Chapter 86 White Clothes and Blue Sword, Sky Ice and Snow Cold (II)

Legend of the Dragon King

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Chapter 86 – White Clothes and Blue Sword, Sky Ice and Snow Cold (II)

After the disappearance of Wu Zhangkong, the whole area stayed in deep silence, as if everyone’s voices had frozen.

Regardless of whether they were teachers or students of Eastsea Academy, or Mecha Masters of the mecha brigade, what had just happened was too shocking.

This was a match between six ring Soul Emperors. They had seen a thousand year spirit soul, but also the appearance of ten-thousand year soul rings.

What was unclear was that while both sides were at the same level, why was Wu Zhangkong able to defeat Guang Biao with two sword strikes? Since Guang Biao was the captain of the mecha brigade, his battle experience and cultivation had to be suitably high for the position. Even if Wu Zhangkong had better soul rings, he shouldn’t have lost that quickly.

The disparity could be because their martial souls  had a great difference, or… Wu Zhangkong had a much greater level of battle experience than him, as well as some other special aspects.

“Prince Charming…” An unknown female’s shriek was heard, and Eastsea Academy turned into a sea of cheers almost immediately. Students from the intermediate and advanced academy began cheering Wu Zhangkong’s name, especially so from class five. Each and every one of its student had a flushed face, and stood with their chests raised proudly.

Except for the child prodigy Xie Xie, most of those allocated to class five wouldn’t feel good about their circumstances, right? Yet, Wu Zhangkong’s prowess this match had given the students of class five a sense of fulfilment.

Amidst the teachers, Ye Yingrong looked at Wu Zhangkong, her beautiful eyes glazed. She murmured, “Sister, I didn’t like his icy looks initially. Although he is handsome, he’s like ice. Yet, it seems that I’ve fallen for him. He’s handsome enough to forget those flaws.”

By Ye Yingrong’s side was a woman about her age that didn’t seem all that different in looks from her. Currently, her eyes were also glazed over. “Six rings. He really has six ring. I had previously thought I had a chance at pursuing him, but it seems I will never be able to get my revenge on him. From what he has shown just now, it seems he’d be able to duel and beat a seven ring Soul Sage. There’s no doubt that he is from that place.”

Ye Yingrong turned and looked towards her elder sister beside her. She spoke with a bitter smile, “Sister, aren’t you too vindictive?”

Ye Ying Luo’s beautiful eyes burned with stubborness. “No one has ever rejected me; he was the first. He shall pay the price for that!”

Guang Biao stood frozen at the same spot for over ten minutes. It was only then that the chill within his body began to slowly disappear. His pulse then regained its normalcy, and his soul power and martial soul returned.

Blood started to drip out of the wounds on both his hands.

A wave of fear flashed through his eyes as he looked down at his palms. ‘That guy is terrifying! He definitely isn’t a nobody…’

“Captain, what about us?” A man with a similarly valiant build rushed up to Guang Biao and mumbled, “Shall we activate our soul devices and mecha?”

Guang Biao raised his hand and sent the man staggering. “Bullshit! If you want to die, don’t drag me along. Trying to wipe away today’s matter is already difficult. If we also activate our soul devices and mecha, do you think we’ll survive? Go, go back!”

Guang Biao gave a deep sigh as he looked at his younger brother, who still lay on the stretcher.

If it were somebody else, he wouldn’t have stepped in and meddled with their matters. It didn’t take much thought for him to know that this matter would trace back to him from Eastsea City’s Administrative Department.

Yet, this was his younger brother’s matter. He doted on his younger brother greatly.

He was the elder of the two Guang Brothers, and had been gifted with extraodinary strength since childhood. Guang Long had the similar talent as well, but it was difficult for their poor family to also support him. Even though Guang Long performed well at the academy, he couldn’t fuse with a spirit soul, so that process had been delayed.

Guang Biao tried to help his younger brother at all costs. He hoped that with his aid, Guang Long would be able to fuse with a spirit soul. Yet, he’d already grown past the best age, so it was all too late.

Thus, Guang Biao always felt a strong guilt towards Guang Long. Guang Long had since become a broken jar and collected protection money and got into drunken brawls, becoming a criminal. With the backing of Guang Biao, he was regarded as a lawless existence within Eastsea City.

Since he had suffered such a great loss, Guang Biao had become furious and had brought a troops along to stir up some trouble. Yet, it had ended like this. They had collided against a metal wall.

Tang Wulin, Xie Xie, and Gu Yue were taken back to their dorms by a wave of ice-cold soul power.

“Return and continue training!” Wu Zhangkong sounded as icy as usual.

“Teacher, aren’t you going to blame us?” Tang Wulin couldn’t help but ask Wu Zhangkong this since it had been them who’d caused this mess.

Wu Zhangkong gave him a quick glance. “Did all of you do anything wrong? Why would I blame you guys? Return to your training. You are not allowed to leave the Academy during the night anymore, rest days included.”


Wu Zhangkong walked away, and Tang Wulin’s trio went back to their respective dorm rooms.

“Wulin, I’m still trembling slightly. What just happened?” Xie Xie gripped onto Tang Wulin’s arm tightly. He was indeed still trembling.

Tang Wulin questioned him suspiciously, “Are you cold?”

Xie Xie’s eyes shone brightly. “No. Not cold. I’m excited. I never knew that Soul Masters could be so powerful. Did you feel anything? During the moment Teacher Wu drew out his sword, it was as though the surroundings had changed, freezing with its appearance. That’s an expert, a true expert! It would be amazing if I could be as powerful as Teacher Wu one day.”

Tang Wulin slapped his hand and snapped, “Then we should quickly get back to meditating. You’re almost at rank 20, do you still not know how to work hard?”

Xie Xie answered him doubtfully, “Weren’t you excited when you watched the scene just now?”

Tang Wulin replied plainly, “Yes I was! But what good does it do me? Teacher Wu had also slowly trained himself to be where he is now. We can only train hard as well.”

Xie Xie rolled his eyes. “I’m defeated by you. You can go meditate. I’ll stay excited for a while more.”

Giving him a helpless smile, Tang Wulin got back onto his bed and into a meditation position. How could he not be excited? It was the opposite. He was probably even more excited than Xie Xie, only he kept it deep within him and didn’t let it show. ‘Grow stronger, I want to grow stronger!’

Tang Wulin took in a deep breath, his mind focusing on the image of Wu Zhangkong’s two  sword strikes. With that, he started his meditation.

That pair of sword strikes from his teacher was just too amazing. It had almost felt like an alien energy. He recalled how Wu Zhangkong seemed to draw on his mind and heart when he attacked with those two sword strikes. It was as if Wu Zhangkong had turned into the center of the universe and had wielded that universe in the fight against Guang Biao.

It might be that for others, Wu Zhangkong’s second sword strike was the most shocking. When his Skyfrost Sword had emitted that ice-cold sword qi, it gave off a momentum that seemed as though it could shatter a forest of bamboo. Yet, to Tang Wulin, it had been that first sword strike that left him shocked.

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