Chapter 1565: Less Real Than it Seems

I Shall Seal the Heavens

Chapter 1565: Less Real Than it Seems

The middle-aged man frowned. Having no other alternative, he waved his hand, causing the 3,000 strands to transform into 3,000 beams of light. Those beams of light then turned into 3,000 white-armored wooden puppets with shockingly powerful cultivation bases. They immediately charged into the army of Vast Expanse School cultivators, slowing their advance.

At the same time, the Immortal God Continent emitted rumbling sounds, and shook visibly as numerous huge objects appeared. Shockingly, it was a group of pitch black war chariots!

Each one of them was fully 30,000-meters long, and they blotted out the sky as they rumbled forth. The chariots were being pulled by countless vicious spirits, who howled as they advanced, spreading pitch-black light everywhere they went, a light that contained power which could destroy the Heavens and extinguish the Earth.

There seemed to be no end to the chariots, which if anyone took the time to count, would number in the hundreds of thousands. Furthermore, black beams light spread out in all directions, like hundreds of thousands of black arrows that stabbed toward the army from the Vast Expanse School.

The incredible scene was almost impossible to describe. Black light and black arrows shot out in spectacular fashion, like the shadow of death bearing down on the army of the Vast Expanse School!

The rain of deadly arrows sped through the starry sky, causing everything to rumble. It took only a moment for them to pierce through the void and appear directly in front of the cultivators from the Vast Expanse School.

Their murderous auras were like ice, leaving the cultivators in the army feeling like they were about to be frozen. There were even some with low cultivation bases who were so shocked they couldn't move.

It was as if they were all about to die!

In that moment of crisis, the Sect Leader threw his head back and roared, stretching his hands out in both directions. Instantly, a huge wind kicked up, rising high up above him as suddenly, a turtle shell appeared in his hands!

It was the precious treasure of the Vast Expanse School!

Shockingly, he had brought the precious treasure with him, and now he was unleashing it in battle. As the wind screamed, the turtle shell expanded rapidly, covering all of the Vast Expanse School cultivators.

The pitch-black murderous will slammed into the turtle shell, and was completely blocked. A massive boom echoed out, shaking everything, causing minds to reel, and laws both natural and magical to be destroyed.

The turtle shell vibrated, but held strong. Countless magical symbols appeared on its surface, and it radiated an ancient and profound aura, an aura full of mystery.

Although everything seemed to happen relatively quickly, to the people involved, it was as if time were moving very slowly. Eventually, the turtle shell vanished, and the Sect Leader was left with an ashen face. Some of the other 9-Essences experts who had lent him power also coughed up blood. Killing intent flickered within the Sect Leader’s eyes.

“We can't give them time to unleash another wave of those war chariots!” he cried. Instantly, Bai Wuchen and the other 9-Essences experts flew out and began to fight their way toward the Immortal God Continent itself.

Meng Hao hadn’t moved the entire time. However, the incident with the war chariots gave him a much better understanding of the resources at the disposal of the Immortal God Continent.

Even as the Sect Leader and the others began their charge, three beams of light shot out from the land mass. In the lead position was an old woman with silver hair. A vicious gleam could be seen in her eyes, and her cultivation base exploded with power as she began to fight the Sect Leader and the others.

At the same time, the black light of the war chariots once again began to converge. As that happened, Meng Hao could visibly detect that the Immortal God Continent itself had withered a bit.

Turning to the huge head hovering nearby, Meng Hao coolly said, “Your turn!”

Instantly, the head vanished. When it reappeared, it was right above the Immortal God Continent, where it immediately let out boundless pressure. The natural laws of the Immortal God Continent responded with a force of expulsion that rose up from all corners of the land mass.

“Trifling land mass, you’re not worthy to try to banish me!” A vicious expression appeared on the head’s face as it suddenly let out a powerful roar. The resulting sound wave rolled over the entire world, causing the lands to shake. Mountain peaks were blasted into ash, and huge crevices opened up on the plains.

The war chariots began to vibrate, and then cracks spread out over their surfaces.

“How dare thee!!” roared a voice that echoed out across the entire Immortal God Continent. A stream of sword qi rocketed up toward the head.

The head smiled viciously and, before the sword qi could reach it, opened its mouth and blew out a blast of gray fire that set the entire land mass ablaze.

The fire engulfed the war chariots, which then began to collapse into charred rubble.

This fire was no ordinary fire. It was fire unleashed by a powerful expert at the great circle of the peak of 9-Essences. It was soul fire, fueled by his very life force....

It was in this moment that the statue of the ancestor in the middle of the continent, the statue which depicted the ancient Transcendor, suddenly began to glow. A field of light began to spread out, covering the entire Immortal God Continent, both extinguishing the flames spit out by the head and also increasing the power of expulsion exponentially.

The gigantic head was sent spinning away, forced completely out of the Immortal God Continent.

Shockingly, the head looked afraid. Even in the moment in which it was expelled, and before it could react, the sword qi shot out and stabbed toward its forehead.

Cracking sounds emanated out as the head's forehead began to split open. At the same time, a man appeared down below, radiating a murderous aura as he flew along atop a bronze sword.

The sword moved at incredible speed, bearing down on the huge head in spectacular fashion. Just when it seemed to be on the verge of stabbing through the head, the head’s bloodshot eyes flickered with profound light. The area around it then distorted, sending ripples out in all directions. The Essence of Time appeared, and the sword qi was crushed as if by an enormous grinding stone, instantly transformed into countless sparks which spilled out in all directions.

The man on the flying sword looked over with coldly glittering eyes. Performing an incantation gesture, he immediately began to battle with the enormous head.

Massive booms filled the area around the Immortal God Continent. The entire world seemed to be hovering on the brink of collapse.

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