Chapter 1574: Qualified to Explore the Universe!

I Shall Seal the Heavens

Chapter 1574: Qualified to Explore the Universe!

When the cultivator army from the Vast Expanse School saw what was happening, they gasped, and excitement grew. The old lizard’s eyes went wide from the thought of how Meng Hao’s power seemed to be completely limitless.

“This is Transcendence? It’s… omnipotence!” The Sect Leader’s eyes burned with hope. Jin Yunshan was panting.

Meng Hao looked down at the vicious dragon, and his eyes glimmered with profound light. Then he turned toward the Devil Realm Continent.

The cultivators from that continent were already fighting with the forces from the Vast Expanse School. To Meng Hao, it looked almost exactly the same as what had occurred with the Immortal God Continent.

He sent his divine sense out, and soon noticed one particular clan. It was... the Li Clan, the remnants of those who weren’t able to self-detonate in the Mountain and Sea War.

Like the Wang Clan, they were not participating in the fighting. They had sealed themselves away, and all of their cultivators sat there silently. One of the people present there wasn’t a member of the Li Clan. It was Yuwen Jian, Echelon cultivator from the Seventh Mountain and Sea, who had been sent to infiltrate one of the two great powers, just like Dao-Heaven had.

The Devil Realm Continent had no statues, only an enormous coffin. Furthermore, there were no cultivators present who lacked the soul strands of the will of the Vast Expanse.

Although the entire land mass seemed to be a flourishing place, that was only a façade to mask the decay and rot which was its true nature.

Just when Meng Hao was about to retract his divine sense, his eyes went wide as he noticed someone in particular who was sitting cross-legged next to the huge coffin.

Meng Hao recognized the man.

“Choumen Tai,” he said softly. He took a step forward, vanishing, to reappear next to the coffin in front of Choumen Tai.

Choumen Tai looked much, much older than he had before, and he didn’t seem to be surprised to see Meng Hao. In fact, when he looked up, his eyes focused, and a smile broke out on his face. “You came....”

Meng Hao looked at Choumen Tai, eyes flickering with various memories. Finally, he nodded. “The person you are waiting for, your Master, was the Transcendor from the Devil Realm Continent?”

“Actually, around the time the Mountain and Sea Realm was destroyed, the spell formation fully activated. My Master returned at that time. The person I’ve been waiting for since then is you.” Smiling, Choumen Tai rose to his feet and reached out to touch the coffin.

Rumbling sounds could be heard, and the coffin began to vibrate. In front of Meng Hao’s very eyes, it gradually withered up and transformed into ash. Soon, the spot previously occupied by the coffin was nothing more than an empty space.

The ash spread out, filling the entire land mass, and then slowly settling down onto the continent.

Everywhere, the land began to change, transforming into the color of blood. However, it wasn’t the crimson red of fresh blood, but the dark purple of decaying rot. What was happening, of course, was that the true color of the lands was now being revealed.

Without the power that had previously been disguising it, mountains became nothing but barren mounds. Plants became withered stumps, and numerous buildings became crumbled ruins.

Rivers turned into dusty gulches. The seas became empty basins, and countless life forms melted into blackened blood. The rot and decay which were the true base of everything in the continent was now revealed.

The Devil Realm Continent seemed to pass through time. It was as if a veil had been ripped away, revealing something from countless years in the past.

Choumen Tai looked back at Meng Hao. “The reason I stayed behind was to pass a message on to you from my Master. There are two things I need to tell you.

“The first thing,” he said softly, “is that the destruction of the Mountain and Sea Realm had nothing to do with the real Devil Realm or Immortal God Continent!

“Both of them suffered calamity long, long ago. Most of the cultivators died at that time, and those who survived escaped with my Master. They left the starry sky of the Vast Expanse and traveled far away into the Universe.

“Everything you see here is the will of the starry sky of the Vast Expanse. It was all created from nothing. The corpses were animated and filled with memories extracted from within the stream of Time.

“Anyone born inside of this starry sky will be remembered by the will of the Vast Expanse, and their memories can be used to re-create a new version of that person.

“In fact, everyone here on this land mass is unaware of what they really are. They think that they exist, but the truth is that they are either corpses, or the manifestations of memories.

“In fact, I used to be one of them myself. That was why I never gave up on trying to resurrect my Master. It wasn’t until the Mountain and Sea Realm was destroyed that I finally understood everything.”

None of this was a surprise to Meng Hao. In fact, from the moment he laid eyes on the five pillars outside the Vast Expanse, he had begun to speculate regarding the truth.

That was why the Devil and the God had destroyed two of Allheaven’s fingers, then left the Vast Expanse behind to go explore the Universe they had come to behold upon Transcending.

That Universe was filled with unending seeds, each one of which was a world unto itself, with its own starry sky.

Choumen Tai took a deep breath and said, “Therefore, if you wish to prevent the Mountain and Sea Realm from being destroyed again, you have to eradicate Allheaven!

“This is the second part of the message.

“The true Allheaven exists outside the Vast Expanse. You will only have one chance to destroy him, if that is what you wish! The Ghost tried. My Master tried. And later, the God tried. However, none of them were a match for Allheaven. The most they were able to do was destroy one of his fingers, after which they were forced to leave.

“First was the Ghost, then the Devil, then the God. With each encounter, Allheaven grew weaker. However, despite being weakened to such an extent, he was still too powerful to be destroyed by a Transcendent cultivator. The only way to destroy him... was to weaken him to the absolute level, and then send another Transcendor against him!

“You are the last hope there is to destroy Allheaven!

“When Allheaven is at his weakest, you will have one chance to eradicate him. If you fail, then you will become like my Master, or the other two Transcendors. Your true self will no longer qualify to remain within this starry sky, and you will be expelled. You might be able to leave a clone behind, but that clone would never be able to eradicate Allheaven. It wouldn’t qualify.”

“Who sets those qualifications?” Meng Hao asked, eyes glittering.

“The ultimate magical law, which exists above the Ancestor Realm. The natural law of the Universe itself!”

“Do you know how Allheaven came to be?” The longer they conversed, the brighter Meng Hao’s eyes glowed, until they were like burning suns that left even Choumen Tai trembling. “If so, please explain.”

With that, he clasped hands and bowed to Choumen Tai.

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