Chapter 48: Mooching Aint Easy

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xzChapter 48: Mooching Aint Easy

You have successfully trolled Ye Chenliang for +999 Rage!

Ye Chenliang had never felt so insulted before. He had confronted Zu An confidently in order to drag him down from his high horses, but who could have thought that it would all backfire on him?

By this point, he had already dropped the idea of dueling Zu An. A person who could kill dozens of Assrip Wolves was definitely not someone he could deal with.

“You’re just a mere lower Ding class cultivator. Why are you feigning an expert here?” It was then that a voice suddenly sounded out.

Zu An narrowed his eyes. He could already see Hong Xingying amidst the crowd. Did I dig up his grave in his previous life? Why in the world is he biting onto me tenaciously like a mad dog?

Those who had been present at the entrance earlier on also nodded in agreement. “Indeed. His aptitude is only a mere lower Ding class!”

“He’s currently in the Yellow class right now, so how strong could he possibly be?”

Ye Chenliang was feeling deeply conflicted by all of the information he was receiving. He didn’t think that these people were lying, given that there were so many people testifying for it. But at the same time, it was unlikely for Ji Xiaoxi and Chu Huanzhao to be lying too. Just what in the world was happening here?

He could have considered trying to further poke at the matter to uncover the truth, but to be honest, he was starting to get a little intimidated. He had utterly embarrassed himself earlier on, so if he were to make a wrong move here, he could very well lose his place in the academy.

Meanwhile, Yuan Wendong noticed the look on Ye Chenliang’s face, and he inwardly berated the latter for being utterly useless. It seems like I’ll have to do it myself.

So, Yuan Wendong stepped forward and clasped his fist toward Zu An. “I was initially unwilling to get involved in this matter, but you were simply too overbearing. You have trampled over on the blood, sweat, and tears of the cultivators who have worked diligently to reach their current level. What we have right now didn’t come just by coincidence. On the other hand, you chose to walk down a twisted path. If I allow you to get away with this, I cannot imagine just how many juniors will be misled by your example and lose their way to degeneracy. So, I, Yuan Wendong, representing all of the hardworking cultivators of the academy, will challenge you to a duel.”

After hearing Hong Xingying mention that Zu An was only a lower Ding class cultivator, he was already feeling quite confident about this matter. Besides, even if Zu An was just acting weak, he still didn’t think that he would lose.

One must know that his cultivation wasn’t at the peak of the fourth rank, unlike what most people believed him to be. Just two days ago, he managed to make a breakthrough to the fifth rank. Currently, in the entire school, there were only so few people who had reached the fifth rank. Other than those few fearsome monsters, he was confident that he wouldn’t lose to anyone.

Besides, Zu An had just built up the stage for him, making him the perfect stepping stone for him to elevate his reputation one step further. The Yuan clan and the Chu clan were currently fighting one another over the arms trade anyway, so Zu An would be the perfect cannon fodder to sully the reputation of the Chu clan.

Yuan Wendong’s monologue about diligence and whatnot won him the goodwill of the crowd. There was a lingering sentiment of envy and resentment toward Zu An’s reliance on women, so most people were just overjoyed to see that someone was willing to step forward to deal with him. Just this drama would be enough to satisfy their hunger for the day.

“You speak as if you’re the only one working hard. Do you know how hard I have worked too?” Zu An exclaimed indignantly.

Yuan Wendong was surprised. “What have you worked hard on?”

“I worked hard on my mooching skills! Do you think that it’s that easy to be a mooch?” Zu An argued vehemently.

The men all around finally couldn’t take it any longer.

“Shit! This is too much. I really want to beat him up!”

“Me too!”

“Shall we just do it together?”

“Let’s have Yuan Wendong have a go first.”


A beautiful figure, who happened to be passing by the area, heard Zu An’s words and burst into laughter. He sure is shameless. I really wonder how in the world he managed to catch Chuyan’s eyes.

She was uninterested in such a minor scuffle, so she walked away without any hesitation.

It was then that Yuan Wendong sneered coldly, “Mooching? How meaningless. Do you really expect to count on women for the rest of your life? Take a look at your current circumstances. Who are you going to count on to get you through this quandary? Chu Huanzhao? Or Ji Xiaoxi? Even the two of them combined won’t be a match for me. In the end, men should rely on themselves. That’s what true strength is!”

Zu An sighed deeply. “I didn’t think that you would suffer from a lack of imagination too. Why do you think that I can’t rely on a woman to get me through this crisis? Pei Mianman! Come here and help me deal with this hateful fellow!”

Pei Mianman?

That name made everyone freeze on the spot. That was the name of a beauty whose reputation in the academy was on par with Chu Chuyan! On top of that, while Chu Chuyan had a cold demeanor that distanced herself from others, Pei Mianman had an alluring figure and a gentle smile that posed a fatal charm toward men. There were no men who didn’t fancy her.

Was it even possible for such a goddess to be involved with this shameless fellow?

Impossible. That was the first thought in everyone’s mind.

As expected, there was no response even after Zu An’s shout. The crowd began jeering at him.

Yuan Wendong also burst into laughter. “Do you know who Pei Mianman is? How could someone like her possibly be interested in you? You’re a toad lusting for the flesh of a swan!”

He had once been entranced by that woman too, and he did everything he could to court her. However, he soon discovered that that woman was utterly cold on the inside despite her gentle exterior. She viewed all men to be nothing at all, which made her an even more difficult target to court than Chu Chuyan. 

How could such a woman possibly be involved with the shameless man standing before him?

“I saw you just now. If you leave right now, I’m going to divulge everything that happened between us right here!” Zu An shouted out loud.

The figure who was attempting to sneak away a moment ago immediately froze up. Zu An’s threat triggered her, and she shouted, “Shut up!”

Following that, everyone saw a young woman dressed in a red top and a black skirt walking over hurriedly. Her skin that was smooth like jade, her shapely oval eyes, her enchanting peach blossom eyes that seemed to speak, and her proud figure; all of these made men feel numb all over and women shy away in embarrassment of their own form.

The usually gentle Pei Mianman had a darkened face on at this very moment. She glared at Zu An furiously as she spoke, “If you dare speak a word about that, I’ll kill you right away!”

Everyone was still harboring some suspicions about the matter, but Pei Mianman’s words seemed to verify their doubts. The hearts of countless men shattered in unison.

To think that it’s real! Our dream lover has actually gotten into that kind of relationship with this shameless man!

Meanwhile, Zu An was feeling a little perplexed. He realized that the Rage points he was obtaining was only half of what he reaped earlier. What’s going on? Is Pei Mianman’s chest not big enough, or her face not beautiful enough?

I thought that her being the secret guest of this show would push the income of Rage points to greater heights, but it’s starting to show signs of slowing down instead… 

The perplexed Zu An looked at the crowd, only to see that the angered faces of the men around had been replaced with envy… as well as respect.

Even Suo Wei, who had run as far away as he could a moment ago, had returned and was grabbing onto his sleeves with sparkling eyes. “Big bro, you’ll be my only big bro for the rest of my…”

Before he could finish his words, the crowd swarming in had already stomped down on him. “Master, take me in as your disciple!”

“Master, choose me. I wish to inherit your art of mooching, and I believe that I have the qualifications too!”

“Hah, I’m the one who looks more like him! If anyone is going to inherit master’s mooching legend, it’s me!”

“Heh, you’re already thinking of overthrowing your master despite having yet to be accepted? Master, you mustn’t take in that sort of backstabbing bastard as your disciple!”


Zu An could only lament at how outstanding he was. Even if what the keyboard accepted wasn’t Rage points but Respect points, he would still have been able to rise to the top of the world.

Meanwhile, Pei Mianman’s eyelids were twitching uncontrollably. She gritted her teeth so tightly together that one could hear gnashing sounds coming from her closed lips. “You must be feeling very gleeful now, hm?”

Zu An waved his hand and said, “Let’s not reminisce about the past now. Help me get rid of those two fellows… Ah no, throw that damned traitor over there into the mix too.” He pointed to Hong Xingying, who was hiding amidst the crowd.

In truth, Zu An was also feeling trepidation at the moment. He wasn’t sure whether this woman would be willing to help him or not. If she were to turn against him instead, he would have no choice but to try summoning his final trump card, the beautiful principal.

Pei Mianman was still glaring at Zu An furiously a moment ago, but for some reason, a tender smile suddenly surfaced on her lips, and she replied, “Alright.”

Then, she pointed to Yuan Wendong, Ye Chenliang, and Hong Xingying, and said, “Let’s duel. The three of you can come at me together.”

The faces of the trio immediately warped in horror. Yuan Wendong hurriedly spoke up, “Miss Pei, we are…”

Pei Mianman interjected with a cold smile, “I thought you mentioned something along the lines of what a man should rely on his own strength. Yet, the three of you are now afraid to accept a challenge from me? If you’re afraid, kneel down and kowtow to Zu An, and I’ll treat as if nothing happened today.”

Hong Xingying immediately erupted in anger. “Fine, I’ll accept your duel then! Who’s afraid of…” Before he could even finish his sentence, a black silhouette flitted forth and sunk a fist right into his abdomen. Hong Xingying immediately collapsed to the ground, his body curled up like a prawn as he gasped desperately for breath.

Pei Mianman blew on her own fist casually. “A cultivation who hasn’t even reached the fourth rank. I sure wonder where you got your confidence from. The two over there, it’s your turn.”

Yuan Wendong’s face turned pale as he internally berated Hong Xingying for being a braindead fool. He knew the whole academy was looking at them right now, and it would be a huge humiliation if he were to coward out of this fight. “Pei Mianman, you better not go too far. You should know that I’ve reached the fifth rank too!” 

As he said those words, golden light began to shine from his hands as numerous swords flew out from the sheaths of the surrounding onlookers to revolve around him. It was quite an imposing sight.

“That fellow has reached the fifth rank? I thought that he was still at the peak of the fourth rank!”

“He sure hid it well! I wonder who he is trying to scheme against by concealing his strength. It’s lucky that he was forced to reveal it today.”

“Heh, looks like we’ll have a good show to watch. Who do you think will win?”

“Do you even need to ask? It’s our goddess, of course!”

“That might not necessarily be the case. Ye Chenliang is not weakling either. In a 2 against 1 fight, I reckon that even Miss Pei will be put in a tight spot.”


Hearing the discussions from the crowd, Ye Chenliang began driving his ki to form a transparent layer around his body that resembled a tortoiseshell.

Zu An was astounded to see this sight, Ye Chenliang was manifesting his ki as an armor around his body, which revealed his strength as a cultivator who had reached the peak of the third rank. Meanwhile, judging from how Yuan Wendong was attracting metal to him, similar to a certain helmeted fellow in his previous life. It appeared that his elemental attribute was metal.  

Zu An felt that he didn’t stand a chance against either of the two of them, though if he used the Grandgale’s instantaneous movement together with Poisonous Prick, he could still stand a chance.

Yuan Wendong knew that the one to make the first move controlled the flow of the battle, so he immediately sent the dozens of swords revolving around him toward Pei Mianman with a grand wave of his hand. At the same time, Ye Chenliang also charged forward like a bull right behind those swords to ram down the beautiful silhouette standing before him.

Even someone as fearless as Zu An couldn’t help but worry in Pei Mianman’s place. The latter, however, appeared to be completely unfazed. A burst of black flames rose from her feet and soared up around her like a divine dragon. All of the swords that came into contact with the black flames vanished one after another at an astounding speed.

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