Chapter 60: Just Who Is the Antagonist Here?

Keyboard Immortal

“In any case, you ought to be careful.” Snow felt a lot more assured upon hearing those words. “Do you want to head to the casino to take a look at yourself?”

“There’s no need for that.” Mei Chaofeng took a huge gulp of wine before continuing on, “Plum Blossom Seven might be weak, but he’s able to rise to such a high position because of his gambling skills. For the past decade, no one has managed to best him yet. Recently, he doesn’t even have to make a move himself anymore. The bunch of underlings he has trained up are able to hold the fort on their own. Nothing can go wrong with him at the Silverhook Casino. You should just patiently wait here for the good news!”


Meanwhile, at the casino, Plum Blossom Seven was standing before Zu An with his back slightly lowered. “Young master Zu, may I know what you wish to play?”

To be honest, Plum Blossom Seven was disgusted with how subservient he was being, but he knew that his sacrifice would soon pay off. Once this fellow loses all of his money, he would return the humiliation he suffered a hundredfold over.

“Which game is the most dependent on luck?” Zu An took a look around as he asked. The reason why he dared come to this casino to ‘withdraw money’ was, of course, not because he was some kind of Gambling God. Rather, he had a trusty tool known as the Fortune Pill in his grasp.

Some of the goods given out by the keyboard were questionable, but if used appropriately, they could be incredibly formidable. Zu An knew this because he had experienced this for himself.

Take the Fortune Pill for example, he was initially planning to use it on the lottery, only to be met with a disclaimer that it didn’t work on it. He was quite disappointed for a long while as he had no idea where else he could put it to good work.

It was only till the appearance of Plum Blossom Thirteen that an idea popped into his mind. It was true that skills had great influence over the outcome of a gamble, but the most important factor of all was still no other than luck. Before absolute luck, even the greatest of skills couldn’t do anything.

Of course, this was built on the assumption that no one was cheating. Otherwise, even the luckiest person in the world would be scammed of all of his money.

And for that reason, he had to bring Chu Chuyan along with him. It was not just out of consideration of his own safety, but to also ensure that the dealers in the casino didn’t cheat.

While Chu Chuyan hardly knew anything about gambling, with her rank five cultivation, it was unlikely that the dealers could pull off any tricks beneath her discerning eyes.

“The game that’s most dependent on luck is no other than the Dices Trove!” Plum Blossom Seven replied with a chuckle. 

However, the thoughts he had in mind were speaking a very different story. While dices appear to be dependent on luck at first glance, our dealers are skilled enough to roll any numbers we want to. Let’s see how you lose all of your money here!

“What’s Dices Trove?” Zu An asked.

“It’s just guessing whether the number is ‘big’ or ‘small’,” Plum Blossom Seven replied speechlessly.

“Then just say that it’s ‘Big and Small’. Why do you need to find such a redundant name for it?” Zu An shot a scornful look over.

However, Plum Blossom Seven didn’t get angry this time around. 

Heh, it looks like you don’t even know dices at all. It’s no wonder why you lost 1000 silver taels the last time around. This time, I’ll make sure you lose at least 10,000 silver taels; no, tens of thousands of silver taels! With that, I shall officially retire from business!

“Hahaha, Zu An! You sure know how to court your own doom!” It was then that an arrogant laughter sounded at the doorstep.

Zu An turned around, only to see Plum Blossom Thirteen being pushed in on a wheelchair. The latter’s eyes were red, reflecting his frenzy.

Plum Blossom Seven was alarmed by Plum Blossom Thirteen’s sudden arrival. This fellow! Can’t he hold it in a little? We should first rope Zu An in before doing anything. What do we do if he cowards out and runs away?

Zu An, on the other hand, appeared to be delighted to see Plum Blossom Thirteen. “You should rest at home if you’re injured. If you keep moving around the place, you might just end up breaking your arms too.”

Plum Blossom Thirteen clenched his jaws so tightly that one couldn’t help but worry for his gums. “You scoundrel! Now that the teachers of the academy aren’t around to protect you anymore, let’s see how you’ll fare! Men, smash that brat’s arms and legs!”

You have successfully trolled Plum Blossom Thirteen for +798 Rage!


Given Plum Blossom Thirteen’s high standing in the Plum Blossom Sect, it was only natural that he would have plenty of subordinates serving under him. 

As soon as those men began charging at Zu An, he immediately hid behind Chu Chuyan and exclaimed fearfully, “Honey, you see you see! Those fellows dare to act so arrogantly even in your presence! This should be enough to show that I’m not lying to you, right?”

Chu Chuyan was displeased with how Zu An was calling her ‘honey’, but with so many people around, it didn’t feel appropriate to correct him. So, she could only vent her rage on Plum Blossom Thirteen. “What did you say earlier?”

A chilling aura engulfed the surroundings, causing the bustling casino to suddenly fall eerily silent. Many of the gamblers found themselves shuddering inexplicably.

Plum Blossom Thirteen was also astonished too. He had rushed here as soon as he heard that Zu An was in the casino, but he didn’t think that Chu Chuyan was here too. Otherwise, he would have never dared to mess around here no matter how brazen he was! 

That was a rank five expert right there! With the exception of the the sect master, even the whole Plum Blossom Sect combined wouldn’t be a match for her!

Plum Blossom Seven immediately stepped forward to mediate in this tense moment. “Miss Chu, it’s a misunderstanding! Brother Thirteen was hurt earlier today, so it can’t be helped that he’s a little on the edge today. He got the wrong person here.”

“Got the wrong person here?” Chu Chuyan sneered coldly. She turned to Zu An and asked, “How do you want to deal with him?”

Zu An was a little surprised by that question. Chu Chuyan was usually very cold to him at home, so he didn’t expect her to show him such respect outside.

Overjoyed with the current situation, he pointed at Plum Blossom Thirteen and said, “Since that fellow wanted to break my limbs, let’s return the favor and break his limbs then.”

“Very well.” 

A white silhouette flitted across the air, and before anyone could react, Plum Blossom Thirteen was already crying out in pain. He fell from the wheelchair and groaned loudly in pain on the floor. From his distorted limbs, one could tell that his arms and legs had been fractured once more. Blood flowed out from his bandaged knee joints.

Chu Chuyan returned back to Zu An’s side after carrying out the deed and stood coolly in place. Meanwhile, the others in the casino gasped in horror. 

Despite her beautiful and graceful appearance, she’s actually such a vicious individual?

Those who had catcalled earlier gulped down their saliva as they subconsciously retreated several steps to blend into the crowd.

Meanwhile, Zu An shot a thumbs up at Chu Chuyan. As expected of my wife. Straightforward  and vicious—ah no, I mean straightforward and pretty.

Chu Chuyan turned to Zu An and said nonchalantly, “Don’t think too much into it, I’m not doing this for you. I’m doing this to uphold the Chu clan’s honor.” 

She was still harboring some doubts regarding Zu An’s words earlier, but Plum Blossom Thirteen’s earlier arrogant attitude had affirmed her doubts. Even if Zu An had exaggerated the situation, what he had said was likely to be not too far off from the truth.

The Plum Blossom Sect was indeed planning to deal with him!

While the Chu clan steered clear of politics so as to not incur the suspicions of the royal court, it wasn’t so weak as to not retaliate when someone had already climbed over its head. The fact that Plum Blossom Thirteen dared to utter such threats toward a member of the Chu clan in her presence was clearly stepping on her bottomline. 

If I didn’t make a move there, everyone might just think that our Chu clan is a pushover!

“It’s all the same! We’re all from the Chu clan after all!” Zu An remarked gleefully.

Chu Chuyan rolled her eyes in response. This fellow’s skin is really as thick as the city walls!

Zu An sharply discerned that this was a good chance to reap Rage points, so he ran up to Plum Blossom Thirteen’s side and gazed down on him from above, saying, “What did I say earlier? Since your legs are injured, you should have just obediently recuperated back at home. If you come out and run about, your arms might just get injured. Yet, you took my kind advice for granted and did as you pleased. Haaa, you must be regretting your foolishness right now!”

Plum Blossom Thirteen roared at Zu An furiously, “Zu An, stop hiding behind others and fight me 1-on-1!”

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“Hah! Unlike the powerless hoodlum you are, I have connections and backing to rely on. Do you know how precious my body is now? A lowlife like you isn’t worthy of me dirtying my hands over! Besides, why don’t you look at what kind of era we’re in right now? Who still plays 1-on-1 these days?”

Holy shit! This level of shamelessness is insane!

The surrounding crowd was utterly baffled. You’re also a lowlife just a few days ago, but now, you’re really taking yourself to be a noble, huh?

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Putting aside the passers-by, even Chu Chuyan also felt an urge to stifle Zu An’s horrible mouth.

Plum Blossom Thirteen finally reached the limit of his patience and bellowed, “Precious your head! You are just a mooch!”

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“So what if I am? If you’re that capable, why don’t you find a rich, beautiful, and powerful wife like mine then?” Zu An said as he leisurely wrapped his arms around Chu Chuyan’s shoulders.

You have successfully trolled Plum Blossom Thirteen for +666 Rage!

At this point, Plum Blossom Thirteen couldn’t even tell whether he was angry at Zu An’s shamelessness or that he was unable to find a wife like Chu Chuyan.

And in fact, Zu An’s gleeful boasting had riled up the surrounding crowd too, who contributed a huge serving of Rage points to him on a platter.

Zu An felt that it was a truly wise choice for him to have not gone to the VIP room. Without a crowd to watch the show, how could he earn so much Rage points?

Chu Chuyan lightly tilted her body, shaking off Zu An’s arms. With a darkened face, she whispered harshly at him, “Shut up! You’re really embarrassing me over here!” 

This utter lack of shame had far surpassed her comprehension.

So, Zu An walked up to Plum Blossom Thirteen’s side and said, “Look, you angered my wife. Fine, I’ll have a 1-on-1 with you then!”

“???” Plum Blossom Thirteen.

What? You’re the one who angered her in the first place! Why are you pinning the blame on me?”

You have successfully trolled Plum Blossom Thirteen for +666 Rage!

Wait a moment, did you say a 1-on-1?

Before he could react, the sole of a foot smashed right into his face, causing his nose to bleed profusely.

Zu An sighed deeply as he remarked lamentably, “You cried desperately for me to fight you 1-on-1, and yet, you turned out to be so weak that you can’t even survive a single blow from me? Why must you put yourself through such misery?”

Son of a bitch! You only accept my challenge after breaking all my limbs, huh?!

Plum Blossom Thirteen had already imagined countless times that if there was no one backing Zu An, he would surely pummel the latter up till shit come spilling out of his guts. Yet, when the opportunity finally arrived, he ended up getting beaten up instead.

The sheer frustration and anger from being humiliated by a wastrel ended up knocking him out.

You have successfully trolled Plum Blossom Thirteen for +1024 Rage!

Zu An was a little surprised. This was the first time that his Rage points exceeded 1000. Could this be the true upper limit of a person’s rage, or was it just that it was too difficult to exceed this limit?

He was still planning to smash a few more kicks onto Plum Blossom Thirteen, but Plum Blossom Seven and the others had already recovered from their daze and rushed forward to stop him. 

“He has already passed out. Please let him go.”

Somehow, Plum Blossom Seven felt a little awkward saying those words. It had always been their Plum Blossom Sect bullying others, and these were the words usually spoken by those weaklings trying to play the hero. He had never thought that he would be put in such a position one day. 

This truly is… 

For the first time in his life, Plum Blossom Seven suddenly found himself doubting whether he was really a bad guy!

You have successfully trolled Plum Blossom Seven for +666 Rage!

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