Chapter 94 - Witnessing a Miracle

Legend of the Dragon King

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Chapter 94 - Witnessing a Miracle

If it was the past, then Tang Wulin would have had no choice but to accept their loss. Now, however, he found out about the Golden Dragon King and the possibility of growing stronger.

The seals on the Golden Dragon King endangered his life, but also gave him a chance to change his destiny.

One week. He was left with a week’s time. This was the time given by the oncoming typhoon.

Dad sacrificed his freedom in exchange for a million federation coins. I need to use that money to strengthen myself.

Tang Wulin took out his soul communicator and quickly pressed one of the few numbers stored on the device.

“Wulin?” Very quickly, a warm voice could be heard from the other side.

Tang Wulin’s words were concise. “Grandmaster Cen, I want to start my Third Rank blacksmith ranking examination. Can I do it now?”

On the other side of the soul communicator was Grandmaster Cen Yue, a grandmaster rank blacksmith.

“Isn’t it too late now? Wait, what? What did you say? Third rank craftsman?” Cen Yue didn’t have much of a reaction at the start, but when he understood what Tang Wulin was saying, he was so stunned that his voice rose a pitch.

“Not possible?” Tang Wulin stopped his footsteps. His eyes were clouded with disappointment. It seemed that there was typhoon today again, and it would be suffocating if he couldn’t sit for the examination, when would the typhoon’s reach the city? What about his own plan? His warm and passionate heart grew colder.

“You just wait a moment,” Cen Yue said in a deep voice.

At this moment, Cen Yue was dining in a restaurant, but he wasn’t alone. Sitting opposite him was the President of Eastsea City’s Blacksmith's Association, the Saint Craftsman rank Mu Chen, as well as his precious daughter, Mu Xi.

“Who gave you such a shock just for taking the third rank examination?” Mu Chen asked with a grin in his face.

It was good for the association to have a new blacksmith join their ranks, but he was rather curious about the shock on Cen Yue’s face.

Cen Yue’s expression changed and there was a hint of strangeness to it. “You wouldn’t have guessed it right. It’s the kid.”

“Who?” Mu Chen was surprised for a moment, but then a youthful face appeared within his mind.

Cen Yue nodded towards him. “He said that he wanted to come in now to complete the third rank examination. But it’s too late now, you see…”

Mu Chen’s eyes shone with shock as he took in a deep breath to balance his agitation. He spoke deeply, “Tell him, tell him to come by now. The examination may proceed without further ado.”


Cen Yue removed his hand from the mic and spoke through it again, “Come then, Wulin. You can come now to take on your ranking examination, this is by the president’s request.”

“Yes, I shall be there immediately.” Tang Wulin’s excited voice was heard from the other side of the communicating device.

Mu Xi gave her father a suspicious look, then gave one towards Cen Yue. “Dad. What are the two of you talking about? Why is there a third rank examination happening at this late hour? Why do both of you look shocked?”

Mu Chen sighed lightly and rubbed his daughter’s head. “Girl, there are people above people and heavens above the heavens. That person is Tang Wulin!”

Mu Xi grew stunned when she heard this before she jumped up abruptly like a released spring. “No, this isn’t possible. How old is he? How could he be entering the third rank craftsman examination? To pass the third rank requires the Thousand Refinements!”

Mu Chen told Cen Yue, “Please call for the bill. We’re going back. Seeing is believing, so let us witness this miracle.”

When Tang Wulin reached the association, the skies had already darkened but the gates were wide open. There weren’t any lights within the gates, however.

It’s late. Has everyone finished work already?

Not only had Eastsea Academy received the news of an oncoming typhoon, the Blacksmith’s Association had also received the news as well. Most of its staffs had gone home earlier because of that.

None of the reception staff were in when he walked into the main hall of the association. Tang Wulin took the elevator up to the third floor. As the elevator doors opened, he found himself looking at a familiar face. Wasn’t this Master Cen Yue?

“Hello Master Cen. I am troubling you at this late hour.” Tang Wulin had calmed down by the time he got here. While he spoke, there was a hint of embarrassment on his face.

Cen Yue walked towards him and rested a hand on his shoulder. “That’s nothing. No time is too late to witness a miracle. Let’s head over then.”

He hadn’t say anything more as he guided Tang Wulin towards the forging workshop where the examination would be conducted.

As he entered the workshop, Tang Wulin was blown off. There wasn’t just one examiner within the workshop. He had sighted Mu Chen as well as Mu Xi.

“President? Hello, president.” Tang Wulin gave a quick bow before greeting Mu Xi, “Hello, senior.”

Ever since their fight, Mu Xi hadn’t approached him with trouble anymore. To meet her again, Tang Wulin felt indifferent to it. Mu Xi’s expression, on the other hand, was filled with fire when she stared at him.

‘This kid, is it possible? He’s actually coming to take on the third rank examination? This is unbelievable.’

Mu Chen grinned. “Wulin, your breath seems unstable. I would recommend you calm yourself down before the examination.”

Tang Wulin felt his heart beat. “Thank you, president. I’ll adjust myself then. Sorry to keep all of you waiting.” As he spoke, he settled into a sitting position on the ground. His eyes observed his nose, his nose watched his mouth, his mouth shut his heart as he entered the meditative state.

Cen Yue looked at Mu Chen and whispered to him, “What do you think? Do you think he will succeed?”

Mu Chen smiled. “Though I’ve only seen him a couple of times, his character is much more mature than most kids his age. If he didn’t have any certainty, he wouldn’t have turned up. He must have met with something, to come seeking you so urgently today. If not, he wouldn’t have rushed here at this hour in the night to complete the examination. After his examination ends, you can ask him. I’ve also seen that his second rank tasks have grown in difficulty. These are the tasks at the peak of the second ranks.”

Cen Yue smiled. “It seems that we have similar guesses; president has the same thought as me. We’re all focusing on this little kid!”

Mu Chen grinned. “This might be the only genius craftsman from our Eastsea City. As a president, how can I not be aware of that?”

Tang Wulin didn’t actually enter complete meditation but had drawn support from his soul power and adjusted its circulation. This was done in order to calm himself down and balance out his emotions.

After twenty minutes, he grew more stable when he regained his standing position.

“President, Master Cen, and examiners, I am now ready.” Tang Wulin bowed towards these three individuals.

Compared to his current state, the state he had been in when he’d just arrived was vastly different when one examined his breath, as well as the calmness that was now present in his eyes.

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