Chapter 1572: The Devil Cometh!

I Shall Seal the Heavens

Chapter 1572: The Devil Cometh!

The Immortal God Continent continued to shake under the barrage of the Vast Expanse School cultivators. The sky was aflame, and the lands were crumbling. Crevices snaked out across the lands, as though dragons were burrowing through the ground. Mountains crumbled and fell.

It was like the end of days.

And yet, the people of the Immortal God Continent didn't seem to care. Although they were fighting back, they seemed numb to what was happening, as if they didn’t even have emotions.

If Meng Hao dropped his cultivation base back down to the 9-Essences level, he would be seeing something very different. The cultivators who right now seemed to be numb and emotionless would instead seem to be wracked with emotion and pain.

Meng Hao retracted his divine sense and looked at the burly man in the princely robes, sitting there in the kingdom of mortals. He walked up and sat down in front of him.

Nodding, he said, “You’re right, it is pretty strange.”

The burly man smiled and took a long drink of alcohol. His eyes seemed to be flickering with memories of the past. “This land mass had a different name in the past. It was called... the Immortal-Astral Continent. [1. As you can probably guess, the Immortal-Astral Continent appears in Renegade Immortal. As far as all the details relating to it, you’ll have to pick them up when you read RI!]

“Considering the level of your cultivation base, you’ve probably already picked up on the clues. The reason that I have none of those damned soul strands from the will of the Vast Expanse is... because that will can’t find any traces of my existence.

“Because of that, it doesn't matter that it has disturbed the flow of time, creating something from nothing to bring back all these cultivators from the depths of its memory. It still can’t do anything to me. I and the others like me chose to leave some divine sense behind because we just couldn’t bear to part with this place.” He tossed the flagon of alcohol off to the side and rose to his feet. As he did, a powerful energy began to rise up within him.

It transformed into a tempest which swept out in all directions. Of course, even though Meng Hao was standing right in front of the man, that tempest didn’t so much as lift a single hair on his head.

At the same time, seven other tempests rose up in different locations on the land mass. Colors flashed in the sky above, and everything trembled.

Meng Hao’s divine sense swept out to observe the other tempests. Including the burly man in front of him, there were eight in total. Some were men, others were women. All of them began to rise up into the air, wistful expressions on their faces. Clearly, they didn’t wish to part with this place that they loved.

“This land mass was destroyed once in the past. Many people died.... Those who survived left this starry sky of the Vast Expanse. What remained behind... was not real.

“As for us, we’ve been waiting for someone to come along and wipe this place clean. To erase that which is holding our memories here.

“Thank you. I have the feeling that we might have a chance to meet again one day. Before leaving, allow me to offer you a little gift. Perhaps it can lead to a bit less slaughter, and a bit less death.” The burly man looked deeply at Meng Hao for a moment, then turned and rose up into the sky, to be joined by the seven other figures. The eight of them flew up to the highest height of the sky, where their bodies began to twist and distort, transforming into a vortex. At the same time, the spell formation surrounding the members of the Wang Clan was completely activated. The Wang Clan vanished into the vortex. Apparently, those eight people were taking the Wang Clan with them to wherever they were going.

As the vortex faded, the qi and blood which had made up the bodies of the eight individuals spread out, transforming into a huge sea. That sea of blood then began to fall down onto the land mass below.

As the rain of blood splashed down, the cultivators of the Immortal God Continent began to scream as their bodies melted. At the same time, the buildings which filled the lands suddenly began to rot, as if they were visibly aging.

All lives were melted by the rain of blood, which flowed about, filling the Immortal God Continent. It only took a few breaths’ worth of time before everything was silent.

It all happened completely without warning. The cultivators in the Vast Expanse School army were in the middle of fighting when suddenly their enemies all melted into blood which flowed out into the lands below.

Meng Hao stood there watching it all happen. He watched as boundless amounts of black mist emerged from the dead and poured into the nine statues that dotted the landscape.

Soon, the statues were all pitch black, and emitted cracking noises. Then they began to crumble. As each one fell to pieces, the remaining statues grew even more deeply black in color.

Eventually, eight of the statues had crumbled into rubble, and the central statue, the most shocking of them all, was completely pitch black. A moment later, black mist exploded out, completely filling the starry sky.

A shocking will also emerged from within the statue.

The statue changed. It no longer looked fierce, and its features were no longer easily distinguishable. It was not the Transcendor from ancient times. It was merely an embodiment sent by the will of Allheaven.

It was in that exact same moment that the statue’s eyes opened. Everything began to shake, and the black mists roiled as a shocking aura erupted out.

Suddenly, countless vicious heads appeared within the mists, which smiled evilly as they began to charge toward the cultivators from the Vast Expanse School. Meng Hao instantly took a step forward, placing him directly in front of the huge statue. There, he extended his right hand and then waved his sleeve, sending a burst of Transcendent power out. That changed natural law, becoming a power of extermination that instantly dispersed the vicious heads, which vanished, screaming the entire time.

At this point, the starry sky off in the distance began to distort and ripple as a huge, majestic land mass appeared. It was none other than... the Devil Realm Continent.

“I’ll handle things here,” Meng Hao said coolly. The Sect Leader took a deep breath as he looked out over the carnage on the surrounding land mass. Eyeing the black mist and the statue, he nodded and then backed up.

Soon, the army of the Vast Expanse School was advancing toward the countless cultivators of the Devil Realm Continent.

The slaughter wasn't over yet. The opponent had changed, but the fighting went on like before, just on a different battlefield.

Back on the Immortal God Continent, Meng Hao stood in front of the statue, which stared down at him, eyes glowing with blackness. Suddenly, the statue took a step forward. Its hand, which had been clasped behind its back, suddenly shot out, its finger extended.

Instantly, the surrounding black mist began to surge toward the finger.

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