Chapter 52. Disloyalty leads to death.

Overlord of Blood and Iron

All the adventurers that came in from the windows were part of Team Slayers, the group of adventurers that had helped him hunt the Peacock Dragon. 

“You guys.”

The leader of the adventurers, Billy Halford, took out his fearsome mace, “Evening Star”, and spoke. 

“Our leader says to kill all the ones that didn’t kneel.”

And as soon as he finished speaking…



You could hear the sounds of screaming dwarves everywhere.

She’s grown.

Kang Chul-In stood in a corner leisurely, watching the adventurers fight. He couldn’t care less about the scene of blood. 

He had had once killed tens of thousands of people in one day, so he wouldn’t even blink at slaughter of this level. 

“Mr. Chul-In…”

Lee Chae-Rin called Kang Chul-In in a nervous voice.

“Why. Are you afraid?” he replied in a dry voice.

“It’s… terrible. Truly.” She spoke with a trembling voice.

It should be.  

Kang Chul-In could sympathize with her feelings completely. Why? It was because there was also a time when he was like her. 10 years ago.

But you still have to conquer your fear. If you cannot stand something of this level, you won’t be able to survive here. 

Maybe if she was a Lord in the main continent, he wouldn’t push her this far, but this was the Pandemonium region. This was the haven of slaughter and death. 

There was no way to survive until Ragnarok unless she faced her fears.   

“It should be painful.” He opened his mouth.

“It should be terrifying, disgusting, and terrible. I know what you feel too.” 

“But you have to be tough.”


“The second you show weakness, there will be many who try to strike you. Just like these traitors.” He said and pointed towards the dwarves that were now fighting against his group of adventurers.

“But you have to endure when it’s sad. When it’s painful. When you feel lonely. And even when you’re afraid. If not, then at least try not to show it. Always try to cloak yourself in a veil of bravado.” 

This was all he could really say from what he had experienced.

“That is a Lord. Pretending to be resourceful even when not, pretending to know even if you don’t. That’s what a Lord is. If you want to become a good Lord, then you will need to learn how to become a good pretender first.” 

“Did you… endure all of it? The fear and the loneliness? Alone? The words that you’re speaking right now… are only those spoken by the truly experienced.”

She really couldn’t see through him. The only thing she knew about Kang Chul-In was that he was the one that radiated overwhelming imposingness as well as a tough strongness.  

“One more thing,” he continued.

“Although you shouldn’t avoid and hate killing, you should never enjoy it. Although there’s only a minuscule difference, that’s what differentiates a Lord and a murderer. Always remember this. The words of a Lord can influence another’s life and death.” 

She could somewhat understand what Kang Chul-In meant.

Endure and be strong. 

“Although deciding to do so or not is your choice, Lee Chae-Rin,” he thought.

He had no more advice. He had no more to say and no more he wanted to say either. 

It’s time to join in’

While she was trying to calm herself down, Kang Chul-In realized that it was finally time for him to join in the fight.  

At this moment, Billy shouted across the hall. 

“Don’t fight them directly! These guys, they have stupidly strong strength!” 

It was true.

If an average adult human male struggled with holding up 100kg, an adult male dwarf would be able to hold up over 200kg.  

This was the difference in muscle mass and genetics; the dwarves that averaged around only 150cm tall (which is around 4’9) weighed 30 kg more than a healthy, tall human.

Long story short, dwarves were 1.5-2 times stronger than humans.  

“What the f*ck?! How come these damned dwarf bastards are so strong?”

Billy shouted and aimed for a member of the Iron Hammer group. 


The sound of metal hitting metal rang throughout the whole hall.  


Billy, who was over 190cm tall (which is around 6’2), was knocked over. The hand that held the mace had blood splattered everywhere, though by some miracle, he had managed to hold onto it. 

Seeing this scene, a few dwarves took this opportunity and ran towards Billy.

Oh sh*t. He tried to move his body, but it wouldn’t move. At this rate, there was no doubt that his head would split into two after the impact of the hammer. 

“Get out.”

At that moment, Kang Chul-In appeared and bodyslammed Billy away and faced the two dwarves running towards them. 

Speed, precision over strength.

Kang Chul-In’s eyes gleamed like those of a hawk. 


The rapier that Chae-Rin bought for Kang Chul-In showed its power as it precisely drilled into the area where the dwarf’s helmet had a gap. 


Blood splattered out from the inside of the helmet.  

But even after the dwarf became fatally injured, he tried to move towards Kang Chul-In. As expected of a dwarf, his mentality was something that deserved praise.

But the opponent was too strong. 

“Then take this.”

Kang Chul-In, who held the rapier in his right hand, dashed towards that dwarf in a lightning-quick manner and stabbed the dwarf multiple times, quickly ending his life. 

In a space of not even a second, 4 unbelievably fast strikes hit the dwarf on his mouth. Instead of just piercing through the mouth, it even went through his tough skull. 


Billy, whom Kang Chul-In had saved, looked at him as if he were Billy’s wife.

Hmm, this seems usable. 

Kang Chul-In was pretty satisfied with the new rapier, Punto, that he had received. 

This item was meant purely for stabbing, and it also had an option to allow his attacking speed to rise by 20%, allowing him to aim for the weak spots of the dwarves easily. 

Of course, to use this item to its fullest potential, the user itself had to be skilled in the way of the sword and had to stab absolutely precisely and perfectly, matching the timing as well as the area where he stabbed.

Although, this didn’t matter to Kang Chul-In, who was proficient in swordplay. 


After instantly killing two of the Iron Hammer group, Kang Chul-In spoke. 

“Yes, leader!”

The Billy who had fallen down earlier stood back up.  

“We need to end this quickly. We don’t have time.”

And he dashed off. 

This wasn’t the only problem.

In an hour, he needed to use Lee Chae-Rin’s newly purchased units to purge absolutely all of the traitors and high-ranking members of her territory. 

Finish this within 5 minutes.

After deciding on his goal, he used the mana that was stored inside of him to go into the state of Overdrive. 


Kang Chul-In alone wreaked havoc among the dwarves, injuring all the dwarves that seemed to have an advantage against the adventurers.  

But there were no instances where he personally finished them off.

He just needed to help his allies to make it an advantageous fight for them. 

The reason was because his “Overdrive” effect only lasted for a single minute.

But that in itself was enough to lead his allies to victory.  

By the time the effect was over, the fight that was once even was now heavily in the favor of the adventurers. 

“T-that monster…!” Sledge could not believe the situation right now. 

The Iron Hammer group. The elite force of Dorado began falling one by one. The Sledge that believed in his own military might felt like the sky was falling down on him.

But there was no time for regrets. 

...Because that was already the past.


After the final member of the Iron Hammer group fell to Billy’s repeated attacks, Sledge felt dread and hopelessness inside of him. 

“P-please… Spare me!” 

Sage Majestic had knelt down and had given up on his dwarf’s pride, wanting to survive.


Meanwhile, General Smith already lost both of his arms and was throwing up blood.

And the spy, Entwan, was already rolling on the floor, his corpse missing its head. 

Over. It was all over.

“It seems like I’ve found someone who is going to be usable in the future,” Kang Chul-In thought of the “Death List” that Lee Chae-Rin had written earlier and marveled. 

The “Death List” was just to test her willingness to kill and was nothing but a piece of tissue paper.

But… the list that Lee Chae-Rin wrote perfectly corresponded to the high-ranking members of the Dorado territory.  


This was proof that his eye for talent had not faded and that Lee Chae-Rin truly had hope of surviving in the Pandemonium region in the future. 

Not bad. She’s someone who could be useful if I ally with her. I’ll make sure to keep tabs on her and check up on her after this. But while he was thinking of this, Sledge started moving.

“You disgusting B*TCH!” 

Holding his fearsome hammer, Sledge started running towards Lee Chae-Rin at a fearsome speed.

“Ms. Chae-Rin! Be careful!” 

Although Billy desperately tried to chase Sledge, he was too late. Sledge had almost arrived in front of her.

It was dangerous.  

If Lee Chae-Rin’s small head took the brunt of that hammer, there was no doubt at all that she would perish instantly. However…

“How dare you.” 

Suddenly, Podolski appeared out of nowhere and bound Sledge’s right ankle up with a whip. 



As if he had fallen into a hunting trap, Sledge’s body did a 360 turn in the air and fell to the ground. 

“Is it over?” Kang Chul-In looked around the hall.

There was no one alive whose name was written down on the list by now. Even the Iron Hammer group that Sledge had put so much faith in was all lying on the floor by now, dead.  

The only one who was alive now was Sledge.


“Yes, leader.”

“Get rid of the corpses. And don’t let anyone move a muscle or speak from the ones that are alive.” 

“Just leave it to me!” 

The adventurers all started moving, following his orders.  

“Traitor.” Kang Chul-In put his rapier on Sledge’s forehead, making a drop of blood fall from his forehead down to his lips.

“And how should I kill you?” Looking at Sledge, Kang Chul-In’s gaze was frostier than a glacier. 

No, it was closer to rage than a cold expression. 

He was a man who never accepted betrayal. Especially if it was against one’s own Lord. 

Not only that, but the one who should be taking care of the Lord the best, the Secretary, was the one who led the charge against his Lord. Before he had been reborn, it was not a rare sight to see some Lords married with their secretaries. So seeing this, how could he not be angered? 

“You… dirty human!” Sledge looked at Kang Chul-In wrathfully. 

“To think that you plotted against me with that stupid b*tch… You will fall into the depths of hell! You will die unknown in a desert. Your parents’ necks will be wrung by the hands of your enemies, and your children will become slaves of your enemies and be humiliated!!!” He had started cursing at Kang Chul-In.

“If you’re going to curse, at least try to make it more detestable.” Kang Chul-In didn’t even snort.

“Oi, traitor.” Kang Chul-In gave Sledge a terrifying smile.

“There are over hundreds and thousands of guys like you, who cursed me to death.”

Out of the past Lords, if they made a ranking to see who had gotten the most hate, Kang Chul-In would definitely be at the forefront.

Because he was the greatest “villain”. After all, there was a reason that the fact that his name was synonymous with “the strongest” and also “the most evil”. 

“But do you know what happened to the ones who did curse me?” Kang Chul-In clenched his two fists.


He started to violently beat up Sledge. 

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