Chapter 121. Lord Meetings (Pt. 1)

Overlord of Blood and Iron

D-Does this guy really want me to bow down for him? This stupid heathen?

Baruk Al Yusuf looked at the man in front of him with disdain.

It was a young face.

At most, thirty.

Of course, though age wasn’t the deciding factor of ability as a Lord, experience was also required in order to be a good Lord. If a young boy that was a Lord came to flaunt his power to others, it would come off as ridiculous.

But looking at Kang Chul-In’s face, he didn’t seem like an immature youngster.

Though he had a young face, strangely there seemed to be seriousness and experience emanating from his eyes. It meant that he wasn’t a foolish youngster who thought he was able to do anything under the heavens. 

“How dare you.”

With an angry voice, Baruk Al Yusuf spoke.

“How dare you ask that I, Baruk Al Yusuf, the rebirth of the great god Allah kneel down!”

Baruk Al Yusuf was angered.

Even though the opponent standing in front of him was ranked first, he was also no pushover, ranked just behind at second. To ask that he kneel down, this was utter humiliation in front of the crowd. 

But what Kang Chul-In thought was different.

You’re a dead man anyway.

In Kang Chul-In’s eyes Baruk Al Yusuf was a dead man standing, who was sooner or later going to be hunted down by an alliance of Lords angered at his actions.

Disgusting psychopath.

There were many reasons that Kang Chul-In disliked Baruk Al Yusuf.

Previously Baruk Al Yusuf used the three buffs of ‘Command’, ‘Imposingness’, ‘Rule’ in order to cow the other Lords, and force them to convert their beliefs. 

He made them face the way that the Mecca was (the joke was that no-one knew which direction the Mecca was in since they were in Pangaea), and made them bow down…

Or kick Dorian, who had also been pissed off in the Lord Meeting in his past life. These were the reasons Baruk Al Yusuf was hunted down and slain despite his strong military power.

Not only that, he was also a terrorist.

As stated before, Baruk Al Yusuf brought gold to exchange for arms in Earth, and also brought the offensive, destructive items of Pangaea back to Earth and gave them to terrorist groups. He had also brainwashed the little girls and boys of the territory in order to use them as child soldiers in battle, which spoke volumes of how disgusting of a human being he was.


The Altaica stepped forward and growled fiercely at Baruk Al Yusuf.


Flinching in surprise, Baruk Al Yusuf stepped backwards subconsciously.

He had to be scared since all the attributes and abilities of the Lords had been nerfed by a huge amount. To the Lords, the Godbeast Altaica was an absolutely terrifying being.

“Why are you stepping forward now?”

Kang Chul-In softly kicked the sides of the Altaica. It was a message to not interfere in his business. 


Growling one last time, the Altaica returned to the side of Kang Chul-In.

“I thought you heard me the first time. Kneel.”

Kang Chul-In spoke.

When this ridiculous demand was once again spoken, Baruk Al Yusuf looked at Kang Chul-In with furious eyes and tried to speak, but…

“I can’t believe someone like you is ranked 2nd.”

Kang Chul-In who smirked and murmured that...

“Kneel, fanatic.”

Commanded in a powerful voice.

The reaction was instant.

The knees of the arrogant Baruk Al Yusuf hit the ground, making a loud noise. The commands of Kang Chul-In became irresistible after the three buffs that he had gotten as a reward for being ranked first. 

W-What the hell…!

Astonishment filled the eyes of Baruk Al Yusuf.

T-That’s possible?

T-That madman actually kneeled down?

W-What the hell is this man… Kang Chul-In…

The nearby Lords were also all astonished.

That was how shocking the current scene was. To think that Kang Chul-In was able to make an infamous terrorist such as Baruk Al Yusuf kneel down with just a single command.

...It was a sight that one would have to see in order to believe.


Kang Chul-In walked towards the kneeling Baruk Al Yusuf, and touched his forehead. 

“If you’re going to preach ridiculous stuff, then go to your territory and do so.”

“Y-You… How dare you, heathen!”

“You shall stay like that. I think that pose rather suits you.”

Though Baruk Al Yusuf cried out in anger, the commands of Kang Chul-In that were empowered by the 3 buffs were unable to be broken just by shouting and struggling.


The Altaica also came close to Baruk Al Yusuf, and roared deeply. It was a warning for Baruk Al Yusuf.

T-To think that I would be humiliated in such a way! How dare they!

Baruk Al Yusuf’s face burned in shame.

But not caring about that, Kang Chul-In walked away, considering the pros and cons of the 3 buffs.

Since he had been ranked first place very often in his previous life, he knew how to handle these buffs better than anyone.

First of all, the increase in imposingness and charisma were extremely useful, helping him lead the discussion naturally.

The problem was the ‘rule’ buff.

This buff that made people follow his words by putting a 1000% restriction on the other Lords was a double-edged sword. 

Think about it.

The power to force another Lord to act as desired had as many risks as benefits.

If Kang Chul-In tried to act too arrogant like Baruk Al Yusuf had in the past? If he forcefully asked the Lords to convert their beliefs? If he made them all kneel down and bow towards where the Mecca was?

...This would definitely spell a disaster.

The Lords that would be completely pissed off might think ‘whatever, screw it!’ and start a Kang Chul-In boss raid. In actuality, this was highly possible with what had happened to Baruk Al Yusuf in the past. 

Kang Chul-In didn’t use these buffs like an absolute idiot.

Rather, he showed humiliation to Baruk Al Yusuf, who had a bad image to the other Lords, creating a positive image in their hearts.

[There will be time to show respects to the 1st ranked Lord!]

Soon after the shocking sight, a new message popped up. 

[All the Lords ranked from 2nd to 219th will have to temporarily face the 1st ranked Lord, and kneel down to pay respects. (If not followed, a terrible penalty will follow!)]

As soon as the message came up, many Lords began to kneel down in front of Kang Chul-In.

Since it wasn’t his doing, Kang Chul-In wouldn’t be hated on for this. It was forced by the system afterall.

Ah, this doesn’t feel too bad.

Kang Chul-In felt good, once again experiencing the satisfaction of being ranked 1st.

Maybe this was the reason every Lord lit their eyes and tried their absolute hardest to get 1st place.

This was the place where it would be publicly confirmed that he was the highest Ranked Lord, reaching the highest place that no other Lord had.

Though optimists like Dorian would go over this thinking ‘he’s ranked 1st place, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to congratulate him’, other Lords that had strong pride might start to feel jealous, and anger towards the 1st ranked Lord.

Like… that Rothschild over there.

Hmph, you seem angry.

Rothschild was also part of the crowd that was kneeling towards Kang Chul-In.


Kang Chul-In started to walk where Rothschild was kneeling.


A crack appeared on the poker face of Alex Rothschild.

You’re boiling inside, aren’t you, Rothschild?

Though in the eyes of outsiders Rothschild always had a friendly and warm expression, Kang Chul-In was able to see even the smallest expression changes that Rothschild made.

Kang… Chul… In…!

In truth, Rothschild was also trying his best to calm his anger for Kang Chul-In, who had stretched his hand in front of him. If he was able to do so, Rothschild was willing to trade the image he had maintained for so long in order to stab a knife inside Kang Chul-In’s heart.

I also want to kill this guy here. It’s a shame that it’s not possible.

For once, they felt the same.

No to be more accurate, Kang Chul-In’s hatred of Rothschild was equal or exceeded what Rothschild felt towards him. He could still vividly remember the time when his head had been chopped off in the hands of Rothschild, and his heart stabbed through.

“I wanted to meet you, Alex Rothschild.”

Smiling, Kang Chul-In held his hand out to Alex Rothschild. It was an act of ‘kindness’, he was trying to help Rothschild stand back up.

Rothschild’s face stiffened once more, before relaxing. Once again, only Kang Chul-In could tell these subtle changes.

“Let’s shake hands.”

Kang Chul-In spoke, commanding forcefully.

Though it was forced, the handshake seemed natural due to Kang Chul-In’s experience in using the 3 buffs.

“Nice to meet you, Lord Kang Chul-In.”

Trying his hardest to look warm and amiable, Rothschild gently grabbed Kang Chul-In’s hand. Meanwhile, Kang Chul-In also held Rothschild’s hand to help him up.


But Kang Chul-In held Rothschild’s hands hard enough for his bones to break.

The difference in strength was massive.

Though Kang Chul-In was busy nowadays and unable to train for the past few months, he had still been making sure his strength stayed the same, working out in his office. Even though both of their stats had gotten nerfed, Kang Chul-In was still much stronger than Rothschild.

Does it hurt, Rothschild?

I’ll kill you!

The two exchanged gazes, seemingly causing invisible sparks to fly around them.

“Nice to meet you, truly.”

“Same here.”

Both Kang Chul-In and Alex Rothschild looked at each other, and ‘smiled’.

To the other Lords, this just seemed as if the 1st ranked Lord Kang Chul-In, was trying to get to know Alex Rothschild well. Of course, everyone thought of it this way except Dorian.

- It's been a while, everyone.

It was at that moment.

- It’s an honor to be able to meet you people again like this. I pay my respects to the first ranked Lord Kang Chul-In and congratulate the lower ranked Lords in being able to survive this long.

Out of nothingness, God’s supposed messenger, Akan appeared. There seemed to be a bright light covering him, making him look divine.

Bang, Bang-!

Surrounding Akan where troops that were known as the ‘Immortal Royal Guard’. They were in order to maintain rule and order within the Lord Meetings.

- First of all, we will start off with the feast!

As expected, the feast was first for the Lord meetings. 

Pzzt, Pzzt!

As soon as Akan spoke, a large number of tables and chairs started appearing within the hall. And food of all sorts came out on dishes. It was a feast beyond their dreams.

- Everybody stand back up. You have paid your respects already.

At Akan’s words, the Lords all rose up.

- Very well.

Akan nodded, and waiters that had rabbit heads and tuxedos started to appear, and stood by the side of each table. They were there in order for the Lords to order them around.

- Now, enjoy yourselves. This is a small present from me to you, who’s been working hard to keep their position as a Lord. For today, please forget all your hardships and drink yourselves away, and enjoy yourselves. However!

Akan added.

- As all of you have probably noticed, your stats and abilities have been nerfed by a huge degree. If someone creates a mess and a problem beyond what I think is acceptable, please keep in mind that you will be punished.

In simpler words, it basically meant: don’t do anything stupid, and keep yourself to yourself.

That’s funny. What bullsh*t.

Inwardly, Kang Chul-In laughed at Akan’s words.

It was a small reward, for them to forget their hardships?

It was a precious time for them to talk and understand the other Lords?

That was all bullsh*t!

The Lord meetings was actually an intense battle of minds, where Lords tried their best looking for other Lords that seemed to have similar interests and thoughts as them, and looked for alliances. 

When the feast finished and the ball started, Kang Chul-In knew that these political movements would fill the ball. It couldn’t really be said to be a ball, rather a place of scheming and alliances.

“I hope you have a good meal.”

Kang Chul-In said, walking past Rothschild.

“Oh, it probably won’t taste good because you won’t feel too good right now though.”

Those words pissed off the already infuriated Rothschild even more.

I… will rip you to shreds one day, Kang Chul-in!

Round 1 was Kang Chul-In’s overwhelming victory, being able to suppress and humiliate Rothschild. That was to say, that Round 2 and 3 were still left to publicly humiliate Rothschild even more.


A guard of the Laputa territory, Pluto felt a strange sensation whenever he had patrolled near Furnace 0. 

- Come to me. 

Just like right now, a weird voice seemed to always call him.

What the hell is this? Am I going insane or something?

Pluto frowned.

“Hey, what is it?”

A nearby guard who was patrolling the area looked at the frown on Pluto’s face, and tilted his head in confusion. 

“I-I can keep hearing it.”


“N-No, it’s nothing.”

Subconsciously answering his friend’s question, Pluto turned his head.

Whether it be Earth or Pangaea, hearing weird voices weren’t seen as a good sign. 8 or 9 times out of ten, he would be considered to be going crazy. Pluto didn’t want to be thought as that by his friends.

- I’ll give you whatever you want.

The voice once again tickled the ears of Pluto. The temptations it offered today seemed stronger than usual.

Power, money, women. Whatever you want will be yours.

- Do you not want to be famous, known across the continent as a legendary being?

- Answer my call. If you do so, I'll make you into an existence that surpasses your foolish Lord. Come on, I'll make you into a real man!

It was a strong temptation.

Even though he was a loyal soldier of Laputa, it was hard for even someone like him to easily shake this off.

“Hey, Pluto!”


Pluto was able to shake off his cloudy mind from the shouting of his friend.

“Hey, you’re working right now! Stop slacking off and pay attention! Do you think we can go around saying that we are the proud soldiers of our magnificent Lord Kang Chul-In if we’re like that? Huh?”

“Ahh… Sorry.”

“If you have any concerns or worries that plague you, tell me after our patrolling time is finished. They say that a soldier that fails patrolling can’t even be considered a soldier.”

“Of course, of course. That’s my fault. I don’t have anything to say even if you report me to our superiors for being slack during work.”

Pluto immediately apologized.

That was right. For a proud soldier of the Laputa territory, slacking off during work was unacceptable. Thankfully, Pluto had a good friend around him to keep him focused. 


“No need to thank me. C’mon, let’s go around and go back quickly.”


Thanks to his friend, Pluto was able to escape the temptations of the voice.

For now… that was.

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