Chapter 46: I Have Tried It Myself

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Chapter 46: I Have Tried It Myself

Zu An was rendered speechless. This fellow really knows no loyalty.

He turned his gaze over to where the voice came from, only to see a darned fatty recounting the earlier incident in the forest to a young man—not forgetting to exaggerate the details, of course. The young man stood in Zu An’s path and gazed at him lividly. “So you’re the bastard named Zu An?”

“No, I’m your father,” Zu An replied.

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It was apparent that this livid-faced young man was no other than the ‘backing’ that the darned fatty mentioned back in the forest, Ye Liangchen.

“Very well. You have managed to provoke me too,” Ye Liangchen said as he clenched his fists tightly, producing a series of creaking sounds. It had been long since anyone dared to speak to him in such a tone, especially from a student from the lowest Yellow class.

Zu An shrugged nonchalantly. “Looks like you’re a ‘man of words’. If you’re all that capable, why don’t you bite me then?”

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A cold glint flashed across Ye Liangchen’s eyes as he readied himself to make a move. It was then that a teasing voice sounded by the side, “As a fellow classmate, allow me to remind you out of goodwill that the punishment for fighting on school compounds is expulsion.”

Zu An turned his head around to take a look, only to see a couple chuckling not too far away. The man was no other than Xie Xiu, whom he had met at the academy’s entrance earlier in the morning.

Ye Liangchen snorted coldly. Even though Xie Xiu was an incompetent wastrel, he was still the son of the city lord. He dared not to offend the Xie clan just yet. So, he could only suppress his rage and turn to look at Zu An coldly. “Very well. I want a duel with you!”

Zu An rolled his eyes. “Do I look like a servant who fights you as and when you like? How embarrassing it would be for me to accept your duel! Rejected!”

Ye Liangchen exploded in rage. “You don’t even have the guts to accept my duel? And you call yourself a man?”

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It was then that Xie Xiu spoke up from the side, “A duel needs consent from both sides. You aren’t allowed to pressure the other party into accepting the duel.”

Zu An knew that Xie Xiu was reminding him of the academy rules, though he already knew all of this due to the principal’s advice earlier on. Naturally, he wouldn’t fall for such a low-level taunt. 

A hint of viciousness flashed across Ye Chenliang’s eyes. He glared at Xie Xiu coldly and said, “Second Young Master Xie, I believe that this matter is none of your business.”

Xie Xiu chuckled casually in response. “It is none of my business. But as a senior, isn’t it normal for me to offer some advice to a junior who has just joined the academy?”

Ye Chenliang was seething, but he couldn’t do anything about Xie Xiu, so he could only turn his attention back to Zu An once more. “Everyone says that the First Miss of the Chu clan was blind to have married a wastrel. I was still doubtful whether Miss Chu would really be such a poor judge of character, but it seems like there’s some authenticity to the rumors after all. It turns out that you’re a mere wastrel who speaks louder than your actions!”

By then, a huge crowd had already gathered around the area. Initially, everyone thought that Ye Chenliang was bullying yet another lower grade student once more. In view of that and Zu An’s fairly good looks, almost everyone was subconsciously rooting for Zu An.

However, as soon as it was revealed that Zu An was that useless drafted son-in-law of the Chu clan, the nature everyone’s gaze immediately changed. The eyes of the men reddened in enmity and envy whereas the eyes of the women turned cold with disdain. Clearly, all of them looked down on this fellow who possessed no capability at all. What was the use of looks if there was nothing else inside?

Zu An found a huge stream of Rage points flowing into his system. It seems like my wife is quite popular after all. Just by learning my identity, all of these male students have already contributed several thousand Rage points to me.

“I was still wondering why you’re kicking up such a huge fuss, but it turns out that you’re yet another one of Chuyan’s admirer. No wonder you carry such great enmity toward me!” Zu An looked at Ye Chenliang with a smug smile on his face. He couldn’t help but think of the Ten Great Beauties of the Sweetheart Ranking that Wei Suo mentioned earlier. If I were to flirt with all of them, wouldn’t all of the men in the academy contribute an endless stream of Rage points to me?

“Shut your mouth! A trash like you isn’t worthy of even mentioning Miss Chu’s name!” Ye Chenliang hollered furiously. In truth, he knew where he stood in the academy too. Despite his seemingly respected position here, he knew that it was only because those from major clans weren’t paying any heed to him. Compared to those true geniuses from the Sky class, he was still sorely lacking.

As such, despite his affection for Chu Chuyan, he never tried to make a move on her as he thought that he didn’t stand a chance at all. Yet, who could have thought that his goddess would actually fall into the hands of such a worthless man? There was no way he could stand it

So, when he heard from Man Yu that the culprit who stole all of the ki stones was this bastard, he thought that it was a good opportunity to put that man down before the entire academy. Through this, Miss Chu would realize that this wastrel worthy of her, and that she would be better off choosing him!

Zu An sighed deeply. “I’m not worthy of speaking my wife’s name? Are you saying that a stranger like you is worthy of it then?”

Ye Chenliang took a deep breath. He observed the agitated expressions of the crowd around him, and he slowly composed himself. “I shan’t argue with you. Miss Chu is the goddess in our hearts whereas you’re a coward who doesn’t even have the courage to fight against me. Know your own place and get lost!”

Those in the surroundings began shouting too.

“Get lost from the Chu clan if you aren’t going to compete!”

“How can a nincompoop like you possibly is worthy of the First Miss of the Chu clan!”

“You are no man!”

“You are no man!”

“You are no man!”


The crowd started off shouting all sorts of insults, but at some point in time, everyone somehow began chanting the same words.

Zu An couldn’t help but feel great joy at this. These students sure are adorable. Despite not knowing one another, they are providing me with so many Rage points. That’s another several thousand into my account!

“Rubbish! He’s more of a man than the rest of you are!”

It was then that a red figure rushed over and stood in front of him.

Zu An was surprised. It was actually Chu Huanzhao! He didn’t think that she would stand up for him. It looked like the beating he suffered the other day hadn’t been in vain.

The others also recognized Chu Huanzhao too. She was a celebrity in this academy, after all. Other than the fact that she was Chu Chuyan’s younger sister, she was ranked ninth in the Sweetheart Ranking, and she took the Wailing Whip along with her no matter where she went. It would be difficult for one to not recognize her.

Seeing Chu Huanzhao stepping out to defend Zu An, Ye Liangchen frowned. “How do you whether he’s a man or not?”

Chu Huanzhao tilted his chin upward as she replied matter-of-factly, “Of course I know! I tried it myself!”

Those words stirred a huge uproar amongst the crowd. Wei Suo widened his eyes as he shot Zu An a thumbs up. Big bro, I shall follow you from now on. You must impart to me the tricks you use to pick up girls!

Even Xie Xiu, who was watching the show from the sidelines, choked on his melon seed and ended up coughing violently, causing his handsome face to turn red.

At this very moment, the eyes of every single man present turned red.

“You beast!”

“You actually laid your hands on such a young girl!”

“They are sisters! Sisters!!!”

“Now that I think of it, I heard rumors that the son-in-law of the Chu clan climbed onto the bed of his sister-in-law on his wedding night.”

“Oh? But the Second Miss of the Chu clan doesn’t seem to be angry about it?”

“Goddamnit, she must have been won over by his bed techniques!”

“I also want such luck with women too!”


Zu An nearly cackled out loud. The rate at which Rage points were coming in was increasing exponentially!

In contrast to the infuriated and envious men, the surrounding women widened their eyes, and unknowingly, their attitude toward Zu An began to change.

“A man who can win over the First Miss and Second Miss of the Chu clan surely has his own strengths too, right?”

“It could be due to his good looks.”

“Don’t you think that his actions are that of a standard scumbag?”

“But he’s so handsome~”


The discussions all around made Chu Huanzhao realize that her words had been misunderstood. She hurriedly tried to clarify matters, “That’s not what I meant! He took 7 strikes from my Wailing Whip without even letting out a cry, that’s why I said he’s more of a man than any one of you!”

After saying those words, she turned to Zu An with a reddened face and glared at him. “It’s all your fault!”

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The smile on Zu An’s face grew even brighter.

On the other hand, Ye Chenliang sneered coldly upon hearing those words. “That’s impossible. Even if you wish to cover for him, you should come up with an acceptable excuse. Who doesn’t know that your Wailing Whip has the effect of amplifying pain tenfold? There’s no way he could have been able to tolerate that!”

“You think that I’m lying to you all?” Chu Huanzhao glared at Ye Chenliang.

Ye Chenliang harrumphed coldly. “You know best yourself whether you’re lying or not. Try asking the crowd then. See whether anyone believes that it’s possible for him to take 7 strikes from the Wailing Whips letting out a cry.”

“That’s impossible!”

All of the onlookers around replied in unison, that this included even Wei Suo too. It was apparent that many of them had suffered the agony of being struck by the Wailing Whip before. Even those who hadn’t been struck before knew of the Wailing Whip’s effect. None of them believed that it was possible for anyone to take 7 whips without letting out a cry.

Chu Huanzhao lost her patience. “I’m the Second Miss of the Chu clan! When have I ever lied before?”

Zu An rolled his eyes. This lass does have a fiery temper, but her brain isn’t as good as her older sister. What’s the point of you trying so hard to vouch for your own words?

“Who knows whether you’re fabricating lies in order to protect him? There’s no way we can believe your words, unless…” Yu Chenliang turned to look at Zu An with a smug smile. “Unless you prove it to us right now. Whip him before our eyes and let us witness it personally!”

“Fine!” Chu Huanzhao exclaimed as she reached for his whip and began walking toward Zu An.

Zu An jolted in shock. It was a common saying that those who had large breasts tended to have a small brain. Given that this lass was as flat as an airplane runway, how could she still be such a blockhead?

He had finally realized just how powerful the Heiress Ball of Delight was after his fight with Pei Mianman yesterday night. In a certain sense, it could be said to be an additional life to him. 

He already dearly regretted wasting it once on a bet with Chu Huanzhao, and he would have to be insane to do it once more!

“Calm down!” Zu An quickly held her hand down.

“It’s all because of you that I ended up being embarrassed here. Let me strike you with my whip once so as to show all of them that I’m not lying!” Chu Huanzhao bellowed in agitation.

Zu An quickly told her, “Don’t you find it embarrassing that you’re doing exactly what he’s asking you to? It’s almost as if he’s treating you like a servant!”

“Oh, you’re right too.” Chu Huanzhao nodded in agreement. “What should I do then?”

Zu An replied, “Why bother with them? It’s not as if he can force me to duel with him. Haven’t you heard of the saying ‘Never let a retard pull you down to his level’?”

“Who are you calling a retard?” Ye Chenliang’s face turned incredibly dark.

“Whoever’s replying to me, of course!” Zu An shrugged as he shot Ye Chenliang a look of sympathy.

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“It’s no wonder why everyone says that the sister-in-law is the true sweetheart. I’ll have to make sure to marry a wife who has a younger sister in the future too. I just wonder if her family will be as generous as the Chu clan’s as to offer both of their daughters to me!” Ye Chenliang began his counterattack.

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