Chapter 1386: Fighting Will Cleaves Heaven and Earth!

I Shall Seal the Heavens

Chapter 1386: Fighting Will Cleaves Heaven and Earth!

Shui Dongliu’s words seemed to cleave Heaven and Earth, to open up a massive door. The cultivators of the Mountain and Sea Realm, with all their pent up madness caused by everything that was happening, now burst out in a murderous charge!

The final battle had begun!

The battle, and in fact the war, had already been lost by the Mountain and Sea Realm. However, despite losing... they still had their dignity. Even if they died, they would make the enemy feel pain, a pain that would last for a lifetime, and make it impossible to forget the dignity and spirit of the Mountain and Sea Realm, and... how terrifying it was!


The self-detonations continued. However, not all of the defectors were secretly loyal. Some of them really were betraying the Mountain and Sea Realm. However, because of the chaos unleashed by the double-dealing, even the traitors were fell upon by the Outsiders.

The Ninth Sea, who truly had turned traitor, was not affected.

Neither was the Wang Clan. Just when it seemed they were about to be overwhelmed, a beam of sword light descended, separating them from the army. That was the handiwork of the 8-Essences male Paragon. Even as he grimly and furiously watched events play out, he took time to protect the Wang Clan.

As for all of the true traitors, after being attacked by the surrounding Outsider army, none of them chose to self-detonate, and yet... they didn’t prolong their lives much longer than those who did.

The scene outside of the Ninth Mountain was one of utter chaos. Even as the voices continued to ring out, followed by the booms of self-detonation, the rest of the Mountain and Sea cultivators charged out into battle. Their eyes were completely bloodshot, and they had long since reached a state which was impossible to describe in terms of morale.

According to an old saying, an army burning with indignation is bound to win. However, the Mountain and Sea cultivators were not simply burning with indignation. They were burning with madness and insanity. To them, the whole world was blood, and anything that was not that same bloody color would be savaged by them until they were.

These cultivators had no fear of death, and given the chance, they would self-detonate in the moment before dying. They did so with no hesitation or shying back, and their shouts struck fear into the hearts of the Outsiders.

“I killed one of these fools, but that’s not enough!!”

“Hahaha! I killed five Outsiders, that’s good enough for me, I can die happy!!”

“Father, we’ll be reunited soon!!”

“I used to be afraid of dying, but now I realize… that there is nothing to fear in death! Bring it on, you damned Outsiders. Bring it on!”


Roars echoed out, and explosions rocked Heaven and Earth. The cultivators of the Mountain and Sea Realm had gone mad. There were millions of them going up against tens of millions of Outsiders, and yet… it was the Outsiders who were being pushed back!!

All of the Outsiders’ scorn, mockery and cruelty vanished, to be replaced by shock, confusion, and astonishment.

They were completely shaken by the madness of the Mountain and Sea Realm cultivators, and in fact couldn’t understand this level of dedication. The mercilessness and bloodthirsty way that the Mountain and Sea Realm cultivators fought left them flabbergasted.

It was almost as if the tide of battle had completely shifted in the opposite direction.

Every single cultivator of the Mountain and Sea Realm joined in the fight. Only the mortals did not. Among that fighting force was... Ke Jiusi, Meng Hao’s Master Pill Demon, Sun Hai, Taiyang Zi, the Echelon cultivators, and other familiar faces.

There was Chen Fan, Wang Youcai, Fatty, Li Ling’er, Ji Yin... the Patriarchs of the Fang Clan, and also... Fang Wei. And even more.

By this point in the war, there was no need for troop formations or complicated strategies. Xu Qing gritted her teeth, left Meng Hao’s side and began to slaughter her way into the army of Outsiders. War was not the time to ruminate over matters like love and romance.

Meng Hao was also there. The three Outsider Paragons, as well as all of their Imperial Lords, were battling their way onto the Ninth Mountain. Shui Dongliu was fighting, as was the Paragon puppet, Ksitigarbha, the Mountain and Sea Lords, and Paragon Sea Dream, who was burning her own life force!

In addition to all that were the various Chosen who had acquired good fortune in the 33 Hells. They were the ones holding off the Imperial Lords, while Shui Dongliu single-handedly took on Dao Fang. That particular battle caused the entire Ninth Mountain to shake and eventually start to show signs of crumbling.

Sea Dream, the Paragon Puppet, and Ksitigarbha were running on fumes as they pinned down the 8-Essences male Paragon. As for Meng Hao, he brimmed with infinite killing intent as he fought the person who had brought about the death of his Grandpa Fang... the female Paragon with the weakened cultivation base.


Heaven and Earth wept, and the starry sky wept tears of blood. On the various planets, the mortals more or less understood that some shocking event was occurring beyond the sky. After all, it had been some time since they had glimpsed either the sun or the moon.

From up above, countless dots of light could be seen, which were lanterns the mortals were using to light the endless night as they prostrated themselves to the Heavens, and offered up prayers.

From the beggars to the Emperors, everyone was doing the exact same thing....

This was a war of complete genocide. If the Mountains and Seas were defeated, it wouldn’t just be the cultivators who died. The mortal world would also cease to exist....

Not even the Outsider Paragons could ever have predicted that the final battle would be so brutal, and yet, that was exactly how things were playing out.

The cultivator with the unusually large head sped across the Ninth Mountain, causing headaches for the powerful experts of the Mountains and Seas wherever he went. Although his cultivation base seemed comparable to the people he was tangling with, he rarely spent time in open fighting.

The overall situation was only getting worse for the Mountain and Sea Realm. On all fronts, it was essentially the same. Although Meng Hao was able to force the female Paragon back across the battlefield, he couldn’t kill her. Furthermore, the interference from the large-headed cultivator was only causing his murderous aura to burn hotter.

Everyone was struggling to hold the line, however, it wouldn’t be long before a breach was opened, and the Outsiders burst in like a flood!

The armies clashed, and the millions upon millions of Outsiders were relentlessly pushed back. However, there were simply too many of them. The berserk fighting state of the Mountain and Sea cultivators could only last for so long. As the self-detonations continued, and as the cultivators grew wearier, casualties mounted on both sides.

Over and over again, cries rang out across the battlefield of: “Live for the Mountains and Seas, die for the Mountains and Seas!” It was the battle cry of the Mountains and Seas, and apparently, as long as those words could be heard echoing out, the Mountains and Seas would not fall. The moment the words ceased to be heard, it would mean the Mountain and Sea cultivators were all dead.

On one part of the battlefield that Meng Hao couldn’t see, was Taiyang Zi. Soaked in blood and screaming savagely, he was not just fighting, he was unleashing complete savagery. However, in his madness, he was losing strength. His magical techniques were exhausted, his divine abilities spent, his magical items used up. And yet, he lunged forward and savagely buried his teeth into the neck of an Outsider. That Outsider had a higher cultivation base than him, but in its shock, it could do nothing more than let out a bloodcurdling scream.

Taiyang Zi ripped at the Outsider’s throat with his teeth, ignoring the violent blows of other enemies blasting into him as he did so. Mad ruthlessness gleamed in his eyes, which were completely devoid of any regret.

In the end, when he began to lose consciousness because of the unceasing attacks of the surrounding Outsiders, he suddenly smiled.

“Live for the Mountains and Seas, die for the Mountains and Seas! I am Taiyang Zi!!” A boom rang out as he self-detonated. Although the power of the explosion wasn’t enormous, he didn't hesitate for a moment in his decision!

The Outsider whose throat he had been slashing at was ripped to shreds by the explosion. The other surrounding Outsiders managed to avoid death, but were seriously injured. Moments later, an enraged wave of Mountain and Sea cultivators surged in to take advantage of the situation.

The Outsiders’ fear was visible in their eyes. From their perspective, these Mountain and Sea cultivators were not Immortals; they were a race even more savage than that.

On another part of the battlefield, where the Three Great Daoist Societies were making their stand, Fan Dong’er was there, her hair in disarray as she fought. She no longer looked anything at all like a Divine Daughter; she seemed out of her mind as she fought with complete and utter ruthlessness.

She had been a proud person, the Divine Daughter of the Nine Seas God World. But then came the defection of the Ninth Sea, which was a huge blow to the God World from the Ninth Sea. Fan Dong’er couldn't wrap her mind around it. The Ninth Sea was her home....

The Ninth Sea hadn’t just taken away the sea beasts which resided in it; many of the Nine Seas God World disciples had left with it, even some of the Patriarchs. Their departure had caused the glory and splendor of the Nine Seas God World to fade into nothing.

Fan Dong’er didn’t leave with them. She stayed with some of the other Senior members of the sect, and the rest of the disciples, to slaughter their way into the Outsider army. She was exhausted, and was soaked in both her own blood and the blood of the enemy.

Her once beautiful face had been slashed by a magical blade, opening up a grisly wound that made her look even more ferocious. Normally speaking, she wouldn’t have been able to last this long in the fight. However, a corpse floated behind her, whose hair flew out to defend her constantly.

Fan Dong’er laughed bitterly as she continued to fight. And yet, her exhaustion only increased. She cut down one more Outsider, and that Outsider’s dying counterattack shattered most of her heart’s blood vessels.

“Am I going to die now...?” she thought, coughing up a mouthful of blood. As she began to lose consciousness, she looked toward the Ninth Mountain and just barely managed to catch sight of Meng Hao.

“Goodbye....” she said. Sighing, she was just about to self-detonate when the white-robed corpse behind her suddenly looked down at her with a benevolent expression. Sighing, the corpse's hair suddenly flew out, wrapping Fan Dong’er up in a cocoon which sank down into the starry sky.

If there was a bottom to the starry sky down below, then that is where they went.... No one else on the chaotic battlefield took note of their departure.

Further off in the distance was a middle-aged cultivator, who threw his head back and laughed maniacally. He was covered in so many wounds it seemed impossible that he could still be alive. Numerous flying swords were stabbed into him from all angles, and he was completely soaked in blood. Despite all that, he looked as ferocious as ever as he slaughtered his way into the Outsider army, laughing the entire time.

“I am Song Luodan, you bastards! Dao Child of the Song Clan! I defeated Meng Hao once before. Why don’t you Outsider scumbags do me a favor and just DIIEEEE!”

Song Luodan was now in the Ancient Realm, but he fought with such brutality and power that the surrounding Outsiders were completely terrified, and tried to avoid him at all costs. As he slaughtered his way through the battlefield, Outsider corpses began to pile up around him. Eventually, his energy weakened and his aura disappeared. He came to a stop, surrounded by a multitude of corpses. He looked almost like he was simply resting there silently for a moment, silent.

However, after a bit of time passed, the shocked Outsiders began to edge closer.

At that point, one of the Outsider Elders sighed with mixed emotions and murmured, “He’s finally dead….”

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