Chapter 1573: Testing

I Shall Seal the Heavens

Chapter 1573: Testing

The statue’s finger apparently possessed an astonishing gravitational force, which transformed into a black hole. All of the surrounding mist was affected. It became like a funnel which was sucked into the tip of the finger. The finger then shot toward Meng Hao with incredible speed.

All of this takes quite a bit of time to describe, but from the moment the statue lifted its hand until it absorbed the mist, only an instant passed.

The lands quaked, and buildings collapsed. Crevices spread out across the entire land mass. That statue's one finger was converging all of the power of the Immortal God Continent into a single attack aimed at Meng Hao.

Meng Hao’s expression was the same as ever as he looked at the finger, which rapidly filled his entire field of view. At the same time, he reached out with his own finger.

“Allheaven, you’ve tested me in the past, and now here you are doing the same thing again, huh?” Even as his voice echoed out, his finger made contact with the statue’s finger.

They seemed impossible to even compare. When it came to size, Meng Hao was like an ant compared to the statue. And yet, when their fingers collided, the only thing that happened to Meng Hao was that his hair lifted up a bit, and his clothes rustled. The statue, on the other hand, began to shake. The finger exploded, transforming into nothing more than drifting ash.

The effect spread, engulfing the hand, then the arm. Rumbling sounds echoed out as the torso was destroyed, then the head, then the other arm. The entire statue was completely eradicated!

Shocking booms rang out that caused everything to shake. Meng Hao’s single finger had transformed the entire powerful statue into ash!

“This is the third time you’ve tested me out,” he said. “You want to see how I fight, and use that to try to come up with a way to kill me. You want to analyze... my Seal the Heavens Hex. Don’t you?” Even as the ash from the statue drifted out, Meng Hao turned, clenched his hand into a fist, and punched down toward the ground in front of him.

Almost as soon as the fist began to descend, the ground rippled. Some areas rose up, others dropped down. Shockingly, the image of a face was revealed.

The face opened its mouth and roared, and yet that didn't stop Meng Hao’s fist from slamming into it.

A huge boom echoed out as the face was completely destroyed. At the same time, cracking sounds could be heard from other locations on the Immortal God Continent. The ground collapsed, but then began to form back together. Unexpectedly, the entire land mass reformed into the shape of a giant.

The ground became the head, arms and legs, with the mountain ranges as the blood vessels. The rivers became the blood, while the sun and moon turned into eyes. The oceans were the mouth. The indescribably large giant looked over at Meng Hao and then let out a terrifying roar.

That roar became a tempest that could shake Heaven and Earth, causing Meng Hao’s hair to whip wildly, and his clothes to flap. There was no sky and no land anymore; there was only the starry sky.

Gasps arose from the cultivators of the Vast Expanse School, who were just now engaging the forces of the Devil Realm Continent. Even the Sect Leader and the others, as well as the old lizard, were all completely astonished at the sight of the Immortal God Continent transforming into a giant.

Meng Hao was so small compared to that giant that he was like nothing more than a speck of dust.

The giant hovered there in the starry sky, looking down at Meng Hao with shining eyes. Meng Hao frowned.

“Still testing me out, huh? Fine. Go ahead and test away!” With that, he made a grasping gesture, which immediately caused the starry sky around him to shatter and transform into a majestic stream. Apparently, this stream didn’t exist; it was as if Meng Hao had extracted it from ancient times and pulled it into the present.

Not even a 9-Essences expert could do such a thing. But to Meng Hao, all it took was a mere motion of his hand. To Transcendent cultivators, Time, Heaven, Earth, and even the starry sky were all objects that could be manipulated at will.

The starry river became a whip, like a dragon which he used to lash at the giant. The giant roared, throwing his hands out and unleashing the power of the starry sky.

The river collapsed, but the giant was forced back. Cracking sounds emanated out from it, and countless crevices were torn open across the surface of its skin. Eyes glowing, the giant extended his right hand and performed an incantation gesture, causing the void around Meng Hao to begin to crumble.

A sea of flames erupted out, a black wind surged, seawater raged, and an enormous, shocking tree appeared.

Meng Hao’s expression was the same as ever as he looked around at the destructive power surrounding him. He lifted his right hand into the air and made a clutching motion, instantly causing a vortex to spring up. All of the destructive power around him then began to twist and distort as it shot toward his hand, where it formed together into a bright, scintillating sphere.

Meng Hao then clenched his hand into a fist, and the sphere shattered, sending motes of light floating out in all directions.

“Those are the only divine abilities you have?” he asked, looking up. Then, he transformed into a colorful beam of light that shot toward the giant’s face, where he reached out to touch its forehead.

“Break!” he said coolly. A single word.

Instantly, the giant that was the Immortal God Continent began to tremble. Cracks spread out all over it, becoming more and more dense until the giant collapsed into rubble.

As the rubble rained down, a cold snort echoed out through the starry sky, causing the rubble to form together into the shape of a vicious dragon, matchlessly large, which opened its mouth wide as if to swallow Meng Hao.

Meng Hao waved his sleeve and then extended his left hand toward the lunging dragon, palm spread wide.

“Seal!” he said. Again, a single word. Instantly, the vicious dragon stopped in place, trembling. A moment later, it turned completely gray. In the blink of an eye, its life force was destroyed, and it transformed into nothing more than a statue of a dragon.

It looked just as vicious as before, and it hovered there in front of Meng Hao, completely unmoving, like a corpse.

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