Chapter 51. The Cleansing.

Overlord of Blood and Iron

Listening to Lee Chae-Rin’s words, the faces of the dwarves turned stiff. But that was only for a short while. 

The dwarves started staring at her like she was crazy, and some couldn’t even contain the ridicule in their eyes. This was because her words sounded like nothing but an empty threat to them. 

Punishment for not obeying?

Killing them?

This was something that was only possible for powerful, influential Lords, not someone like her. 

“HAHAHA! I don’t know what you’re on about, you stupid woman. Haha,” said Sage Majestic while stroking his long, white beard. 

“You said that you were going to help us take back Nidavellir, but to think that you came here to spout some nonsense instead… It seems like our Lord has gone crazy, dragging us out in the middle of the night for this.”

After saying that, Sage Majestic’s stared at Lee Chae-Rin as if she were a bug, one that he could step on and kill at any time. 

“Huhu, don’t tell me that’s it’s because of that stupid drunkard that visited you a few days ago? Please.” Sledge, whom she wanted to rip to shreds, spoke at this moment. 


“I have no-one around me that is a drunkard. I have no idea who you’re referring to, Secretary.” 

“Haha, you can stop pretending now.” 


“Are you not saying this right now because of that ‘Podolski’ that originates from your home?” Sledge said this proudly.

“Even though milord tries to escape from her fate, it seems like she still doesn’t know that she is stuck in my palm. HAHAHA!”

“It seems like you’ve overheard our conversation.”

“How dare you. Spying on your own Lord.” Saying this, Lee Chae-Rin’s countenance turned incomparably frosty, like the tundra in the north. 

“Dare? Are you finished speaking now?” 

“If you spied on your own Lord’s private matters, even ‘dare’ is not a word that expresses the reality of things. You disrespectful, disloyal Secretary.”

“Did you just call me disrespectful and disloyal?”

“Yes, I did. Sledge, you’re nothing but a traitor. No matter how much you beg, I have no plans on saving your life anyway.”

“Save my life? HA!” Sledge laughed as if he heard the most ridiculous thing ever.

“Sigh… You stupid, uneducated b***h.” 

And he crossed the line.

“Excuse me, Secretary Sledge.”

A dwarf holding a pickaxe stood in the middle of the two. 

“Even though the Lord may have used some excessive words, don’t you think you’ve stepped over the line? Even though she didn’t help us in trying to take back Nidavellir, she is still our Lord.” 

It was the leader of all the workers based in Nidavellir, the Workforce leader, Urad. 

“I think you should beg for your forgiveness right now.” 

To Urad, he really didn’t care about this fight for authority. All he wanted to do was go back to Nidavellir and work. He was one of the only ones who had remained loyal to Lee Chae-Rin.

“Tut tut. You can shut up, you uneducated dwarf who only knows how to work and mine.”

Sledge looked down on Urad.  

“Excuse me?”

Dwarves had a lot of pride. Even though it was an indisputable fact that Urad had a lower rank than Sledge, he still didn’t care and started staring daggers at him.

“Did you just call me stupid?’ 

“Yes. I just called a stupid person a stupid person. Is there something wrong with that?” 

“You piece of s**t. Even after insulting our Lord, you still dare to blabber on with that filthy mouth of yours?”

“HA! This stupid dwarf.” Saying this, Sledge shook his head. 

“It seems like to you, that b***h on the chair is our leader?”

“Of course our Lord is our leader. Who else could be the leader then? HA! Secretary Sledge… No. Sledge. It seems like you really are just a traitor.”

After saying this, Urad took out his gigantic pickaxe that he had slung across his shoulders earlier. 

“Even though I agreed with you that we should try and take back Nidavellir, I can’t take an insult to our own Lord, you traitorous bastard.” Urad’s face was totally red by now. It seemed like he wanted to just charge towards Sledge and beat him up.

But Sledge still remained seated, calm.

“This is why I’m calling you a stupid dwarf. Urad, do you know what that b***h tried to plot against us?”


“You see, she has a friend from her hometown named Podolski. Those two seemed to be discussing taking over Dorado by bringing in another Lord’s forces. The traitor here is not me, but her!” Sledge shouted.



“Sigh… I knew she was fishy… To think she pretended to be all nice and quiet.”

The dwarves, who were dissatisfied with her from the beginning, started to rant. 

“Outside force?!” Even the righteous Sledge’s brain grew chaotic from that word. 

“Are you sure about this, Sledge?” stated General Smith of the dwarven army.

“Of course, general.”

“And how do you know this?”

“I sent a man named Entwan to spy on her because I thought she was suspicious. Who would have thought....?”

“Yes, I overheard them! I swear on my dwarf’s beard that what the Secretary is true,” said Entwan passionately.

“Sigh, this won’t do” was what General Smith said before picking up his battleaxe and started walking towards Lee Chae-Rin.

“General Smith! Even though you’re angry, you can’t be thinking of harming our Lord, can you?” Urad still blocked his way.

“Out of the way.”

“General, this isn’t right. Think about it again. You shouldn’t be hurting our own Lord.”

“This b***h isn’t my Lord!” Smith shouted.

“Sigh… if even the General says so, I guess I’ll have to treat you like a traitor too, then.”

“You stupid worker.” 

“You traitor.”

They glared daggers at each other. But as they were about to face each other, Sledge smirked and brought “them” in.

“Iron Hammer group, take down Urad.”

With a loud BOOM, the door that was made of the expensive and fabled “Damascus Steel” was opened to let in the elite force of the Dorado territory, the Iron Hammer group.

“YOU DISLOYAL BASTARDS! AND YOU STILL CALL YOURSELF THE ELITE FORCE OF DORADO?” Although Urad shouted and tried to run towards them, it still wasn’t enough.

Urad, who was a miner, had no way to fight against the elite, battle-hardened veterans of the Iron Hammer group.


POW! The group punched Urad in the stomach, enough to make a human adult faint.

“HAHAHA! Now, what will you do?”

Sledge and his Iron Hammer group started walking towards Lee Chae-Rin’s seat leisurely, smirking.

“Your plot is over now. Or should I say, it was already over when you started.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” answered Lee Chae-Rin in a dry voice. 

“That Podolski is nothing but a conman.”

“No way.”

“HA! You dumb b***h. From the beginning, he wasn’t going to help you anyway. He only came because of the vast amount of resources and gold you possessed. Not only that, he should be locked in the cells by now, getting tortured. After all, I locked him up already.”

“I’ve endured enough until now,” she thought, not caring about the others.

I have no need for mercy anymore. Instead, rage boiled inside her.

Even though she tried to lead the dwarves and Dorado into a better future, she only got ignored, and it had gotten even worse when they were invaded by the other Lords.  

But the fact that she originally had a kind, benevolent nature proved to be a disaster for her as she could do nothing but get dragged around. 

“It’s time for the cleansing to commence.” She spoke.

“I can’t take any more of this disrespectful and ridiculous farce. If you want to live, kneel. This is your only chance.”

“HA!” Sledge ignored her saying and laughed at her. 

“You only know how to talk. Do you honestly think that we are going to believe you?” That was what Sledge said until… 

“You’re worse than trash.” 

A piercingly cold voice suddenly spoke. 

“If your Lord tells you to kneel, you kneel. Why do you talk so much and argue against her?”

It was… him. 

“Kill all the ones that didn’t kneel. Of course, except him.” Kang Chul-In spoke as he pointed at Sledge.

At the same time, black shadows filled the hall, coming down from the windows...




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