Chapter 95 - Geniuses, Wait for Me!

Legend of the Dragon King

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Chapter 95 - Geniuses, Wait for Me!

Mu Xi stood on the side with the cool eye of a bystander. Although she was unconvinced by this boy who was even younger than her, she still paid attention to him. She refused to acknowledge him, but she had to admit that Tang Wulin’s temperament was better than her’s. If she had been the one to take the third rank test instead of him, she would definitely need far more time to calm her heart. After all, the Thousand Refinements was vastly different from the Hundred Refinements. Unless one entered a state of complete focus for the forging, it was basically impossible to succeed.

The surveyor said, “The third rank blacksmith’s test only has one task, complete a Thousand Refinements. You may choose any metal you wish to Thousand Refine, but keep in mind that the degree of your Thousand Refinements and the difficulty level of the metal you choose will determine your final score.”

“Yes!” Tang Wulin respectfully answered before he turned around and walked over to the shelf upon which the metals were displayed.

‘I must pass this test!’

He swept his gaze over the various metals once before taking a chunk of Heavy Silver from the top.

Amongst the uncommon metals displayed, Heavy Silver was the one he was the most familiar with. Moreover, it had been the first metal he had ever Thousand Refined and forged. Although it had a higher difficulty than other metals, Tang Wulin was already exceptionally skilled at entering a state of total concentration. He also had an understanding of the Heavy Silver’s structure and could communicate with it.  

When they saw that Tang Wulin had actually chosen Heavy Silver, both Mu Chen and Cen Yue were startled while fury ignited within Mu Xi’s eyes. This guy is simply too arrogant. Heavy Silver? Even a fourth rank blacksmith wouldn’t be confident enough to Thousand Refine it successfully every time. Heavy Silver is an exceedingly difficult uncommon metal!

The surveyor warned him kindly, “Tang Wulin, are you certain that you want to choose this metal? Although you are able to Hundred Refine Heavy Silver, I must warn you that the Thousand Refinements is completely different from the Hundred Refinements. The difference isn’t as simple as just a difference of numbers, but rather, you must infuse spirit into the metal. You need to think about this clearly.”

“I am certain,” Tang Wulin calmly responded. From beginning to end, his eyes had never left the chunk of Heavy Silver before him.

He clamped the Heavy Silver onto the forging table with practiced movements, then the metal went into the furnace and began to heat up. Tang Wulin’s breathing was already beginning to adjust to a routine.

In that moment, the outside world completely disappeared from his gaze, leaving only the Heavy Silver on the forging table in both his eyes and heart.

It was almost as if he could hear the metal breathing within the furnace as it heated. He could feel it thirsting for change, just like him.

One hundred tempers to become steel, a thousand forgings enters the soul.

Tang Wulin spread his arms to receive his pair of Thousand Refined Heavy Silver Hammers, both appearing with a dull gray light into his hands.

After all the time he spent forging with these Blood Sacrificed hammers, they had already become an extension of his body.  The spiral pattern on the hammers’ shafts fit perfectly in the hollow of his palm. It felt as perfect as water was harmonious.

Mu Chen and Cen Yue had good judgement, so when they saw him take out the Heavy Silver hammers their gazes grew rapt with attention.

Just how much did Heavy Silver weigh? In order to have enough to forge a hammer, Hundred Refined Heavy Silver had to be used at the very least. They could clearly imagine how much those hammers weighed, yet Tang Wulin lifted them as easily as a feather.

With the hammers in hand, Tang Wulin silently took in the smell of the Heavy Silver calcining. Suddenly, the hammer in his right hand shot out and lightly tapped a button on the forging table. Soon after, the glowing-red Heavy Silver came up from the furnace.

Without any sort of prelude, the hammer in Tang Wulin’s left hand shot out.

Ding ding ding!

Three crisp notes rang out, resounding towards the blacksmiths present. That ear-splitting boom had been three sounds in one. Sparks flew off the Heavy Silver as well as the hearts of Mu Chen and Cen Yue.

Stacked hammers? He actually has forging hammers with the Stacked Hammers effect! Thousand Refined? Are his hammers actually Thousand Refined? Just how heavy are they?

How monstrous is his strength?

While they stood there in shock, Tang Wulin was already brandishing the hammer in his right hand.

Ding ding ding!

Another set of rumbling sounds roared.

With increasing strength, Tang Wulin swung his Blood Sacrificed Thousand Refined Heavy Silver Hammers. His hammers were like howling winds and torrential rains as they continuously smashed the chunk of Heavy Silver.

He swung his arms, pounding the metal, causing the entire table to tremble. Yet, he stood as steady as Mt. Tai. Above all else, his gaze never left the Heavy Silver as he continued his single-minded forging.

As he forged the Heavy Silver, it gave rise to a familiar voice which Tang Wulin focused on. With each strike of his hammers, Tang Wulin was able to hear the carefree song of the metal. Bit by bit, the impurities were dispelled and the metal grew harmonious on the inside.

Under the powerful Stacked Hammers effect of his Blood Sacrificed Thousand Refined Heavy Silver Hammers, the chunk of Heavy Silver reduced in size so quickly that the process was visible to the human eye.

Tang Wulin’s Heavy Silver hammers were incredibly heavy, and with the addition of their Stacked Hammers effect each strike was equivalent to ten strikes from his Thousand Refined Tungsten Hammers.

In order to ensure success in this exam, he had taken many things into consideration and had come to the conclusion that only with his Heavy Silver hammers could he display his true strength.

After Tang Wu Lin’s three hammer strikes, Mu Xi had already been stunned into foolishly staring at him in awe.

As the daughter of a Saint Craftsman how could she not know the significance of the Stacked Hammers effect? Moreover, the effect the hammers had on the Heavy Silver clearly showed just how heavy the hammers were. Even with such heavy hammers, Tang Wulin was able to exercise complete control over them, to the point where they were like an extension of his own body! Just how much strength would one need to be able to accomplish such a feat?

But the funny thing was, she had tried to obstruct him in the academy before. Now that he had revealed his forging prowess, regardless of whether it was his understanding of Heavy Silver or his control of strength, she simply couldn’t compare with him!

Tang Wulin assaulted the chunk of Heavy Silver with his hammers that were like a howling wind and a torrential rain, whilst he himself stood as steady as Mt. Tai, steadily forging the metal. The silver luster gradually disappeared from the Heavy Silver; in its place were deep cloudy lines.

Tang Wulin’s heart was steady and as peaceful as water. In that moment, all other thoughts had been cast to the back of his mind, leaving his heart and soul focused only on forging. This was how he entered a state of complete concentration. His heart and spirit became one as he continued to forge not just the metal, but his spiritual power.

Ding ding ding ding ding ding ding…

One perfect hammer strike followed after another without pause, making the Heavy Silver hammers seem as though they were merely a streaking silver light. They unceasingly pounded the chunk of metal, condensing it, compressing it, and purifying it.

It had already been three months since he had learned how to Thousand Refine. Since then, this was only the second time he attempted the Thousand Refinements.

This was three months of preparation, three months of soul power cultivation, three months of maturing. All of his experiences in these last three months now underwent a catharsis as he forged.

Bang bang bang!

He finally finished his Thousand Refinements with a strike from his right hammer, causing a three-fold violent boom to resound throughout the room. That chunk of Heavy Silver had already reduced in volume by a third of its original and its dark red coloring was quickly fading away. In its place was an overflowing dark cloudy pattern.

Tang Wulin was drenched in sweat as he waved his hammers a bit to disperse their momentum. Afterward, the two hammers disappeared into his bracelet with a brilliant light.

The rumbling of metal being forged still filled the chamber, leaving no room for any other sounds.

Too fast, he had finished too fast! From beginning to end, he had only taken half an hour to forge the Heavy Silver! A metal as dense as Heavy Silver had been Thousand Refined in half an hour!

The surveyor didn’t even need to take a look as she already knew from experience that this chunk of Thousand Refined Heavy Silver would receive full marks. The dark cloudy pattern that spread all over the metal was already enough proof.

“Stacked hammers. He has a pair of Stacked Hammers. Mang Tian is simply too much,” Cen Yue exclaimed in admiration.

Mu Chen’s gaze was focused on Tang Wulin, watching his state of total concentration gradually subside.

“Did you forge these hammers yourself?” Mu Chen asked.

“En.” Tang Wulin nodded. It was only after he affirmed it that he began to feel regret, but it was already too late. His mind had still been focused on forging and he hadn’t had the strength to think about his answer.

Mu Chen laughed. “Only something that you forged yourself and used Blood Sacrifice on would be so compatible with you. Congratulations, from this moment on, you are a third rank blacksmith.”

They didn’t need the surveyor to announce his score. In fact, the surveyor was also at a loss as to what to do. With such a high level Thousand Refined Heavy Silver, it would even receive full marks for the fourth rank blacksmith’s test. He only had to fulfill a few other skill requirements in order to become a fourth rank blacksmith now.

Naturally, the fourth rank blacksmith’s test wasn’t just on the Thousand Refinements; one had to be able to Thousand Refine three different types of metal in a row. Moreover, the three metals had to be forged into specific forms in order to pass. Thus, it was still impossible with Tang Wulin’s current strength and soul power.

Releasing a long sigh, Tang Wulin somewhat bashfully said to Mu Chen, “Thank you, president.”

Mu Chen spoke with a smile, “Don’t mention it. Our association didn’t nurture you anyway. Everything you possess had been gained through your own strength. I’m glad that you’re here in Eastsea City. From now on, you are a third rank blacksmith as well as a Grandmaster Blacksmith. Even though I hope you won’t grow arrogant, I must still inform you that in the entire history of our continent, you are the youngest third rank blacksmith.”

Tang Wulin was stunned. It wasn’t until now that he understood why his teacher hadn’t wanted him to take the third rank blacksmith’s test.

Mu Chen said, “You have brought glory not just to yourself, but also to our Blacksmith’s Association branch in Eastsea City. If you have any requests from the association, then the association will do its best to aid you.”

Tang Wulin hesitated for a moment before raising his head. His gaze gradually grew more and more resolute. “President, I want to take a loan from the association. Is that possible?”

Mu Chen wasn’t surprised by Tang Wulin’s words, he had long since guessed that Tang Wulin had some purpose for coming to take the test so late in the evening.

“What do you need the loan for?”

Tang Wulin clenched his fists. “I want to become strong. I want to buy some things to improve myself. That’s what I need the money for.”

Mu Chen asked, “Can you tell me what you want to buy? Our Blacksmith’s Association still has some influence within the city and maybe we can help you save some money.”

Tang Wulin went silent for a moment before he spoke. “I need a hundred year Ice Crystal Fruit, a hundred year Scarlet Flame Fruit, and ten drops of hundred year dragon bloodline beast blood.”

Tang Wulin had this brazen idea ever since he had run out of the dining hall.

With the current strength of him, Xie Xie, and Gu Yue, it was clear that they were no match for class one’s trio of two ring Soul Grandmasters. But if he was able to absorb some of the Golden Dragon King’s soul and gain control of its tremendous power, something which had even caused his martial soul to mutate, then perhaps they would have a chance at victory.

He truly wished to become powerful so that he wouldn’t be a burden on his teammates!

In a week's time, he had to become a third rank blacksmith and complete as many tasks as possible, then maybe he would have enough money. But he then realized that a third rank blacksmith had many more privileges within the association, thus, he thought to bring up the possibility of taking out a loan.

He wanted the absorb the Golden Dragon King’s soul and join his comrades in this crucial match of the Class Promotion Tournament!

Mu Chen looked at him with an unfathomably deep gaze. “Are you aware that spirit fruits may harm the body?”

Tang Wulin responded, “I know. I am certain of this.”

Mu Chen nodded. “Good then. The association will give you these three things. As for their value, you can complete tasks and slowly pay them off.”

Tang Wulin stared at Mu Chen. In that moment he only felt a blazing fire ignite within his heart!

Geniuses of class one, wait for me!

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