Chapter 56. Bloody Execution

Overlord of Blood and Iron

Kang Chul-in didn’t participate in Sledge’s execution.

Executing him was not his, but Lee Chae-rin’s responsibility, and so he didn’t want to meddle with it too much.

But he did so for the method of execution.

“Tie Sledge up inside a glass container, and prepare 500 ‘Bloody Wyrms’. 

“Don’t tell me… milord plans on doing that as his punishment?”

Podolski’s face turned pale after hearing Kang Chul-in’s orders.

“It’s because of his betrayal as the secretary.”

Hearing this, Podolski nodded as if it maked sense. 

“Since that truly is a terrible crime, I guess it’s not too far-fetched to give a punishment like this.”

“If an example is done wrong, and it’s sloppy, it’s sure to have side-effects. When we need to instill fear on the people, we’ll have to do it properly.”

“Kuku… As expected of your highness, you truly speak words like an emperor.”


“Yes, your majesty?”

“Can’t you do anything about your way of speaking?”

“That… although this servant’s body might only be twelve years old, my mind is that of an 80 year old man...I will try to fix it, your majesty.”


“Well, I’m going to go sleep. Wake me up during the evening.”

Saying this, Kang Chul-in walked to a bed and fell asleep. Since he hadn’t slept for 48 hours straight, he definitely had the right to sleep. 

And while Kang Chul-in was sleeping, the execution continued as planned.

-All of those living in the Dorado territory, meet up at the central plaza at 11:30 am. Unless you’re on guard duty on another part of the territory, it is necessary to come.

If there are those that do not follow my orders, they will be locked up in prison for 5 years.

Thanks to this cruel order, all of the civilians in the Dorado territory came to the central plaza by 11:30. And the sight that greeted them was…

“I-it’s the secretary! The secretary is locked up in a glass box!”

Was a Sledge that was twisted and tied up like a pretzel.

“What the…”

“What are you doing? Milord? What are you doing to your own underling?”

And a large number of dwarves started showing their discontent.

“Quiet, quiet.” Said Anubis imposingly, showing off his mighty physique.

“Since Lord Lee Chae-rin has not come out yet, be quiet. If you take another step forward, I will crush that mouth of yours.”

And behind Anubis, 29 different dog-men started growling; intimidating the crowd.

And while the crowd was filled with chaos.

“Hur Hur… Can our brothers bother to listen to this old man for a bit?” The Sage spoke.

“Secretary Sledge, no. Sledge was an absolute bastard. After all, he tried to rebel against our own lord!” And with this, his rant against Sledge began.

“Ooopppp… Ooooffppp…”

The Sledge who was tied up tried to speak up and against his former ally, but couldn’t, due to the ropes that tied him up.

“Let his workforce leader speak as well.” And Urad also came up.

And the two of them successfully appealed to the civilians of their Lord, as well as Sledge’s mistakes. 

And with that, all of the discontent that the dwarves had towards Lee Chae-rin vanished like smoke.

Instead, they turned their disgust and discontent towards Sledge.

“Hey, you dirty bastard!”

“Disgusting. Kak, tweh!” Some dwarves even spit on him.

“You’re a scumbag, and deserve to die!”

The angry dwarves seemed like they were about to kill Sledge.

And at this moment, Lee Chae-rin showed herself. When accompanied with Billy and the other adventurers, she seemed like an imposing Lord. 

“I’m sure you’ve heard Urad, and the Sage speaking. And that’s all true. Sledge, as well as the dead Entwan and General Smith all tried to humiliate me, and force us into losing Nidavellir. But today, as I, Lee Chae-rin execute Sledge, we will fight against those dirty invaders who took Nidavellir, and take it back! We can do it!”

They say that being honest worked.

By showing her confidence and determination to take back their holy land, the crowd erupted in cheers for her.

“And you humans in the crowd.”

“You have worked so hard until now. I don’t know how much suffering you’ve been through with a weak leader like me in power. I have no words to say as a Lord, even if I had 10 mouths.”

And she pointed at Sledge, who was tied up, and shouted.

“But this was because I had fallen into that sinister one’s trap! The dwarves have no fault in this! Although humans and dwarves should unite, it was all because of that stupid Sledge that we couldn’t. So we will, today, execute him in front of the public. Then, you guys can wave goodbye to the suffering and mistreatment you had received until now. As the Lord of this territory, I guarantee the rights of our humans civilians too!”

And when she was finished, an ear-splitting applause came from the crowd.





And as they spoke, Lee Chae-rin sighed to herself.

‘Mr. Chul-in. How did you predict all of this was going to happen? Sigh, I can’t even imagine how great of a person you are.’

Lee Chae-rin marveled once again at Kang Chul-in’s ability. If not for him, what would have happened to her by now?


“Yes, milord.”  

Although Sledge struggled, he couldn’t escape from the ropes that bound him.

And as soon as she gave her word to start the execution, the dog-men poured in the Bloody Wyrms, that were now inside of a sealed steel bag.

“AHHHHH!!!” Sledge screamed.


“Is.. Is that a bloody wyrm?”

“Is… he going to get eaten alive?”

The residents of Dorado screamed as well. The punishment they had for Sledge was much worse than what most people did as execution, such as beheading, or hanging.


Chomp, chomp.

The red worms slowly gouged out Sledge’s flesh.

No matter whether he struggled or screamed, there was no effect on the merciless Bloody Wyrms. They instinctively went for the flesh of the dwarf hanging there.

‘Endure, I have to endure. If I fail to endure here, then everything that Mr. Chul-in did for me would go to waste!’

Although Lee Chae-rin wanted to look away, she still held on toughly, her eyes glued to the sight that wasn’t meant to be seen.

Because her civilians were watching, she needed to be strong, and composed.

‘I’ll do it, Mr. Chul-in!’

It didn’t take very long for Sledge to become a skeleton.

And the civilians of Dorado were now truly impressed and entranced by their Lord’s charisma.

How could a woman like her resist the sight of a dwarf being eaten? Most likely, not even the elite soldiers of the dwarven army would be able to resist turning away.

“Rebellion means death, a gruesome death.”

“If you have a plot against me, I strongly advise that you give up right now. After all, I never forgive traitors.”

“But since we have gotten rid of one of the traitors, our future is bright. In a month, we will take back Nidavellir, and get rid of the invaders that took the place.”

Lee Chae-rin promised the residents of Dorado.

“And not only that, we allied with another Lord at the Northwest of our territory. We now have a strong, trustworthy ally.”

Hearing that they had an alliance with another Lord gave the residents a glimmer of hope.

“Thankfully for us, the Lord of Laputa, Lord Kang Chul-in said that he would be the commander of our army for this war. He is definitely a strategist that is incomparably better than General Smith.”  

As Lee Chae-rin said this, the crowd started mumbling amongst themselves.

“New commander?”

“How great of a person is he for our Lord to speak of him like that?”

“Do you know who he is?”

Conversations about Kang Chul-in popped up everywhere. Since she had called him an incomparable strategist, the civilian’s hopes for him were great.

“Because he has travelled so far and gotten rid of the rebels here, he’s taking a short rest right now. So it seems appropriate that I introduce him to Dorado later instead.”

As Lee Chae-rin said this, the crowd sighed. They definitely wanted to see the face of their new, awe-inspiring commander.

“I will promise everyone here. We will take back Nidavellir in a month and take revenge against the invaders. I will definitely not allow those bastards to take control of our territory for much longer. Well, that’s it for today.”

“Huu..” After her speech was finished, Lee Chae-rin walked into the strategy-room, exhausted.

Although she wanted nothing more than to go sleep in her bed, she didn’t feel like it would be appropriate, before she thanked Kang Chul-in.

“Mr. Chul-in?”

In the empty room was nothing but Kang Chul-in asleep.

‘What a terrifying person’. 

Looking at the sleeping Kang Chul-in, she shook her head, as if it were ridiculous. 

Terrifyingly enough, Kang Chul-in had a very detailed map of all the areas around Dorado in front of him, and that map was open, while he was asleep on his chair.

It was obvious that he had taken a short break while thinking of strategies and tactics all night long.

The sight was similar to looking at an energetic, passionate workaholic that had a short nap after doing some extra work.

“How truly…”

Lee Chae-rin started walking towards Kang Chul-in, mumbling.

Pound! Pound!

Lee Chae-rin’s heart forgot the stress and exhaustion at that moment, and beat very hard at that moment.


At that moment, deep inside Lee Chae-rin’s heart, a certain emotion towards Kang Chul-in started appearing.

Kang Chul-in had a special charm that entranced her.

As a Lord, he had pride that bordered on being too arrogant, and a cold personality, terrifying insight, as well as almost unrivalled military prowess. She wondered whether there would even be a drop of blood that came out if she stabbed him with a pike. It was like he had no weak spots.

Of course, if you looked at only those points it wouldn’t feel like he was even human at all, but looking at his sleeping face right now, that was not the case.

When she realized that the terrifying Kang Chul-in also had a human side to him, it took away Lee Chae-rin’s heart instantly. 

‘Mr. Chul-in… If he was good to me, how good would it be if he only looked at me…’

And she unknowingly greeded for him.

Although it was unimaginable, thinking of a scene where Kang Chul-in was hugging and being warm to another woman made her incomparably furious.

Funnily enough, she was jealous and angry at a person that didn’t even exist.

‘I… want him.’

At that moment, Lee Chae-rin moved her face right in front of Kang Chul-in’s, as if she were entranced.

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