Chapter 120. Astonishing the crowd

Overlord of Blood and Iron

There were a total of 300 Lords who were chosen after the Great Summoning, but that number had decreased all the way until 219 after a year of intense fighting.

[219th Place, Lord Theodore has entered.]

With the entrance of the lowest-ranked Theodore…

[218th Place, Lord Verenas has entered.]

[217th Place, Lord Go Hyun-jin has entered.] 

[216th Place, Lord Papoulias has entered.]

Lords from all over Pangaea began to enter one by one, according to their rank. 

From 219th to 150th place.

The state and appearance of the lower-ranked Lords were in an absolute mess.

Not to mention being able to wear cool suits, they seemed to be unable to afford a single meal.

This was the truth of the Lower ranked Lords.

Hunting down monsters in their territory, responding to invasions, controlling their internal affairs, training their own abilities. The position of Lord was one that seemed to require at least 10 bodies.

Behind the seemingly fancy and colorful life as the leader of a territory were the hardships and struggles that each Lord has to undergo.

These lower-ranked Lords were those who were unable to withstand the pressure of these tasks.

[150th Place, Lord Wu has entered.]

Meanwhile, the mid-ranked Lords who arrived soon after seemed to be in a much better state.

The Chinese Lord Wu who was ranked 150th was dressed with all sorts of fancy jewelry. It was obvious that he was trying to show off his ‘might’ in front of the other Lords.

The Lords who had arrived soon after were also like this.

Each and every one of these Lords wore fancy clothing and showed arrogant expressions; trying to show off themselves and their partner to the other Lords.

It was expected.

Basically, every Lord was opposed to each other.

Though many became partners or made alliances with each other, in the end, they still had to wage wars for their own benefit. In order to not look like a pushover, each Lord tried their best to make themselves look imposing.

One by one, the mid-ranked Lords began to enter. And the last mid-ranked Lord who entered was…

[50th Place, Lord Alex Rothschild has entered.]

Kang Chul-In’s long-time rival, Alex Rothschild.

“Rothschild… he looks the same as he did on TV…”

“Who’s that woman next to him?”

“He was born with a golden spoon in his mouth even on Earth, but to think that he’s also a Lord here…”

Looking at Rothschild, heated discussions went on amongst the Lords.

But, Alex Rothschild was extremely disturbed right now.

I-I’m ranked… 51st place…

It went beyond being disturbed, turning into hate and resentment.

Though he looked to be warm outside, showing off the smile he had shown the media for a long time; he was boiling with anger inside.

This humiliation… I will surely pay you back someday.

All of this was because of Kang Chul-In.

He had been ranked 5th place, closely trailing behind the 4th place Skadi Andevari, before Kang Chul-In had knocked him down to 105th place.

If not for his puppet, it was likely that Alex Rothschild wouldn’t be here at this very moment. He would have died in a remote place in Ishtar, no-one knowing of his death.

At least he was able to quickly climb his way up the ranks, ending up in 51st place before the Lord Meetings.

I was too greedy.

Rothschild recalled what had happened a few months ago, where he had nearly died in the hands of Kang Chul-In.

He had truly been greedy there.

It was his fault for overestimating his strength as 5th place and trying to take the Epic Dungeon by himself.

He had even shown his true, ambitious side… yet he wasn’t able to get the job done; the best he could do was try to survive.

To be accurate, it made more sense to say that Kang Chul-In and Dorian’s strength had far surpassed what Alex Rothschild had estimated.

Especially that Kang Chul-In, he was more than 2 or 3 times stronger than what he had initially thought. Even if he had brought 2, or 3 times more soldiers than before, he was unsure of being able to claim victory. Thinking of that, cold sweat poured down his back.

Biting his lips, Alex Rothschild tried his best not to think of that painful memory.


Using the smell of his blood as a sort of stabilizer, he tried his best to remain calm.


While Rothschild was calming himself down, the woman who stood next to him spoke.

“This place… is amazing. Really, it’s too amazing.”

The female adventurer Veronica was Alex Rothschild’s partner today.

The only defining characteristic about her was her beautiful visuals.

...She was an accessory that Alex Rothschild had brought to this meeting. Of course, Veronica herself would never be able to guess Alex Rothschild’s true thoughts.

“This way, Veronica.”

With experienced hands, Rothschild escorted Veronica.

Meanwhile, high-ranked Lords entered one after another, and time had passed to the point that the Lords who were ranked above 10th place entered.

[10th Place, Lord Andrei Ivanovic has entered.]

He was a Slavic man who had barely entered the cutoff line to becoming an Overlord. Soon after…

[9th Place, Lord Lee Chae-rin has entered.]

The Lord of the Dorado territory and Kang Chul-In’s ally, Lee Chae-rin showed her appearance in Akan’s hall along with her secretary Eva.

Lee Chae-rin was beautiful.

Through the transcendence stone, she had gone from being a normal Korean woman to someone who would be considered beautiful no matter where she went.

An addition to that… Mithril.

The dress that Lee Chae-rin was wearing was crafted through Mithril mined from the Nidavellir mines. 

If one had to convert the worth of the dress into money, it would be worth a few hundred billion won. 

Through the appearance of Lee Chae-rin, she was able to put all the Lords who had previously flaunted their wealth into shame. This was the true meaning of extravagant.

And next… was the turn of Dorian Explorer.


[8th Place, Lord Dorian Explorer has entered.]

Dorian’s state was…


Crashing onto the floor…


Lord Dorian entered Akan’s hall, crashing into the floor and moaning painfully.

“W-What the hell, where is this place?”

Standing up quickly, Dorian looked around the place. 






Finally realizing the situation, Dorian shook his head and laughed awkwardly.

“Haha… Everyone looks to be in a good mood… Haha…”

He had also realized that he had embarrassed himself.

“Sigh, Mr. Dorian, you really…”

Recognizing Dorian, Lee Chae-rin shook her head.

No-one could tell how this supposed ‘idiot’ managed to reach such a high rank, at 8th place.

Of course, since the only thing that Lee Chae-rin possessed was money, so she wasn’t in a position to talk about others, but Dorian’s current appearance was the worst out of all the Lords present.

Golden hair that looked as if it was a bird’s nest, ash-covered skin, torn clothes, as well as somewhat broken armor. 

Looking at his state right now, a bystander might think that he would be the lowest-ranked Lord, instead of Theodore.

And that wasn’t the extent of it.

On his wrists and his ankles were blackish chains that looked to weigh at least 50 kgs each. It would be much more believable if Dorian were to say that he was a Gladiator than a Lord.

“Mr. Dorian.”

Finally unable to withstand this, Lee Chae-rin stepped forward.

“M-Ms. Chae-Rin!”

Finally finding someone he recognized, Dorian’s expression brightened significantly.

“N-Nice to meet you, truly! It’s been a while.”


“Kuk... It’s all because I got caught by those mean bastards… That I’m in such a state.”

“Uhh… Mr. Dorian?”

“Those f*cking bastards…”

“Mr. Dorian?”


“...Can you please move over here; you’re embarrassing yourself.”

Pointing next to her, Lee Chae-rin signaled Dorian to come over.


Finally realizing that he was embarrassing, he quickly moved over to the side of Lee Chae-rin.

S-Someone like that’s ranked 8th place?

T-The famed dungeon explorer was an idiot like that?

Embarrassing all the Lords, isn’t he.

The hot gazes of the other Lords seemed to pierce Dorian.

Though there were some people laughing at Dorian’s funny character, many Lords who cared a lot about the rankings looked at Dorian with a disdainful gaze.

Of course… there weren’t many Lords who looked at him with that gaze that would be able to remain standing after fighting against Dorian for 10 minutes.

“Ms. Chae-Rin, please listen to my…”


Lee Chae-rin intercepted Dorian’s words.

“The 7th Place Lord is coming now.”

That was right.

Now wasn’t the time to talk about personal matters. Those weren’t the manners for the people who were ranked at the very top of the leaderboard.

[7th Place, Lord Hecate has entered.]

The next Lord to appear was the old ally of Kang Chul-In’s, Lord Hecate of the Temeraire. 

“Hey, cuties.”

Her crimson hair fluttering around her, Hecate appeared.

“S-She’s a pirate…”

Dorian muttered.

Everyone felt the same way.

Leather boots, a shirt that exposed her large assets, leather pants that showed off her legs, and a pirate hat. The position of Pirate Captain seemed to fit her much better than a Lord.

Even in actuality, Hecate called herself and her army the ‘sky raiders’, showing off her reckless and wild nature.

[6th Place, Lord Aleister has entered.]

6th place was surprisingly Aleister. Since Rothschild had fallen off hard, and Hecate for some reason also dropped in ranks, he had been able to take advantage of this.

“Ugh… The smell…”

“W-What the hell is that guy?”

Some Lords frowned, covering their noses at the terrible stench around Aleister.

[5th Place, Lord Skadi Andevari has entered.]

Soon after, the female mage Lord Skadi…

[4th Place, Lord Ao Xin has entered.]

[3rd Place, Lord Albrecht Vilhelm has entered.]

The two Lords who would later form the Gulveig Union and show off their extreme wealth entered, showing off their might.


[2nd Place, Lord Baruk Al Yusuf has entered.]


With heavy footsteps, the man who desired to build a huge Islam Kingdom within Pangaea, Baruk Al Yusuf appeared.

The charisma of Baruk Al Yusuf wasn’t bad.

“All of you heathens here.”

Baruk Al Yusuf opened his mouth. It was a very aggressive remark.

“This land is a gigantic Mosque that the omnipotent Allah has given to us. Come one now, I will give you the opportunity to change your beliefs, and believe in the great Allah! Allah’s embrace is larger than the desert, and can even allow you foolish people to join in.”

Appearing and immediately talking about joining his own religion and treating the other Lords like idiots, Baruk Al Yusuf wasn’t received well by the other Lords.

But no-one here stepped forwards.

How many here didn’t know the infamous Baruk Al Yusuf?

No-one here didn’t know about the infamous terrorist who was part of the worst criminal organization in Earth, known as the IS.

Baruk Al Yusuf was a crazed maniac who was famed in Earth for his crazy deeds before the Great Summoning had occurred.

“Oh, this crazy psychopathic terrorist bastard…”

Of course, not everyone just stood there listening to Baruk Al Yusuf rambling on.

“M-Mr. Dorian!”

Though Lee Chae-rin tried to stop Dorian.

Bang! Bang!

With large steps, Dorian was walking towards Baruk Al Yusuf.

There was a reason for that.

Dorian was a soldier who was part of the British Special Forces, and had worked in the middle east for a long time when he was in service. Even Dorian, who had a sunny personality, turned angry and sensitive when someone in front of him was a psychopathic murderer and terrorist.

And not only that, there were also stories that Baruk Al Yusuf used some of the gold that he got from Pangaea in order to help supply terrorist groups with arms such as guns and explosives.

“Oh, you’re bold, cutie.”

Looking at Dorian walking forward, Hecate smiled.

But a fight between them didn’t occur.

While Baruk Al Yusuf was busy talking…

And the angered Dorian was walking towards Baruk Al Yusuf… 

When the other Lords looked at this situation with interest…

[Worship him!]

At his arrival, a message popped up in front of all the Lords in Akan’s hall.

The appearance of Kang Chul-In who had ranked first differed from the other Lords, with much more impact. This was a bonus that was given to the first ranked Lord.

Boom! Crash!

Akan’s hall rumbled.


A bright light lit up the whole hall…

Pzzt, Pzzt!

And sparks that seemed terrifying flew around crazily.

[1st Place in the Lord rankings.]

The message that came out was also different to when the other Lords appeared.

[The one who stands highest, above all others.]

When that message was about to disappear…

[Lord Kang Chul-In has entered.]

White light signaling his appearance, the man who had ranked first showed his appearance; standing in an area that was higher than all others.

Kang Chul-In’s current state was terrifyingly charismatic and seemed to define the being of a Lord.

First of all, Kang Chul-In himself was charismatic.

Though he wasn’t an absolutely huge person, he was 183cm with large broad shoulders, and though his muscular body was hidden under his clothes, they still had an effect.

His clothes also helped.

The clothes that Lucia had sewn overnight created a beautiful harmony of black and red. 

And since the material that had been used to make his clothes were made of the feathers of the Peacock Dragon, the beauty of it was on another level.

And… the red cloak that seemed to show his burning passion as a Lord was also an aesthetic pleasure that also amplified Kang Chul-In’s charisma.

Kang Chul-In stepped forward.


Next to him, the Godbeast Altaica showed its fangs, showing that Kang Chul-In’s pet was also not just for show.

The woman who had laced hands with him possessed a beautiful and curvy body; it was Lucia.

A Lord.

Kang Chul-In showed the absolute that a man, that a Lord could possess. It was enough to put down all the other Lords that had come.

Finally, I’ve come.

Looking at the Lords around him, Kang Chul-In smirked. And in front of his eyes were buffs that were only given to the first ranked Lord.

[Buff: Highest rank ‘Command’ buff, +500% control over all people]

[Buff: Highest Rank ‘Imposingness’ buff, +500% charisma]

First, he was given these two buffs. Then…

[Buff: Highest Rank ‘Rule’ buff, +1000% restriction on other Lords if they do not follow with your rules.]

Basically, until the very end of this Lord Meetings, Kang Chul-In was king.

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