Chapter 85 White Robes and Blue Sword, Sky Ice and Snow Cold (I)

Legend of the Dragon King

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Chapter 85 – White Robes and Blue Sword, Sky Ice and Snow Cold (I)

Guang Biao stared at Wu Zhangkong with a dumbstruck expression. Ever since the extinction of soul beasts, very rarely would ten-thousand year soul rings appear. Even for the Spirit Pagoda, wasn’t it exceedingly difficult to manufacture ten-thousand year spirit souls?

‘But how? How could he have ten thousand year soul rings? What was his true identity?’ As he was able to obtain ten-thousand year soul rings at such a young age, this pressure clearly had an effect on Guang Biao. While his impulsive side was excited when facing a Soul Emperor possessing two ten-thousand year soul rings, he was no longer certain of his victory.

Wu Zhangkong didn’t even bother to look at him. Instead, he just lowered his head and stared at the long sword in his hand.

Skyfrost Sword, that was the name of his martial soul. It had been ages since the last time he’d used it. He had already condensed his spiritual power into his martial soul long ago. Its reappearance was like reuniting with an old friend. His expression no longer possessed its usual cold indifference, instead, it held a trace of foolishness in it at that moment. It almost seemed as if he were looking at his own lover, a gaze as tender as water.

“Hou!” Guang Biao bellowed at the sky. He had already been forced into a corner. If he were to back down in front of all his subordinates, they would think he was a weakling. How would he be able to lead them then? This was the reason why he couldn’t back down from this battle now.

His first soul ring lit up, causing his armored body to burst with a metallic light. Armored Dragon Body!

Guang Biao suddenly pushed off with his left foot, sweeping towards Wu Zhangkong like a hurricane.[1]

At his rank, regardless of whether it were his speed or power, they were both extremely terrifying!

His large fist swung upwards as he straightened his body. If one were struck by this fist, they would likely be on the brink of death.

Wu Zhangkong was looking at his Skyfrost Sword just as before, without a single movement in response. The Armored Dragon’s fist was like a hurricane, its figure massive. At this moment, nothing could disturb the powerful Guang Biao’s mind.

“Teacher, be careful!” Tang Wulin called out from afar.

Right at that moment, Wu Zhangkong stirred. He rotated his right hand causing all six soul rings to vanish from his Skyfrost Sword simultaneously. Gently raising the tip of his sword, he met the mountain-like fist head on.

Ding ding ding ding ding… A succession of brittle notes rang out.

When the first sound rang out, Guang Biao, whose power was like that of a tyrant dragon, was stopped. The following crisp notes had been his scales flying off one after another. In the end, even with his powerful body, he had been forced back a step.

He wanted to resist, to release an even stronger amount of soul power, but when that Skyfrost Sword touched his fist, an icy sword qi penetrated into his body through. The sword qi was like a needle that followed along the veins and into his body, forcing him to gather all of his soul power in order to mount a defense against it. How could he possibly use a soul skill under such circumstances!?

Seven brittle notes rang out and he retreated seven steps. Yet it seemed as though Wu Zhangkong had only sent out one sword strike.

A blue ray flashed out from his body at the moment of collision. Wu Zhangkong’s lofty aura unexpectedly possessed an extremely dense quality to it.

His deep green eyes suddenly turned purple, and a purple light blossomed from his pupils as he thrust forth his Skyfrost Sword.

This was a simple movement that couldn’t be made any simpler! From start to finish, Wu Zhangkong’s eyes had never left his Skyfrost Sword.

When he thrust out his sword, however, Guang Biao felt as though something within his body had been set aflame. At that moment, extremely cold sword qi burst forth one after another as Guang Biao felt his mind growing slower and slower, his blood beginning to freeze. Moreover, that powerful martial soul he had relied upon to climb to his current position was completely unable to protect him! It was as if the Armored Dragon had completely abandoned him!

Guang Biao’s purple snake spirit soul finally stirred, causing its powerful body to expand! Silver scales sprouted from the spirit soul’s purple body and its tail whipped out at Wu Zhangkong from the side. It had to attack the enemy to save its master!

All of the onlookers were shocked when they saw that Wu Zhangkong didn’t even bother to dodge. That was right, he didn’t budge even the slightest bit. An azure light soared up as his eyes continued to release a purple light. Unexpectedly, he just let the thousand year spirit soul attack him directly!

Chi. A soft sound was heard. At that winning moment, the blue aura around Wu Zhangkong’s body clearly became stronger. When his aura intensified, everyone else saw a change. They felt as though Wu Zhangkong’s entire body had become a sword, one that was exactly identical to the Skyfrost Sword in his hand!

The purple snake spirit soul’s tail was whipping towards the tip of that sword!

A purple light swept past, yet was cleanly cut. The spirit soul released a blood-curdling screech as its body’s luster dimmed. Moreover, in that moment, the Skyfrost Sword had already arrived in front of Guang Biao.

Guang Biao tightly clenched his teeth. Right now, he couldn’t use his martial soul’s power anymore. His opponent’s tyrannical and extreme cold sword qi had killed his connection with his martial soul. He sluggishly pondered over what he could do. In the end, he could only raise his hands to face the attack in front of him and circulate all of his soul power to his palms.

Pu! The blue light slowed to a stop.

It stopped right in front of Guang Biao’s nose, but the ice-cold air emitting from it seemed as if it had created a net of swords, giving off an aura of death that covered his entire body. His palms had already been impaled and had changed to the same light blue color as the Skyfrost Sword.

“Your, your eyes… You’re from that place…” Guang Biao said in astonishment. It was clear that he had lost control of himself as his voice quivered It was uncertain whether this was due to the extreme cold or fear.

Wu Zhangkong indifferently said, “I was expelled from there because of my temper. So, don’t let me see you again.”

The blue light vanished, and it seemed as if a blue stream of air flowed towards Wu Zhangkong and condensed within his body. His Skyfrost Sword disappeared without a trace, and he had long since turned around, walking back towards Eastsea Academy.

A trace of ice cold qi that had drilled into Guang Biao’s body now flocked back towards Wu Zhangkong.

White clothed, blue sword, sky ice and snow cold, Wu Zhangkong!

  1. His name is 光飙, with the second character (biao) meaning whirlwind. So this is kind of a pun/reference to it

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