Chapter 59: Gambler’s Fallacy

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“Retaliation?” Chu Chuyan was stunned. “Are you calling gambling a form of retaliation?”

“Indeed,” Zu An replied matter-of-factly. “I thought that it would have been an easy feat for the Chu clan to deal with a mere underworld organization with the influence it wielded, but who could have thought that it was just for show. Since you aren’t able to make a move to help me, I can only help myself then.”

“What do you intend to do?” Chu Chuyan asked.

“It goes without saying that I’ll earn all of their money!” Zu An said earnestly.

Snow sneered at Zu An’s words. “In the end, isn’t that still gambling?”

Toward that, Zu An replied, “It’s only called gambling if there’s risk involved. If we win all of the bets, it’s called ‘withdrawing money’. The purpose behind why the old patriarchs of the Chu clan forbade its clan members from gambling is so as to ensure that the later generations wouldn’t make the same mistake as before. If they were to know that one of their descendants has married a Gambling God who can win every single bet he made like me, they would surely put a thumbs up in approval!”

Chu Chuyan harrumphed coldly in response and said, “There’s no gambler in this world who makes a bet thinking that he would lose his money. Just look at how many people have lost their fortunes from gambling!”

Zu An took out a money pouch from his robe and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t be using the Chu clan’s money. I got this from Plum Blossom Thirteen earlier in the day, so even if I lose, it would just be returning my possessions back to its owner. What do you think about it?”

Chu Chuyan didn’t respond, seemingly pondering over it. Zu An stared at her for a moment before giving one last push, “Since you have chosen to marry me, you should believe me in a little.”

Those words seemed to have struck a chord in Chu Chuyan’s heart. For some reason, she felt that there was something different about Zu An from before. Hm? Why would I have such a ridiculous feeling?

It was then that Snow tiptoed to reach up to Chu Chuyan’s ears and whispered, “Young miss, I think that fellow is determined to enter the casino and gamble. Even if you refuse him now, I reckon that he’ll still come by alone later on. Why don’t you let him finish up his money under your watch so that he’ll drop whatever thoughts he has about buying a house and raising a couple of beautiful maids outside?”

Chu Chuyan nodded slightly. She found herself agreeing deeply with what Snow said. If Zu An were to really use his money to buy a house outside along with a few pretty maids, what would become of the Chu clan’s reputation and dignity?

It was no wonder why they said that men mustn’t be spoilt with money.

“Fine, I’ll allow it this once. However, I expect you to leave with me once you spend all of your money, or else I won’t hesitate to resort to force,” Chu Chuyan said calmly.

Zu An’s face blushed in embarrassment as he looked at Chu Chuyan calmly. “Actually, you don’t need to resort to force. You can do whatever you want to do with me; I won’t resist at all.”

Chu Chuyan harrumphed in response. This fellow always fools around like this.

Just as they were about to enter the casino, Snow suddenly clutched her stomach and cried out loud. Chu Chuyan turned over and asked, “What’s wrong?”

The reddened Snow walked over to her side and whispered softly to her. To which, Chu Chuyan nodded in response and said, “Go ahead. Come back and look for us once you’re done.”

“Alright. Thank you, young miss.”

Watching as Snow jogged away into the distance, Zu An turned to Chu Chuyan and asked, “What’s wrong with her?”

Chu Chuyan glared at him impatiently and said, “It’s a matter among women. Don’t even try to pry into it.”

“Alright alright, I won’t pry into it,” Zu An replied with a leisurely smile . He could pretty much guess it even if Chu Chuyan didn’t explain it out loud.

Shortly after entering the casino, the two of them turned into the center of attention of everyone’s gaze. Given Chu Chuyan’s outstanding appearance, it simply couldn’t be helped. Her flawless face, graceful silhouette, and her impeccable disposition were all at odds with the crude bustle in the casino.

Those who frequented the casinos tended to be boors, and Chu Chuyan’s beautiful appearance stoked their lust. Some of them even began making catcalls.

However, there were also plenty of people who recognized her and swiftly stopped their companions from doing anything foolish.

“Are you tired of living? That’s the First Miss of the Chu clan over there!”

“Woah, it’s no wonder why she’s so pretty! Who’s that gleeful fellow standing beside her then?”

“He must be Chu First Miss’s husband, that wastrel son-in-law.”

“He does look pretty average to me. How did he win Chu First Miss’ fancy?”

“I wonder that too. He looks ordinary, just that his face looks a little more handsome and delicate. That kind of man can’t be relied on! If I have to say, masculine men like me are the best!”

“Goddamnit! That lucky son of a bitch!”



There were plenty of people who didn’t have a good impression of Zu An, though Zu An was more than overjoyed to accept their offerings of Rage points. He felt that it would be a good idea to frequently go on walks with his wife; he wouldn’t have to worry about having no lack of Rage points if that was the case.

If Chu Chuyan were to know of his current thoughts, no matter how kind and patient she was, she would have definitely pummeled him until his cheeks were swollen like a pig’s face.

“Chu First Miss, what brings you here today?” 

The manager of the casino was Plum Blossom Seven. As soon as he received news of Chu First Miss’ arrival, he quickly rushed out with a professional business smile to welcome her. At the same time, he also felt a little uneasy about her presence too.

Is she here to deal with the Plum Blossom Sect? I’ve already sent my men to inform the sect master about it, but god knows whether he’ll make it in time or not.

At the very least, he had the self-awareness that he didn’t have the means to deal with a rank five cultivator. On top of that, she was the First Miss of the Chu clan as well, which meant that he couldn’t even insult her too. To put it in other words, this was a problem far beyond his means to deal with!

Chu Chuyan was clearly unused to this kind of rowdy and crude atmosphere. She lightly fanned off the smoke lingering in front of her with her hand before replying, “You need not pay any heed to me. I’m accompanying him today.” 

It was only then that Plum Blossom Seven noticed Zu An. But again, who would bother looking at a perfectly ordinary man when there was such a gorgeous woman standing before them?

“Oh, so it’s young master Zu! May I know what business you have with us today?” 

Even though Plum Blossom Seven had a smile plastered on his face, he was silently cursing Zu An in his mind. This fellow was known to be a wastrel who was inept in both academics and martial arts. It was only due to his shallow appearance that he managed to become a winner in life.

This was the kind of man whom he wouldn’t even bother looking at in the past, but right now, he actually had to force a smile and speak politely to him. Damn it, I want to mooch off a woman too!

You have successfully trolled Plum Blossom Seven for +200 Rage!

Having received Plum Blossom Seven’s offering, Zu An’s lips curled up, and he asked, “Are you cursing me in your mind right now?”

Plum Blossom Seven’s heart skipped a beat as he hurriedly denied it, “No no, of course not. You’re the young master of the Chu clan, so how would I dare do something that disrespectful to you.”

The implicit meaning behind those words was that ‘If not for the fact that you’re the young master of the Chu clan, no one will give a damn about you!’.

“Young master Zu, may I know what brings you here today?” Plum Blossom Seven noticed that Zu An was looking around the casino, so he tried to probe him a little.

“What other reason would I be here for other than to gamble? Do you think that I would come here to eat?” Zu An replied impatiently.

Plum Blossom Seven clicked his tongue quietly. You’re only putting on a smug act because you’re faring well now. Would you have dared to talk to me in such a manner in the past, huh?

You have successfully trolled Plum Blossom Seven for +300 Rage!

Wait a moment, he’s here to gamble?

Realization suddenly struck Plum Blossom Seven, and he turned to look at Chu Chuyan in disbelief. Am I hearing things? A member of the Chu clan is here to gamble, and he even brought Chu First Miss with him?

Chu Chuyan remarked nonchalantly, “Like I said, I’m only here to accompany him. You need not look at me.”

Plum Blossom Seven quickly turned to Zu An and asked, “You said that you’re here to gamble?”

“Are you that deaf that I need to repeat myself again?” Zu An looked at Plum Blossom Seven in disdain. “Why? You don’t welcome me here?”

You have successfully trolled Plum Blossom Seven for +99 Rage!

However, Plum Blossom Seven’s rage was quickly replaced with frenzied joy. “Of course not! We welcome you with open arms! Come, invite young master Zu to the VIP room!”

He knew that the sect master had tasked Plum Blossom Thirteen to deal with Zu An, but the latter ended up losing his debt note and even got his legs fractured. However, as the culprit was no other than Lu De from Brightmoon Academy, they couldn’t exact vengeance for him.

Similarly, Zu An was also the young master of the Chu clan and a student of Brightmoon Academy as well. The Plum Blossom Sect couldn’t afford to touch him without any justification, which left them at a loss as to what to do. Yet, at a moment like this, this fellow actually walked right through their doorsteps!

You’re here to gamble?

Hah! You must not know what kind of place the casino is like! Even if your family is loaded with money, we’re still able to make you lose everything within a single night!

There was no one who didn’t know that the Chu clan forbade its clan members from gambling, and Brightmoon Academy also had rules against that too. While Plum Blossom Seven had no idea what Chu First Miss was doing here, their casino had plenty of tricks up to ensure that Zu An incur an overwhelming debt.

By then, they just had to announce it all over town, and it would be all over for Zu An. Without the protection of the Chu clan and the academy, the Plum Blossom Sect would be able to do as they pleased to him!

Nay, Brother Thirteen would probably want Zu An all to himself. 

If only he knew that it was nothing major, he wouldn’t have sent his men to inform the sect master of the matter. It would have been much better to wait for Zu An to be in tens of thousands to silver taels in debt before reporting his accomplishment to the sect master.

Zu An raised his hand and stopped Plum Blossom Seven, saying, “There’s no need for that. I enjoy the bustle here.” His plan needed plenty of people around as witnesses. The cold and empty VIP room simply wouldn’t do.

Meanwhile, at the main headquarters of the Plum Blossom Sect, the crowd was standing respectfully before a green-robed woman.

“Miss Qiao, what brings you here today?”

If Zu An was here today, he would surely be able to tell that the green-robed woman was no other than Snow.

Snow looked at the woman, who was frantically hiding by one corner while holding her clothes up to cover her body, and remarked coldly, “There should be a limit to just how lustful you are. You keep her around your side despite having killed her husband; aren’t you afraid of vengeance?”

That woman was the wife of Tan Wei, who was killed by Plum Blossom Twelve back then.

Mei Chaofeng burst into hearty laughter. “You’re thinking too much, Miss Qiao. I have already conquered both her body and her heart!”

That woman covering her breasts with her clothes lowered her head, seemingly feeling shy at Mei Chaofeng’s words.

Snow’s forehead furrowed in disgust, seemingly finding such a topic unpleasant. “I’m here to remind you that Zu An is at Silverhook Casino right now.”

Mei Chaofeng was stunned. “What’s he doing at the casino?”

“Your brain must have dulled from lust.” Snow looked at him in disdain. “He’s at the casino to gamble, of course.”

Her insult incurred Mei Chaofeng’s wrath. If not for the fact that the young master favors you and gave you the Anyang Token, I would have surely played with you till you can’t close your legs anymore!

Of course, he made sure not to reveal his inner thoughts at all. “That Zu An is nothing more than a fool. He lost a thousand silver taels with us the last time around, and he still hasn’t learned from his lesson yet?”

“You shouldn’t get careless. Based on what I’ve heard, it seems like he’s pretty confident this time around. He said that he’s here not to gamble but to withdraw money,” Snow said with a shake of her head.

“Hahahaha!” Mei Chaofeng burst into hearty laughter, the echoes tremoring the tiles on the roof. “Just what kind of place does he take our Silverhook Casino to be? No matter how rich he is, I have the confidence to make him lose all of his money!”

Snow, however, wasn’t very happy with how lightly he was taking this matter. 

“It’s still best for you to be careful. He seems to be different from before. I can’t really put my finger on it, but since he dared to boast before Chu Chuyan, I reckon that he has some plan in mind.”

Mei Chaofeng shook his head. 

“Miss Qiao, you’re only saying all of this because you’re unfamiliar with how the casino works. Those who have lost big in the casino tend to suffer from what we call Gambler’s fallacy—’Since I’ve already lost so much money, it should be about time to turn things around.’ However, all of them end up losing everything they have, including their wife!”

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