Chapter 84 Ten Thousand Year Soul Ring

Legend of the Dragon King

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Chapter 84 – Ten Thousand Year Soul Ring

A mecha brigade was at the master regiment rank, and it was merely a rank lower than that of Eastsea City’s chief executive. At the same time, there existed no subordinate relationship between these two ranks.

Long Hengxu’s face changed color immediately when he found out that this huge, stoic figure was Guang Biao. Even if Eastsea City’s chief executive was here right now, he wouldn’t have the ability to command Guang Biao!

“I have not come as the mecha brigade captain, but merely as an elder brother with a seriously injured younger brother. Bring out the culprits who caused this,” Guang Biao commanded coolly.

“Chief Guang Biao, I believe there must be some misunderstandings here.” Long Hengxu spoke in a much more harmonious tone. “There are actually three children in your photograph. It can’t be that your brother was wounded by those three children?”

Long Hengxu had clear knowledge that Guang Biao was not someone to be trifled with. He was someone who had control of a mecha brigade! This meant that all those burly men behind him were all Mecha Masters. Although ordinary people could also become a Mecha Master, this was rarely seen. The majority of Mecha Masters were Soul Masters. Even if their ranks weren’t high, they still had rich combat experience and extraordinary control of soul devices. In front of such people, their academy really couldn’t contend with them, not to mention that the other side could also mobilize mecha.

Long Hengxu had also heard of Guang Biao’s life. The captain was a legendary figure in his own right. He was from an ordinary family and both of his parents had died when he was a child. Relying on his own talent, as well as his hard work, he had managed to reach his current position at the age of 35. With the position of captain and a soul power cultivation of six rings, he was a true Soul Emperor. His Mecha Master rank had also reached Emperor Rank. As for the entire Eastsea Academy, the only one with a soul power cultivation of Soul Emperor would be…

“Misunderstandings? Children? My brother had been beaten up so badly. As his older brother, it is natural for me to investigate this matter. That will be done at my end, however. Stop your nonsense and hand over these people. I have given Eastsea City enough face by waiting here. If you do not hand over those people in 20 minutes, then we shall go and search for them ourselves.”

Long Hengxu’s face darkened as he snapped and said, “Captain Guang Biao, you shouldn’t go overboard! This is an academy, a place for cultivating students. Which of your lot hadn’t before graduated from an academy? I will not hand over the people you seek. If you have the ability, then activate your mecha and step over my dead body. Otherwise, don’t think of taking one step into Eastsea Academy!”

The students who were normally critical of Director Long’s stern ways now felt their blood boil as they watched this scene. Some senior students even stepped forward of their own accord and stood behind Long Hengxu.

Guang Biao suddenly took a step forward. When his foot landed, a deep roar was heard, as if the ground beneath the whole of Eastsea Academy trembled from it. The students standing at the front swayed on the spot and fell over.

“I only believe in strength. Do you all think your students will be able to block me? Where is your sense of righteousness when you decline to hand over the culprits who had wounded my brother so badly? I have tried to talk reason with you, but since my fist is bigger, I shall just go and find those I seek. I’ll see then who has the ability to stop me.”

At this moment, an ice-cold voice sounded from the academy. “I dislike talking about reasoning the most.  Talking with our fists is much better.”

The spectators only felt a blur before them as a person appeared in front of Eastsea Academy.

Clothed in a white chang pao, the person’s inky-green eyes sparkled as coral-blue hair fell down his back. An air of arrogance surrounded him as he stood there, the temperature seemingly decreasing by a few degrees.

The feeling was most clear for Guang Biao. When this person appeared, the powerful momentum he had built up just a few moments ago had broken apart, as though it collided against a glacier.

“Teacher Wu. It’s Teacher Wu…” Some of the students on Eastsea Academy’s side had begun to cheer him on.

“Who are you?” Guang Biao’s eyes narrowed as he tried to rebuild his momentum.

Wu Zhangkong mildly said, “Those three students you are seeking are my students. If you can defeat me, you may proceed. Otherwise, get lost.”

His voice was frigid, without any feelings behind it. He spoke as if his sentence was a stated fact.

“Ha ha ha ha! Good, I haven’t met someone who dared to speak to me in this manner before. You’ve piqued my interest!” Although Guang Biao was smiling, a flame burned furiously within him.

A strong ray of yellow light flowed from his body. Yellow, yellow, purple, purple, purple, purple. Six soul rings appeared from beneath him.

Soul Emperor, six ringed soul emperor! A sudden exclamation broke out within the student body.

As he released his martial soul, Guang Biao grew a good half meter. A metal grey sheen had appeared from his forehead, spreading to his shoulders and upper torso and then the rest of his body. It was as if he had been encapsulated by a layer of armour. At this very instant, three clusters of lights appeared, two yellow and one purple. The two yellow lights seemed to be in the shape of a lizard and were identical. As for the purple light, it seemed to be a huge python.

Purple, a thousand year spirit soul! There was no doubt that those six soul rings were produced by these three spirit souls. Only elites could possess a thousand year spirit soul in the world of Soul Masters.

Guang Biao’s martial soul was similarly an Armoured Dragon, but the aura it emitted out was far more powerful than Guang Long, and it gave off a feeling that this Armoured Dragon was a mountain too massive to be conquered.

Strong momentum formed into something like a tornado that roared towards Wu Zhangkong, blowing up his long blue tresses.

At this moment, all of the spectators on grounds felt a sudden chill in their bodies, as if the winter had descended. Guang Biao had caught sight of a pale blue flash

Then the rage of this tornado was halved before it disappeared.

Wu Zhangkong stood in the same spot, his white robes afloat, right hand was raised in the air. A pale blue long sword had appeared within his hand.w

Sword tip like an autumn spring, the sword’s light flowed like a waterfall. White clothes, blue sword; floating in the air like an immortal.

Within the Eastsea Academy’s assembly ground, only a handful had witnessed him fighting before. As such, all of the spectators had their attention focused on that sword.

Rings of light appeared from beneath the sword’s hilt. These soul rings weren’t great in size, but wandered about along the sword’s body. Yet, it were the colors of these soul rings that made them bright and eye-catching. Yellow, yellow, purple, purple, black, black!

Yes, the last two soul rings were black! Black represented ten thousand years. Those were, indeed, ten-thousand year soul rings!

The air seemed to still, the sky frozen with the appearance of this sword. Wu Zhangkong stood quietly in the same spot, but Guang Biao’s previous violent momentum turned to stone.

Ten-thousand year… Ten-thousand year soul rings… How was that possible… How could they be ten-thousand year soul rings!

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