Chapter 113. My dad is the best! (pt. 2)

Overlord of Blood and Iron

At the same time in a different location: 

“Mr. Billy~!”

Kang Chul-In’s mother, Park Sun-ja, motioned over to Billy Halford.

“Yes, mistress!”

“Please move that big table over there for me, please!”

“Got it!”

Billy, who stood 190cm, moved the large table at the order of Park Sun-ja.

“Haha, how are you so strong?”

“Kuhahaha~! Mistress is very humorous!”

It seemed that Park Sun-ja and Billy were pretty close now.

“Hello, mistress!”

“Ah, Mr. Kwak-Jung is here too?”

“Yes, this is…”

“Haha, you didn’t need to buy a present like that! Take a seat.”

“Milord… I mean, how could I come into Director Kang’s house with empty hands?”

Kwak-Jung laughed, and gave a bag of fruit to Park Sun-ja.


And Kwak Jung-mi, from behind Kwak-Jung, also said hello.

“Oh, you’re the little sister of Mr. Jung? You look very pretty!”

“Thank you, mistress.”

“Now, come and take a seat over there.”

Park Sun-ja pointed towards the living room, where there was a large table. There were already over 40 people gathered around the table.

That’s right.

When Kang Chul-In had left Earth in order to visit the Valhalla dungeon, Park Sun-ja called the ‘employees’ of the Galaxy Corporation to come have dinner together.

It was in order to ask the people in the corporation to take good care of her son, Kang Chul-In, and also to have some liveliness within the Kang house, which was normally empty except for her.


Park Sun-ja, who had left the living room and went to the kitchen to get food, sighed… with tears flowing down her face.

“Sob… to think a day like this would come…”

Park Sun-ja felt as if she was dreaming for the past few months. 

It seemed so much like a dream that every morning, when she woke up, Park Sun-ja would once again check in order to make sure this was not a dream.

She was very… very happy.

For her, who had no one but Kang Chul-In left as her family, it was very special to have a bunch of people like this over in their house to have dinner together.

Who could have guessed?

 That her son would suddenly become rich and buy her a new house, buy her a good car, give her guards to take care of her, as well as set up a cafe and a flower shop for her?

And though it was very sudden, she had suddenly received an extremely cute granddaughter, so Park Sun-ja had nothing, or no one, to be envious of anymore.

Just one thing, Kang Chul-In…

“If my son got married…”

If her son got married, Park Sun-ja would feel as if she could die happy.


Lee Chae-rin, who had gone to find Park Sun-ja, saw the tears on her face, and quickly pulled out a handkerchief. 

“W-Why are you crying?”

“N-No, it’s nothing.”


Lee Chae-rin wordlessly held Park Sun-ja’s hands. She felt as though she could empathize with her, because…

Mistress, I’m happy too. Because… I also have no family to speak of.

Though she had gotten rich due to her powers as a Lord, she was also without family members. She had also felt extremely happy to see all of these people gather up due to Kang Chul-In.


“Omega clan, those bastards…”

While Park Sun-ja and Lee Chae-rin were together, the employees of the Galaxy Corporation were talking about the recent ongoings in their company.

“Hey, why are you talking about that, when we’re here to eat?”

“That’s true… But those bastards, what the hell are they? I don’t know why the CCTVs and cameras all break when those bastards come out. Do they have control over EMPs or something?”

This was the reason why they still couldn’t take care of the Omega Clan.

“Haha, as if. Even though they may be adventurers, they’re still human, not antennas.”

“That’s true…”

“Whatever, whatever. I don’t want to talk about that while we’re eating. I’m just here to eat all the good food.”

While conversations went around the table, the phone in the living room rang.


Billy Halford called Park Sun-ja. 

“The phone’s ringing!”

“Oh~. I’m coming, Billy!”

Park Sun-ja, who was busy having a conversation in the kitchen with Lee Chae-rin, immediately ran towards the phone.


-Hello, this is the grandmother of Arshelly, right?”

“Oh, yes. Hello.”

-I… think you should come here…

“What? I thought there was still 1 hour left before the lesson ended today…”

-There… is a problem, so I think you should get here as soon as possible, Miss.

“What happened?”

-Arshelly… Arshelly.

Listening to the teacher speak, Park Sun-ja quickly hung up the call, and rushed out the door.



The S class Benz stopped suddenly in front of the Piano Academy.

“Open it, quickly!”

Cho Eun-Sil shouted at the driver as if she didn’t have hands or legs. It seemed like she didn’t want to open the door by herself no matter how much of a rush she was in.

“Yes, yes!”

The driver quickly ran, opened the door, and…


Got slapped in the face. The pissed-off Cho Eun-Sil did it.

“Why can’t you move quicker? Huh?”

Saying that Cho Eun-Sil opened her wallet and handed several 50,000 won bills to the driver.

“Stay here and ready the car. Don’t turn off the engine.”

“Yes, mistre… Argh!”

The driver screamed in pain. It was because using her high-heel, Cho Eun-Sil had intentionally stepped on his foot. 

Soon afterwards, around 500,000 Won worth of bills was thrown at the face of the driver.

“Which b*tch is it… Who touched my daughter?”

Cho Eun-Sil left the driver without a care, and walked menacingly towards the academy.

“S-Seul-gi’s mother…”

The piano teacher greeted Cho Eun-Sil with a nervous face. And…


It was another slap to the face.


Cho Eun-Sil shouted at the teacher.

“You think it’s everything if you graduated from that Berkeley or something? Is that it?”

And again…


The piano teacher’s face was slapped.

“What are you doing, huh? I thought you were supposed to be taking care of the children here! Do you think I sent Seul-Gi here to get treated like that, huh?”

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry...”

The piano teacher could only apologize after getting slapped in the face.

It made sense.

After the great summoning, adventurers and the family of the adventurers became part of the elite class--- the nobles of the new era.

No one knew what would happen if one touched the family of an adventurer.

Not only that but, Park Seul-Gi’s father was an adventurer who had enough force to terrify a crime syndicate member. To get over this by just receiving a few slaps in the face was something that the piano teacher could live with.

“Where is she!!”

“...Sorry?”“Are you deaf or something? Where’s Seul-Gi?”

“S-She’s in the office over there…”

“Lead the way.”


The piano teacher had to lead the way, pushed by Cho Eun-Sil, to where Arshelly and Park Seul-Gi were. 


The scheming and cheeky Park Seul-Gi immediately burst into tears when she saw her mother.

“Daughter! Daughter!”

Cho Eun-Sil hugged Park Seul-gi, and tried to calm her down.

“Wahhh… M-Mom… It hurts… It hurts…”

“Okay, okay. It’s alright now, Seul-Gi. How much did it hurt? Oh, my daughter…”

“Sob… Sob… It hurts… Mom…”

“Who did it? Who hit my daughter?!”

Cho Eun-Sil looked around the room, her eyes red. 

“Who was…”

Looking for the one that had hit Park Seul-gi, Cho Eun-Sil found a small girl next to Park Seul-gi, with a sad expression on her face.

“It’s you, isn’t it.”

Cho Eun-Sil let go of Park Seul-Gi, and walked towards Arshelly.

“You… You’re the b*tch who hit our Seul-Gi?”


“So it was you, huh. You…”

The body of Cho Eun-Sil started to shiver.

You, you’re screwed now! Ha!

My mom is terrifying, did you know that? You’re soooo screwed now.

You don’t have a strong mom like this, huh? Do you?

Behind Cho Eun-Sil, Park Seul-Gi looked at Arshelly with a laughing expression.

Seul-Gi… Is a terrible person.

Arshelly could read her thoughts from her expression.

For an S rank psychic like Arshelly, it was all too easy to read the emotions of a little girl like Park Seul-Gi.


Cho Eun-Sil poked a finger at Arshelly’s forehead.

“You… You…”

Kuk. Kuk.

“You hit my daughter?!”

Arshelly was pushed back due to the poking of Cho Eun-Sil.

“I’m sorry, ma’m.”

“You’re sorry?”


“This b*tch. Do you think it’s okay if you’re sorry, huh? After you break the teeth of my beautiful child?”

“Seul-Gi… Seul-gi was the one that first pulled my hair and teased me… it was because I got angry… I’m sorry.”

“Teased you? Our Seul-gi?”

“Yes… she said that I didn’t have a father… and also belittled me by saying that my family is poor…”

“Your family is poor?”

Cho Eun-Sil didn’t seem to care about anything that Arshelly had said before.


Instead, Cho Eun-Sil called the piano teacher.

“This girl, is her family poor?”


“Are you deaf? I asked, is this girl’s family poor?”

“W-What do you mean by that…”

“What does her father do? Does she really not have one?”

“I’ve heard that he is a businessman… But he’s never come here in person, so…”

“How about her mother?”

“I’ve heard… that she doesn’t have a mother, so normally her grandmother comes to pick her up. Or sometimes a woman…”

“Is that so?”

Making the judgment that Arshelly had a poor and weak family, Cho Eun-Sil smirked evilly.

“Hmmm? So… a girl who doesn’t have any backing and isn’t properly educated hit my daughter? I mean, for someone who doesn’t have a mother, I guess it makes sense because she wouldn’t have ever gotten education about manners and everything. Well, I wonder how the father who taught her for her to grow up like this is…”

“Seul-gi’s mother.”

And at that, Arshelly spoke back clearly. She wasn’t one to just go down like this, not after Cho Eun-Sil had cursed about her family.

“Though it is true that I hit Seul-gi, she was the one that first pulled my hair, and then teased me. Of course… it’s my fault for hitting her so hard. I apologize for that.”

After bowing towards Cho Eun-Sil…

“But… to talk about my family like that, doesn’t that seem a little bit rude? I’m not poor. And even if I were poor, I don’t think that you should be speaking to me like that.”

Arshelly spoke her thoughts.


The piano teacher rushed to stop Arshelly from speaking.


“It makes sense that I am getting punished for hitting Seul-Gi. It makes sense, so I admit my fault for that. But please don’t speak like that about my family.”

“T-This… look how this b*tch is speaking!”

Cho Eun-Sil couldn’t speak back because of how dumbstruck she was. She didn’t think that she would get retorted like that by a 9-year-old child.

“They said you don’t have a mother… It seems like you don’t have manners too, huh?”

“That seems a little bit rude.”

“What? Shut up, you little b*tch!”

Unable to repress her anger, Cho Eun-Sil’s hand went up. It was in preparation to slap Arshelly’s face. But…

Suddenly, someone grabbed the hands of Cho Eun-Sil.

“This woman, you don’t seem to have good manners, eh? How dare you try to raise your filthy hands against my grand-daughter!”

It was the appearance of Arshelly’s grandmother, Park Sun-ja!


Cho Eun-Sil screamed as if she were in pain.

“Let go! Let go of my hand!”

“Shall we talk it out, or talk with our fists now?”

The strength of Park Sun-ja who had worked in the market for 20 years was not something that Cho Eun-Sil could handle.

“A-Alright, alright. Let go first.”

“I’ll trust you.”

Park Sun-ja finally let go of Cho Eun-Sil’s hands.

“I’m warning you right now, but if you touch a single hair on my beautiful grand-daughter, it won’t end with just your wrist. You hear me?”

“You… you’re just a woman who’s a little bit strong. Do you really think that you can handle my husband? Huh?”

...Is what Cho Eun-Sil shouted, but Park Sun-ja didn’t listen, as she was busy hugging Arshelly.

“G-Grandma… sorry for making a mess.”

“It’s alright, you can just apologize to each other and be friends again, right?”


“Were you lonely, Arshelly?”

“...A little…”

It seemed that even the Royal Princess was just a little girl at times.

“Y-You guys… Pissing me off. You don’t have money, but you’re strong. Is that it? When my husband gets here… Just you wait for what happens…”

As soon as she finished those words, a black Rolls Royce appeared outside. Park Seul-Gi’s father, the adventurer Park Chul-Hwan, had come!


At the same time.

Finally returning from Pangaea, Kang Chul-In hopped into his Bugatti Veyron supersport, and turned on the engine.

The destination was supposed to be home, but…


Since it was also about time that Arshelly’s piano academy finished, Kang Chul-In had the urge to see his daughter. He also felt somewhat guilty due to the fact that he had never picked her up from the academy after registering her.

I’m coming, Arshelly.

Thinking that, Kang Chul-In changed his destination to the Piano Academy. Off to pick up Arshelly!

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