who had tried to kill him in years past, whom he had bitten, tearing a chunk of flesh off of her face. Right now, she was fighting with one of the Vast Expanse School’s 9-Essences Paragons.

In the two thousand years which had passed, the woman was still in the early 9-Essences level. Her cultivation base had made virtually no progress. When Meng Hao realized that, his eyes narrowed. He had his speculations about what was going on with the Immortal God Continent, and although he was very confident that he was right, he had been unable to prove anything.

The woman cried out shrilly as she waved her hand in an attack, causing everything around her to fill with rumbling sounds. The 9-Essences Paragon she was fighting was no less focused, and their battle caused booms like that of thunder to echo out.

Back when Meng Hao had fought this woman years ago, he had paid a very heavy price. And yet now, she was like an ant. After looking at her for only a moment, he was already disinterested.

His single glance caused her to tremble. Regardless of whether she wanted to or not, she had to admit... that the familiar figure standing on the enormous lizard, just outside the battlefield, was causing an unprecedented level of pressure to crush down onto her.

Years ago, she had looked down on him with contempt, but now he had turned into something that could cause the entire starry sky to shake violently, and could destroy her as easily as flipping over his hand.

Meng Hao’s casual glance caused her to start shaking. Apparently, his gaze contained a bizarre power that could disregard natural law and shake Essences. Blood sprayed out of the woman’s mouth, and she fell back.

“How could he have gotten so powerful!?!?

“This is impossible! The last time I saw him, he was nothing more than a stray dog, but now.... I can’t believe that I’m unable to stand up to a single glance from him. Plus, he’s surrounded by countless other terrifying beings!” The woman fell back again, filled with bitterness. Booms rang out as the fighting continued.

It was almost as if nothing amazing existed in the world unless Meng Hao looked at it. Or as if his gaze was the source of all splendor.

It was at this point that a powerful shockwave suddenly blasted out from the Immortal God Continent. The shockwave shook the starry sky as an old man flew out, wearing a gray robe. He had three greatswords strapped to his back, and radiated dazzling energy has he strode through the starry sky. The emanations of his cultivation base were such that ordinary 9-Essences cultivators would be crushed by him. He was... a peak 9-Essences expert.

Although Meng Hao had never seen this old man before, he knew who he was. Back when the Mountain and Sea Realm was destroyed, Meng Hao had attempted to attack the Immortal God Continent itself. This old man had sighed, which was his form of attack, something that dissolved the attack power of the exploded Mountain and Sea Realm, and which had left Meng Hao seriously injured.

This time, the old man was clearly not acting as casually as he had been back then. He showed an unprecedented level of graveness as he made his appearance and then flicked his sleeve. Instantly, gray smoke roiled up into the sky. Massive rumbling sounds echoed out as lighting exploded out through the entire area.

“Meng Hao!” The old man’s cultivation base power instantly transformed into a powerful force of expulsion that shoved all Vast Expanse School cultivators away from him. Blood sprayed out of their mouths as they were sent tumbling away. 7 and 8-Essences Paragons gasped in response to the pressure radiating off of the old man, and even 9-Essences Paragons were shocked.

Considering the level of this old man’s peak 9-Essences cultivation base, he could be considered to be at the most powerful level beneath Transcendence, comparable to the other eccentric experts Meng Hao had in his service.

The only people who qualified to fight him were the Sect Leader, Jin Yunshan, Sha Jiudong and Immortal Bai Wuchen, and yet even they could not quite match up.

The gray-robed old man let out a howl that shook the stars, and caused blood to ooze out of the eyes, ears, noses, and mouths of countless cultivators. The old man turned into a streak of gray light that shot from his original position toward Meng Hao.

The Sect Leader snorted coldly, and instantly prepared to intercept him. In the Sect Leader's mind, the old man was seeking death, so he might as well accommodate him.

However, Meng Hao’s expression didn’t change at all as the old man shot toward him. Next to him, the termite’s eyes glittered with cold light as it transformed into a bolt of white lightning. At the same time, swarms of smaller termites erupted out from inside of it, becoming a cloud of vicious little beasts that charged voraciously toward the old man. Simultaneously, the giant queen termite began to emanate powerful ripples which distorted the starry sky and turned into a huge vortex around the old man.

The old man’s eyes went wide. This termite was not something he could afford to underestimate. He quickly sent cultivation base power out to fight against the swarm of termites, leaving him incapable of trying to fight with Meng Hao. He was locked in place five kilometers away from Meng Hao, surrounded by booms and ripples that caused Heaven and Earth to darken.

Further off on the battlefield, the Sect Leader and the others were now on the offensive. The Immortal God Continent was suffering one defeat after another, and their casualties vastly outnumbered that of the Vast Expanse School.

It was virtually impossible for the experts of the Immortal God Continent to avoid deadly attacks, and one after another perished.

Meng Hao’s expression remained the same the entire time. He refused to believe that this was the extent of the power of the Immortal God Continent. Considering the resources they had at their disposal, he was of the opinion that the fighting had just begun.

He wasn’t in a rush. There were many ways to get revenge. Just like the 33 Heavens, he would completely and utterly destroy these enemies. Furthermore, those cultivators from the Vast Expanse School who died in battle could easily be brought back by the power of his Transcendent cultivation base.

The sound of fierce fighting echoed out with increasing intensity. The Immortal God Continent army was pushed back over and over again. At this point, a blast of energy surged out from the Immortal God Continent. It was a middle-aged man, face expressionless, a horsetail whisk in his hand. The whisk had 3,000 strands, each of which contained a great Dao. As soon as he appeared, he unleashed destruction upon the ranks of the Vast Expanse School, whose army suddenly lurched to a halt.

Voice cool, the man said, “I will exterminate the entire clan of any who dare to offend the Immortal God Continent!” He waved his sleeve, causing an explosive wind to sweep out in all directions. Jin Yunshan let out a piercing cry, and at the same time, Sha Jiudong transformed into a sandstorm. One was like the light, and the other the darkness. Instantly, they shot forward to intercept the man with the horsetail whisk.


Regarding connections to Renegade Immortal in this chapter: As far as I could tell, the only concrete connection to anything in Renegade Immortal is the horsetail whisk with 3,000 white strands, which was an object that showed up during a Tribulation at some point in RI. Nothing else in this chapter seemed to be a connection. In future chapters, I will point out connections that I am aware of. If I don’t include an explanation about a cameo appearance of a character, item, or technique from another book, then it most likely is not a reference.

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