Chapter 114. My dad is the best! (pt. 3)

Overlord of Blood and Iron

The Rolls-Royce Ghost lived up to its name, making all the other cars that were parked nearby seemed as if they were stupid hunks of metal.

It wasn’t just the Rolls Royce that came though.

Soon after, 5 large and black sedans parked themselves in front of the Rolls-Royce. It seemed that they were stopping by on the way. 

As the front door was swung open, a bodyguard who had a Ω sign on him hurriedly moved back, and opened the door for a man to get out of the car. It was Park Seul-gi’s father, Park Chul-hwan. 

“I’ll be out soon, so just wait here for a bit.”

Expensive suit, large and muscular build, and a powerful first impression; Park Chul-hwan could be said to be charismatic.

“Yes, master.”

The bodyguard bowed his head, calling Chul-hwan his ‘master’.


Cho Eun-sil’s driver found Park Chul-hwan and spoke. 

“Is my wife here?”

“Yes, chairman.”

“Today’s friday, though.”

“I heard… that sire’s daughter had been hurt.”

“My… Seul-gi’s been hurt?”

“Yes… apparently while fighting with a friend…”

At the words that his daughter had been hurt, Park Chul-hwan immediately moved.

“You two over there, follow me.”

Park Chul-hwan led two of his subordinates and entered the building.

“...Her father actually came…”


“Poor Arshelly’s screwed now…”A few of the students that were in the academy whispered.

She’s not here.

After looking around and not finding Park Seul-gi, Park Chul-hwan decided to check the seemingly empty Office. As he was about to step in the room…


Cho Eun-Sil ran towards him, and explained what had happened.

“Husband, husband… Do something to t-that stupid old woman over there, as well as that little girl…”

Knowing that she herself was unable to beat Park Sun-ja, Cho Eun-Sil asked her husband to do so instead of her. 

“My… My daughter was hurt here?”

And saying that, Park Chul-hwan turned to look at the piano teacher.

“Oi, teacher.”

“Yes, Seul-gi’s father?”

“What were you doing.”“Sorry?”


“T-The thing is… I left… momentaril… Ack!”

With a POW! The piano teacher fell to the ground. It was because Park Chul-hwan had slapped her face.


Park Sun-ja was astonished.

“T-Teacher? A-Are you alright?”Arshelly even left Park Sun-ja’s embrace to take a look at her teacher’s situation.

“What in hell were you thinking? I’m not paying this much money to send my daughter to an academy where she gets beat up!”

Rather than being ashamed of what he had done, Park Chul-hwan seemed to be completely unfazed by the fact that he, as an adventurer, had hit the innocent teacher.


Park Seul-gi ran into the arms of Park Chul-hwan.

“Dad... t-that grandma hit my mom… Sob… And she… hit my face, so my teeth...Sob...My teeth…”

“...Two teeth fell out…”

“Dad… educate those mean people for me, okay? Sob… Please, dad…”“Alright, alright. Daughter, calm down. Stop crying, okay?”

Like the saying that said that even the porcupine loves their own children, Park Chul-hwan calmed the crying Park Seul-gi.

“Young man.”

Meanwhile, fire seemed to shoot out of the eyes of Park Sun-ja.

“No matter how much you care about your daughter, how can you hit an innocent woman like that teacher over there, huh?”

As if proving that she was the mother of Kang Chul-In, Park Sun-ja didn’t back up even a little bit while in the face of Park Chul-hwan. 

“Young man, what in hell will your daughter learn from your behavior, huh? Do you start a fight just because you get angry? What in hell were you thinking when you decided to hit the teacher over there?”

“Shut up, old woman. Stop meddling in the business of other people.”


“It seems that the one who hit my daughter is that little girl over there, huh.”

Park Chul-hwan gaze headed towards Arhselly.

“You… how dare you hit my precious daughter. Old woman. No, are you her grandmother? Anyway, tell the parents of that little girl to get ready. Their daughter is going to get punished for being educated poorly.”

“Sigh… It seems like you really are a terrible human being, huh? Just because your little daughter has been hurt, you dare to threaten my granddaughter’s parents? Do you really think that’s something an adult like you should say?”

The angry Park Sun-ja shouted towards Park Chul-hwan. 


Park Chul-hwan spoke.

“I climbed all the way up here, to the top, with this terrible life. And you want me to care about little things like that? Ha. Only people like you care about small things like this. Shut up, and don’t talk to me like that if you’re poor. Alright?”

This terrible way of thinking that Park Chul-hwan had was one that was made from when he had risen from the position of being poor to incredibly rich over a short period of time. He couldn’t see properly, due to becoming rich so quickly.

“Even if you are rich, and even if you have a high position, you shouldn’t act like that.”

Park Sun-ja shook her head.

“You should live with the responsibility to save people, and not hurt them. If you have power, you’re bound to get beaten down by an even stronger individual or get clawed down by multiple people that are weaker than you. Don’t you know that?”

“Shut up.”

“Do you really think that there’s no one out in the world that is richer, and more powerful than you?”

“There is, I’m sure there is… But… I’m going to surpass them all. I’m already surpassing most of them, right now. And even if they’re stronger than me currently, soon…”

Park Chul-hwan smiled ominously.

“Oh, is that so?”

A terrifying voice came from behind Park Chul-hwan.

“Then try to surpass me too.”

“W-Who... Kuk!”

“Who the hell are you, to run your mouth off like that in front of my mother?”

Kang Chul-In smiled, while holding the face of Park Chul-hwan. 

“Sigh…I told you, young man. Now, what the hell are you going to do when there’s a stronger, richer man in front of you? My son has one hell of a temper… And I’m not in the mood to stop him right now.”

Park Sun-ja shook her head as if she was truly regretful.

Park Chul-hwan could do nothing but stay in the grasp of Kang Chul-In, while flapping around as if he were a fish struggling.

“Though there is a lot of trash around the world… I really can’t stand trash who speaks like that to my one and only mother.”


Saying that, Kang Chul-In grabbed Park Chul-hwan's face, before throwing him into a wall.


Soon after, cracks began to appear on the wall that Park Chul-hwan was thrown into.


Park Chul-hwan moaned and crawled on the floor. It was because he had received too much shock when he was thrown into the wall.


“Dad!”Arshelly and Park Sun-ja called at the same time.

“Dad…”Arshelly ran, and hugged Kang Chul-In.


Kang Chul-In then turned to look towards Park Sun-ja.

“I’m sorry that I showed my violent side to you. I didn’t think that…”

“No, it’s alright.”Park Sun-ja shook her head.

“It’s good to educate people like this. In fact, I want you to teach a lesson to a guy like this, who dares to scare our Arshelly.”

Park Sun-ja had unknowingly(?) put a death sentence on Park Chul-hwan. Kang Chul-In’s answer to that…

“I’ll definitely do some mental training on him.”

Was obviously an OK.


“Yeah, dad?”

“I want you to immediately go to the house with grandma, alright?”

“B-But… I thought dad said not to use magic while on Earth…”

“I’ll let you use it right now. Oh… and when you get home, tell Billy that the Omega Clan members are here.”


Saying that, Arshelly immediately used a spell that caused herself and Park Sun-ja to teleport back home.

“...They’re gone.”

Confirming that his mother and daughter were now gone, Kang Chul-In slowly walked towards where Park Chul-hwan was lying on the floor.

“You maggots.”

Kang Chul-in gazed at Park Chul-hwan and his family with cold, ruthless eyes.

“It’s too small.”

Kang Chul-In looked at the office….

“Let’s go to a wider area.”

And slowly walked out of the office. It was a sign for the family to follow him.


Park Chul-hwan still didn’t give up.

“Go out? You want me to go out? Fine! Huhu… no matter how strong you may be, do you honestly think that you alone would be able to beat all of my clan members combined?”

But… what greeted Park Chul-hwan was not his trustable clan members.

“You wanted the help of these people over here, eh?”

Kang Chul-In snickered, pointing at the already fainted Omega clan members. 

“Y-You madman… what kind of stupid…”“Is it really stupid though?”

Kang Chul-In started to walk towards Park Chul-hwan.

I-I’m going to die!

Park Chul-hwan sat down, terrified by the pressure of Kang Chul-In’s aura.


His survival instincts warned him to run, and the mana around Park Chul-hwan started to rumble.

Pzzt, Pzzt!

Sparks started to fly around Park Chul-hwan’s body.

Pow, Pow!

And within a 100m radius, all electronic devices started to explode one by one. It seemed that a mana wave had been made by Park Chul-hwan, due to the extreme fear he had.

“As expected of the Omega Clan master. EMP, huh?”

“Shut up, you bastard!”Saying that, Park Chul-hwan swore, and started to run towards Kang Chul-In, but…


He fell to the ground, without being able to attack once.


Park Seul-gi, who had just come out of the building, shouted in fear.

But… ignoring the fact that Park Seul-Gi was looking at him, Kang Chul-In pummeled Park Chul-hwan into the ground. It was the start of the ‘mental education’ that all the high ranking officials in Laputa feared.



Arms, legs, shoulder, hip, face, neck etc… It was a beating that contained all the parts of the body.

“P-Please… have mercy…”

Though Park Chul-hwan tried to communicate with Kang Chul-In…

“I’m not curious about what you have to say.”



As Park Chul-hwan, whom Park Seul-Gi and Cho Eun-Sil believed would definitely be able to take care of Kang Chul-In was beaten up, the mood between them turned gloomy.

“P-Please… don’t kill me… M-My daughter is...looking at me too…”

“You decided to belittle my mother and my daughter in front of me.”

“P-Please… it was my mistake… have mercy on me…”

“Did you know?”

“Sorry?”“I’m the director of the Galaxy Corporation, you moron.”


Park Chul-hwan was terrified.

“It still pisses me off, even thinking about the losses in the company due to you guys.”

“I-I’m sorry director! I’m sorry!”

Park Chul-hwan stood up, before kneeling down in front of Kang Chul-In, and bowing repeatedly.

“P-Please… As long as you let me live… I’ll do anything… Please, director!”

“I’ll let you live.”

Strangely, Kang Chul-In was thinking of giving mercy to Park Chul-hwan. If someone who knew Kang Chul-In was here, they would have been surprised beyond belief.


“Of course. I don’t go back on my word.”

“Thank you! Thank you!”

“Well, is it really something to thank?”

Kang Chul-In was definitely not planning on letting Park Chul-hwan go so easily. Without killing him, he was planning to show hell to Park Chul-hwan.

Until when?

...Until right before death.

“But before that…”

Kang Chul-In said.

“Let’s talk again, after being educated.”

“Agh!!”That day, the Omega Clan of South Korea ceased to exist. 

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