Chapter 1387: Planet South Heaven In Peril!

I Shall Seal the Heavens


The Mountain and Sea cultivators fought on, along with Sea Dream and the Paragon puppet. Sea Dream hadn’t accomplished much in the fighting so far. Her cultivation base had long since been in a state of atrophy, and it was only with the support of the Paragon puppet that she managed to continue fighting without suffering defeat.

As for Shui Dongliu, his attacks caused the starry sky to tremble as fantastic lights flashed about, accompanied by roaring booms.

Meng Hao’s eyes abounded with killing intent as he fought the 8-Essences female Paragon. Because of the Three Scripture Spikes, her cultivation base had dropped to the level of an Imperial Lord, and even seemed to be slipping toward that of a Dao Sovereign.

Meng Hao attacked without mercy. His Paragon Bridge descended, the crushing power of which left the female Paragon coughing up blood. She tried to flee, but then he unleashed his Demon Sealing Hexing magic!

The Essence of space began to form as he tried to seal her, but it was in that exact moment that the large-headed cultivator suddenly appeared and unleashed a bizarre magical technique. Booms rang out, and the blood drained from Meng Hao’s face as his Essence of space was suddenly interrupted.

The shocked female Paragon coughed up blood; moments before, she had felt the shadow of death looming over her.

That didn’t cause Meng Hao to pause, though. Even as he fell back, he unleashed the Fourth Hex, the Self Hex, causing a multitude of clones to appear, all of which charged toward the female Paragon in shocking fashion.

The Paragon’s scalp went numb as she retreated in the face of countless Meng Hao clones all unleashing the God-Slaying Fist!

The convergence of so many God-Slaying Fists caused the starry sky to tremble, and filled the entire area with a towering murderous aura.

“NO!!” she screamed. Unwilling to be defeated, she bit the tip of her tongue and spit out some blood, unleashing a secret magic that instantly caused her to grow blurry. At the same time, she produced a vast quantity of different magical items, holding nothing back as she then used even more secret magics to avoid the deadly fist strikes.

It was in that exact same moment that the large-headed cultivator popped up yet again. Simultaneously Meng Hao suddenly performed an incantation gesture with his left hand and jabbed it toward the man.

“I’ve been waiting for you to show up!” he said.

Hexing magic was unleashed, and yet, a strange gleam appeared in the eyes of the large-headed cultivator. Even as the power of Meng Hao’s Hexing magic closed in, he suddenly split into two.

One version ended up trapped by the fetters of the Hex, whereas the other took a step to appear by the side of the female Paragon. Then, his body began to wriggle and shrink, except for his right hand, which grew larger as it apparently converged all of the power of his flesh and blood. Even as his body became completely out of proportion, a vicious expression could be seen on his face as he threw his own fist out to meet the God-Slaying Fist.


Blood sprayed out of Meng Hao’s mouth, but the same thing happened to the large-headed cultivator, who simultaneously dragged the female Paragon away. Despite having been rescued, she was also coughing up blood, and the seriousness of the injuries caused her to stare hatefully at Meng Hao.

“You really remind me of my old Master,” said the large-headed cultivator, staring at Meng Hao with a serious expression as he wiped the blood from his mouth. [1. All evidence points to the fact that this large-headed cultivator is a character from Renegade Immortal, who was also referred to as ‘large-headed’ in that novel, and was a follower of Wang Lin. He hasn’t appeared in the translated chapters as of this release, so if you follow that novel, you can be on the lookout for him in the future!]

The female Paragon was currently not a match for Meng Hao, but because of the interference of the large-headed cultivator, Meng Hao was incapable of killing her.

Killing intent flickered in Meng Hao’s eyes as he leapt back into the fight with the two of them.

As they fought, the dazzling shine of magical techniques spread out in all directions.

The fighting going on elsewhere was just as bitter. That was especially the case with Sea Dream, whose face was completely ashen as she tenaciously refused to stop fighting. The current battle involved the absolute peak fighters among both the 33 Heavens and the Mountain and Sea Realm. The starry sky twisted and distorted. Few words were exchanged; everyone knew that in this battle, one side would be wiped out, or the other would!

Originally, fighting like this should have been glorious and dazzling within the starry sky. However, the Mountain and Sea Realm cultivators were fighting with their last blaze of glory, causing the starry sky to darken and fade!

In this moment, the true glory belonged Song Luodan, and the other cultivators like him!

Then there were the cultivators who chose to self-detonate. They called out their names before becoming like bright stars shining out, casting light out once more into the starry sky.

However, that light didn't last long. More and more cultivators of the Mountain and Sea Realm fell in battle, and soon the Outsiders were able to bypass them and start advancing upon the Ninth Mountain itself. In turn, Mountain and Sea cultivators fell back to try to stop them.

The battleground was gradually shifting from being outside of the Ninth Mountain to within its very borders.

The Outsiders had finally made it to the last of the Mountains. The starry sky was shattered, and the Ninth Mountain was quaking. Its Xuanwu turtle was howling miserably, a howl filled with grief and unyielding madness!

Meng Hao’s heart was trembling, and intense grief filled the hearts of Sea Dream and the other powerful experts. Ksitigarbha was laughing bitterly. Everyone knew that utter defeat was inevitable.

However, deep within their hearts, there was still a glimmer of hope. Although that hope was vague, it hadn’t disappeared completely, and clung to life like a candle flickering in the wind.

Even as the army itself fought closer to the Ninth Mountain, Meng Hao and the other experts blocked the Paragons of the 33 Heavens. Of course, that also meant that they themselves could do nothing more in the fighting.

Both sides were tying each other up.

All of them could do little more than watch as the Outsider army slowly and inexorably made its way toward the Ninth Mountain.

Soon, the four great planets were under attack!

The first to be destroyed was Planet West Felicity. The entire planet was bombarded by countless Outsider divine abilities and magical techniques, until it finally collapsed into nothing more than rubble. Heaven and Earth shook violently as countless lives were snuffed out.

Next was Planet North Reed. After the Outsiders poured into the planet, it became nothing more than crumbled ruins in the starry sky.

The sight was like a sharp knife stabbing into the hearts of all the surviving Mountain and Sea cultivators. Some began to laugh bitterly. They had already given up on the idea of surviving. Ignoring all feelings of exhaustion, they turned and went back to slaughtering the Outsiders.

However, the Outsider army was vast, and the cultivators of the Mountain and Sea Realm were dying left and right. Although their madness struck fear and shock into the hearts of the Outsiders, in the end, the Mountain and Sea Realm’s forces were too small.

Eventually, a third boom rang out within the space around the Ninth Mountain. Meng Hao watched with his own eyes as... Planet East Victory was transformed into ash....

“Impossible!!” Meng Hao’s heart was trembling, and his eyes were bright red. He was still in the middle of fighting the large-headed cultivator and the 8-Essences female Paragon, and could hardly believe that what he was seeing was actually happening.

There in front of his very eyes, Planet East Victory exploded.

“The Seventh Mountain and Sea was destroyed, meaning that Planet Tiger Cage is gone. That’s impossible! And Planet East Victory was fused with the first generation Patriarch! How could he possibly be destroyed?

“This is impossible....” Meng Hao’s heart trembled as he then watched the Outsider army fighting its way toward Planet South Heaven. At that point, he began to grow more anxious than ever.

Although his heart was connected to Planet East Victory, his true home was Planet South Heaven!

“There’s still hope!” Looking around at the shattered Ninth Mountain, he saw the hopelessly outnumbered Mountain and Sea Realm cultivators fighting against all odds. He watched the planets falling, and his heart was stabbed with pain.

“There must be hope....

“The Windswept Imperial Lord hasn’t appeared yet, nor has the successor of Immortal Ancient. Where is the Windswept Realm...?

“If they haven’t shown up yet, then there’s still hope....”

The flames of war burned ever closer to Planet South Heaven!

Planet South Heaven was Meng Hao’s home, and was occupied by the Fang Clan. Now that Planet East Victory was gone, everyone from the Fang Clan was charging madly back in the direction of Planet South Heaven.

As countless divine abilities were unleashed by the horde of Outsiders, Planet South Heaven’s spell formation appeared to defend the planet.

At the same time as the spell formation activated, numerous figures appeared outside of Planet South Heaven. One of them was Emperor Tang himself, backed by an army of puppets clad in black armor.

There was also Fang Xiufeng, Meng Li, Fang Yu, as well as all the other members of the Fang Clan who stood guard on Planet South Heaven. Their eyes gleamed with determination; they had pledged their lives to Planet South Heaven, and would die with it!

“I swore an oath to stand guard over Planet South Heaven... for 100,000 years!” Even as Fang Xiufeng’s voice echoed out, grim and determined, the army of Outsiders surged forth in attack.

At the same time, all of the members of the Fang Clan, as well as numerous other cultivators of the Mountain and Sea Realm who were connected to Planet South Heaven in a multitude of ways, raced over to fight both on Planet South Heaven itself, and in the skies beyond it.

Meng Hao’s eyes were completely bloodshot. Roaring, he turned to break free from the fight with the female Paragon and the large-headed cultivator, heading toward Planet South Heaven with all the speed he could muster, to join his friends and family.

His parents and sister were there, and all his fellow clan members. Fatty, Chen Fan, Wang Youcai, and Sun Hai were all racing in the same direction, as was Xu Qing.

In addition, there were Pill Demon and Ke Jiusi!

Planet South Heaven was Meng Hao's weak spot. To him, it was the most important and meaningful place in the entire Mountain and Sea Realm!

Even Patriarch Reliance roared in fury as he fought his way toward Planet South Heaven, a place which was inextricably tied into his memories.

Massive rumbling sounds echoed out. Planet South Heaven did not collapse like Planet East Victory had, thanks to the bloodline spell formation of the Allheaven Li Clan. The spell formation fought back against the endless hordes of Outsiders, and yet, it was starting to fade.

Emperor Tang laughed bitterly as he waved his hands, sending the innumerable black-armored puppets out to attack. They were joined by numerous vengeful ghosts which flew out from the spell formation.

Among those ghosts were men and women, elderly and young. These were the Li Clan cultivators who had sacrificed their own lives oh so many years ago. In life, they had been tasked with defending the Mountain and Sea Realm, and they would do the same thing in death.

Planet South Heaven was shaking as the entire place turned into a shocking battlefield.

Meng Hao wanted to return to Planet South Heaven, but there was someone who disagreed!

“Think you can just come and go as you please?” said the female Paragon, eyes flickering with killing intent. Meng Hao had fought her relentlessly up to this point, putting her in numerous deadly crises. Although she now knew that he was an extremely powerful opponent, she still wanted to see him dead.

Recalling what Paragon Xuan Fang had said before he died, the female Paragon's desire to kill Meng Hao grew even more intense. As soon as she realized that he wanted to leave, her desire to stop him exploded out.

“You aren’t going anywhere! I'm going to force you to watch as everything you care about... is completely destroyed!” Even as the female Paragon began to chase Meng Hao, the large-headed cultivator hesitated. Although he had followed along with the plan to come to fight in this battle, he hadn’t spoken much so far, which indicated the true feelings in his heart.

He sighed, but after a moment passed, chose to cooperate. Using his incredible speed, he shot after Meng Hao to block his path.

It was in that moment that rumbling sounds echoed out from Planet South Heaven. Meng Hao caught sight of his father and mother surrounded by Outsiders, coughing up blood. He saw Fatty and Wang Youcai, and all of his other friends, arriving on the scene. He saw Xu Qing laughing bitterly. He saw Patriarch Reliance roaring in fury, and he saw the alchemic flame within his Master Pill Demon flickering as it charged up to self-detonate.

Meng Hao was fearful, terrified, and his heart was being torn to pieces. A vicious expression appeared on his face as he let out a roar that caused Heaven and Earth to dim: “Screw off!”

Chapter 1387: Planet South Heaven In Peril!

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