Chapter 47: Mooching Requires Skills!

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Chapter 47: Mooching Requires Skills!

It was obvious that the crowd agreed with what Ye Chenliang said as they began cheering in agreement.

“What nonsense are you spouting?!” Chu Huanzhao’s face turned red. Unable to take such humiliation, she flicked her Wailing Whip toward Ye Chenliang.

However, Ye Chenliang was already prepared. He nimbly dodged the whip as he asked, “Chu Huanzhao, are you challenging me to a duel?”

“That’s right! I’m challenging you to a duel so that I can rip that foul mouth of yours apart!” Chu Huanzhao flicked her whip once more to strike Ye Chenliang.

“The one I want to challenge is that Zu wastrel! Why are you butting into this as well? Could it be that the two of you are really in a relationship?” Ye Chenliang shouted out loud as he dodged Chu Huanzhao’s attack. He didn’t want to fight with Chu Huanzhao. Even if he were to put aside the background of the Chu clan, just the pain of being struck by the Wailing Whip was something that he never wanted to experience ever again in his entire life.

Chu Huanzhao’s face turned completely red as she maneuvered her whip dexterously to strike Ye Chenliang.

“Zu wastrel, are you really a man? Are you only capable of mooching off women? If you have guts, fight with me!” Ye Chenliang frantically tried to dodge the Wailing Whip as he continued to challenge Zu An to a duel.

Zu An shrugged in response. “It’s with my own ability that I’m able to pimp myself out. Why should I make a move myself when I have others to do it for me? If you’re really as formidable as you think, go and find a woman to stand up for you then? Hah! But looking at your face, I doubt that anyone will want you even if you pay them!”

You have successfully trolled Ye Chenliang for +233 Rage!

Chu Huanzhao turned around and glared at Zu An sharply. “You shut up!”

You have successfully trolled Chu Huanzhao for +99 Rage!

The crowd also turned completely silently. Xie Xiu had a flabbergasted look on his face for a long while before he finally remarked deeply, “That man has truly reached the zenith of shamelessness!” The crowd around him nodded their heads vehemently, agreeing strongly with what he had just said.

You have successfully trolled the onlookers for +66 +66 +66 +66… 

Zu An felt as if his heart was fluttering into the sky when he saw the Rage points gushing in. I’m striking it rich! If I knew this would happen, I would have come to the academy yesterday too!

It was then that a figure suddenly dashed out and stood between Chu Huanzhao and Ye Chenliang. “Miss Chu, since Ye Chenliang didn’t agree to your duel, it isn’t appropriate for you to corner him so.”

The figure was wearing a white shirt that fluttered along with the wind. He grabbed the Wailing Whip with one hand while keeping the other behind his back, giving off a look of ease. His image was as dashing as one could imagine it to be.

A commotion broke out amidst the female students too.

“Waaa, it’s Young Master Yuan!”

“Young Master Yuan is truly gallant.”

“To think that he could catch Wailing Whip so easily… He must have reached the fourth rank, right?”

“What fourth rank? He’s already reached the peak of the fourth rank! It probably wouldn’t be long before he makes a breakthrough to the fifth rank!”

“Waaa, so handsome! He’s so much better than some shameless scum who only knows how to hide behind a woman’s back!”


Those words brought made Zu An’s face turn dark. Those women sure are fickle-minded. It’s just a moment ago that they were still speaking up for me, but they’re singing another tune now.

“That’s an infringement of the academy rules. If this matter blows up, not even the Brightmoon Duke would be able to stop the academy from expelling you.”

“Yuan Wendong, don’t stick your head where it doesn’t belong!” Chu Huanzhao tried to pull her whip out, but it wouldn’t budge no matter how much force she exerted.

That white-clothed man known as Yuan Wendong revealed an impeccable smile as he advised, “Chu Second Miss, are you intending to get yourself expelled here?”

“Are you threatening me?” Chu Huanzhao glared at Yuan Wendong furiously.

“I dare not. I am friends with your older sister, so naturally, I wish not to see anything happening to Chu Second Miss,” Yuan Wendong said as he finally released his grip.

Chu Huanzhao pulled the Wailing Whip back to her side, but a look of hesitation flickered across his face.

Seeing that someone was standing up for him, Ye Chenliang puffed up his chest and walked over up to Zu An. “I’ll teach you a lesson today. In the end, this is a world where you can only count on yourself. Someone who relies on external help is bound to fall one day…”

Before he could finish his words, a gentle voice sounded from the midst of the crowd, “T-that’s not it! He… He’s actually really formidable!”

The crowd immediately turned their eyes over, wanting to see who was intervening this time around. What they saw was a young woman with a face the size of a palm stepping forward her cheeks blushing furiously. She appeared to be incredibly uncomfortable being in the center of attention.

“Oh? Who’s this woman? She’s so pretty~”

“Heh, look at how uncultured you are. That’s called cute!”

“You must be new here, right? How could you not even recognize the seventh rank in the Sweetheart Ranking, Ji Xiaoxi? She’s the daughter of Divine Physician Ji, and her talent in pill concoction is second to none amongst her peers!”

“Why is she speaking up for Zu An? Could it be that she also…”

“Don’t spout nonsense! How could a fairy like her possibly have any relations with that human scum?”


The crowd discussed fervently amongst themselves. Even Ye Chenliang was a little taken aback by this development. He quickly put on a kind smile and asked gently, “Junior Ji, what are you doing here?”

He had no choice but to tread carefully here. One must know that Ji Xiaoxi had caused a huge stir from the first day she arrived at this academy. Due to her adorable looks, there were some perverts who began harboring deviant thoughts toward her. Yet, as soon as they came into contact with her clothes, they found themselves poisoned right away. Many of them ended up suffering for an entire half a month.

In the end, all of them were expelled from the academy. Some say that it was due to the vast connections Divine Physician Ji had built up in his earlier years. There were many powerful figures who owed him a favor, so they didn’t hesitate to lend a helping hand upon hearing that his daughter had been bullied. However, there were also some who said that Ji Xiaoxi had powerful backing within the academy too.

Regardless of which one it was, it was clear that Ji Xiaoxi wasn’t someone whom Ye Chenliang could afford to offend.

“I was just passing by when I saw a lot of people gathering here…” Standing before the gazes of so many people, Ji Xiaoxi felt a little intimidated. Nevertheless, she bucked up her courage and said, “I saw that you were all misunderstanding big brother Zu, and big brother Zu wasn’t willing to explain either. That’s why… I stepped out.”

She really was doing this for Zu An?

A disturbance broke out amongst the crowd. No one thought that the drafted son-in-law of the Chu clan, despite being known for his inadequacy, would not only be able to lay his hands on both of the Chu clan’s sisters, but actually be in a relationship with the famous little fairy, Ji Xiaoxi, too!

What in the world is going on here?

Is it because I’m not handsome enough, or am I just not enough of a scumbag? Or is it my cultivation that women have gripes with, or that my background isn’t good enough?

Such thoughts surfaced in the minds of all men before being followed with a massive outburst of rage toward Zu An. Other than their appearances, there was nothing about them that was inferior to that shameless man!

You have successfully trolled the onlookers for +99 +99 +99 +99… 

Looking at the sudden surge of Rage points, Zu An felt incredibly glad that he didn’t sneak out earlier. This decision to have his lunch in the academy was arguably the best decision he had ever made.

Meanwhile, Ye Chengliang gulped down his saliva as he stared at the situation before him, utterly confused. What is going on here? I was just trying to teach a wastrel his place, so why are so many women standing forward to protect him?

Something must be really wrong with this world!

“Junior Ji, what’s your relationship with him?” Ye Chenliang was unable to accept such a reality.

“He…” Ji Xiaoxi looked at Zu An, and her face reddened a little. “He’s my good friend.”

The reason why her face reddened was due to her recalling how they first met in the river, both of them completely nude. While she did know that he was deficient below, she still couldn’t help but feel a little peculiar inside about having her body seen by a man.

In the eyes of the onlookers, however, her response appeared to be one of shyness and embarrassment. This made their hearts turned cold. How can this be? Even our beloved little fairy has been caught by that man’s demonic clutches!

Oblivious to the misunderstanding that was going around, she began explaining the matter, There was once I headed to the Hidden Dragon Mountain that I saw him killing dozens of Assrip Wolves with my own eyes. Even their leader ended up losing its life too.”

All of the men nearly burst into tears. It’s all over. Our little fairy actually went into the Hidden Dragon Mountain together with him. A man and a woman, all alone in the middle of the wilderness. The mountains must have awakened their primal instincts and compelled them to… Goddamnit!

“That man actually monopolized three of the beauties in the top ten of the Sweetheart Ranking! Don’t stop me, I’m going to duel with him!”

“No one is stopping you, go ahead and fight him! If he really managed to kill dozens of Assrip Wolves, you’re just going to be cannon fodder to him.”

“Hmph! I’m only waiting for Ye Chenliang to be done with him. I’ll have you know that I don’t have the habit of ganging up on others!”



Ye Chenliang found droplets of cold sweat forming on his forehead. He took a look at the lackadaisical Zu An before turning to face Ji Xiaoxi with a look of disbelief on his face. “He killed dozens of Assrip Wolves? Are you serious about it?”

Ji Xiaoxi replied with a nod, “Actually, I wasn’t able to make sense of how he was able to do it either. However, if you don’t believe it, you can go and ask my father. He can testify for this matter.”

Despaired groans sounded from the onlookers. Holy shit! They have even gotten to the point of meeting the parents!

Not too far away, Xie Xiu’s attention was on something else instead: Even though Ji Xiaoxi specializes in pill concoction, which resulted in her cultivation being weaker compared to her peers, she’s still a third rank cultivator. Yet, even she was unable to tell how Zu An managed to kill those Assrip Wolves. Wouldn’t that mean that his speed has already gotten to an unimaginable level?

And it wasn’t Xie Xiu who had such thoughts in mind. 

Many other people, including Ye Chenliang, had also grasped hold of the hidden message in Ji Xiaoxi’s words. It was hard to imagine that Ji Xiaoxi was lying about this matter, especially since she even brought Divine Physician Ji into the picture here. Ji Xiaoxi was known to be an extremely good-natured person, such that hardly anyone had seen her lie before. There was no way she would put her father’s reputation at stake for something like this!

They would have never imagined that Ji Xiaoxi wasn’t lying over here; it was just that her unintentional word choices had misled them.

“I told you! My brother-in-law is a formidable man, but none of you refused to believe me! Hmph!” Chu Huanzhao said gleefully upon seeing how she had managed to turn the tables on those naysayers. Despite so, she still turned over to assess Zu An after saying her piece, curious to know when this fellow had managed to hook up with other women outside.

This won’t do. My big sister isn’t around these days, so I need to help her keep him in line. I can’t let those whor… Chu Huanzhao looked at the innocent-looking Ji Xiaoxi, and she was unable to finish the word that went against her conscience.

Everyone’s expression slowly changed as they internalized all of the information they had received thus far. Earlier, they thought that Chu Huanzhao’s claim that Zu An had taken 7 strikes from the Wailing Whip without crying out was an exaggeration, but with even Ji Xiaoxi testifying for him now, they started to wonder with Zu An was really some sort of incredible expert.

It was also at this moment that Zu An walked up to Ye Chenliang and shook his head sympathetically, saying, “Allow me to teach you a lesson too. The only reason why you think mooching is unreliable is due to you not being handsome enough. That’s why you lack the imagination to fathom just how charming a man like me is. You can’t even deal with either of the two women standing by my side right now, and you still dream of dueling me?”

Chu Huanzhao: “…”

Ji Xiaoxi: “…”

Everyone was dumbfounded. They were opening their eyes to a new height of shamelessness.

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