Chapter 50: Death List

Overlord of Blood and Iron

Hearing the unexpected and unpleasant word, Lee Chae-Rin’s face stiffened.

“A death list…”

Like the word suggested, a death list was a list that contained the names of the ones who would perish. It meant that they would see their blood.

“Right now, we need to get rid of the internal enemies before the external ones. Why? Are you hesitant?” Kang Chul-In asked.


“I haven’t killed someone yet, I am afraid…”

“Well, at least you’re honest.”

“Is there really use in acting tough with you? I’m sure you’ll find out sooner or later anyway.”

Kang Chul-In didn’t say anything after hearing her honest response. At least it was better than forcefully lying.

“Well, that’s not my problem” was what he thought.

But he decided to let her face the reality.

“You decided to live as a Lord. And that’s why you called me.”

“You’re right.”

“Then you need to kill.”

“Is that… the only way?”

“Authority and power come from blood.”

“The blood of the enemies…”

This was something you couldn’t argue against.

“If you didn’t lose your control and authority here in the first place, this never would have happened.

“You mean it’s already late?”

“Yes, it’s too late.”

Kang Chul-In knew this was the only way.

“Humans and dwarves, dwarves and humans. These two races are like water and oil. They can’t live together. If there was a powerful human Lord that had the respect of the dwarves and acted as an intermediate among them, the story could be changed, but as of now… Not only that, your total population is 60% dwarf. Almost the whole territory is under the control of those disrespectful bastards.”

“…You’re right.”

“I left where I was supposed to stay at noon, to see how things were here. Do you know what my thoughts were?”

Lee Chae-Rin didn’t respond.

“The Lord is clearly human, yet it seemed like the humans were the slaves of the dwarves.”

Out of the total population of 1000, the 600 dwarves were living in good houses, drinking good wine, and enjoying themselves.

On the other hand, the 400 humans had to live in poverty-stricken conditions, having almost nothing to eat and drink.

“Is it… that bad?”

“Did you not check your own territory?”

“Yes, I’m almost trapped here. Even to go to Earth, I have to leave my soul core behind here.”

“The workforce of the dwarves is incredible,” he said.

“But they are incredibly difficult to rule over, especially if it’s someone of a different race. Since the conflict has come this far, there’s no turning back now. Therefore…”

And he finished it off.

“You decide, whether we see blood or not. If you decide not to, then our deal from earlier is canceled. There is no possible way for me to help you without drawing blood from our enemies. That’s the ways of a saint, and trust me. I am no saint. If you’re going to say no, then just leave the Pangaea continent forever. At least on Earth, there won’t be these kinds of horrors.”

After saying this much, Kang Chul-In closed his eyes. This meant he would give her some time to decide.


Lee Chae-Rin kept on thinking of such a foreign word to her.

For someone like her, who had been working as a normal employee at a small company, killing was something that she wouldn’t have even dreamed of.

Especially if it was removing one’s allies and not the enemy. Even if the ally was scarier than the enemy.

Of course, she could run away to Earth and live a rich woman’s life, selling goods from the Pangaea continent that no one would dare to hope for.

But… was there really a point in a life like that?

Was it really honorable and good, running from her destined life and living a plain and ordinary life?

What would the 400 humans do after she left? If she left, there was no doubt that they would suffer even more under the dwarves and be discriminated against even more.

‘I am a Lord. I have the authority and the responsibility to take care of my own territory!”

It was as if there was a knife sharpening itself in her mind.

I will not run.

With her two fists clenched together, her mind suddenly recalled her Secretary, Sledge.

And how can I trust what milord is saying?

She recalled the contents of their discussion just this week. His attitude really made her incensed, and it didn’t help that he tried to lock her in.

“Sledge, you’ve already crossed the line you never should have,” she thought.

The originally kind and compassionate eyes suddenly let out a bit of bloodlust.

“Seems like you’ve decided.”

Of course, Kang Chul-In could tell from the change in her expression.

“Yes, I did.”

“Although it might be difficult, you have to face it. A merciful Lord? There are none. There are only those that look kind and compassionate, none that really are.”

“I think I get what you mean. I need to get rid of the dwarves and become the ruler of the humans instead. It’s too late for them.”

“You’re right.” Kang Chul-In nodded in agreement.

Although the best method was to let the humans and dwarves cooperate and compromise, as they said before, it was already too late.

So even if it was wasteful, they had to get rid of the rotten 60% in order to save the 40% that remained.

Although it would be a huge hit to their forces, they still had to do so in order to avoid total chaos.

“I’ll do it,” she said as she took a pen out to write on the “Death List”.

“Then start writing.”

“The ones who die and the ones who live. You decide.”

“Yes.” She nodded and opened the parchment.

“The first… one…”

Her hands slowly wrote down the name of the person who would perish first.

“It’s you, Sledge.”

It was none other than the Secretary of Dorado, Sledge himself.

After the “Death List” was written, Kang Chul-In immediately began to move.

Apparently, the biggest hurdle was going to be a special group of dwarves, led by Secretary Sledge, called the “Iron Hammer group”.

These were the ones that they definitely had to remove.

Other than them, written on the list was General Smith (another dwarf), along with Entwan the spy and the Sage “Majestic”, who worshipped the “god of the blacksmiths”.

Quickly, we’ll move quickly.

Kang Chul-In wanted to get rid of these guys as soon as possible.

Tomorrow night, all at once.

If this was delayed, there was a chance that all 600 dwarves would get pulled into this.

First, they had to get rid of the “Iron Hammer group”.

This elite group who should be guarding the Lord was instead “Sledgified”, meaning that they had all turned against their own Lord.

But after they got rid of this group, they needed another group to protect Chae-Rin.

“Well, this is her own responsibility. I’m not going to help out in this,” he thought.

The next night.

The high-ranking dwarves living in Dorado all got a message from Chae-Rin, requesting an urgent meeting.

Although they really didn’t care in the beginning, the contents of the message made them come to the meeting. This is what it said:

  • I’m planning on helping to take back Nidavellir with you guys, so make sure that everyone is present at this meeting. If anyone is missing, everything that I said will be taken back.

Nidavellir was a holy, sacred place for the dwarves, as well as where their workplaces were.

Comparing it to Earth’s standards, it was similar to Mecca or Jerusalem, if the cultural significance was multiplied by 10.

So when the dwarves received the message, everyone had to come.


Lee Chae-Rin greeted her vassals.

“I’ve been waiting.”

At this moment, they felt that she had changed.

The her right now was very different from the past her.

Her depressed face wasn’t here anymore, just calm eyes surveying everyone around her. She had changed overnight.

“There’s only one reason that I called all of you guys here,” she said.

“Those who wish to live, those who serve me. Kneel right now. If you do, I will forgive you. However!”

Her originally calm eyes suddenly showed killing intent.

“Those who do not… I will execute as punishment for not obeying their Lord. Now, you can decide.”


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