Chapter 57. Magic Engineered Satellite

Overlord of Blood and Iron

Lee Chae-rin was conflicted.

What would happen if she kissed the sleeping Kang Chul-in right now? 

Would he dislike it?

Or would he like it?

What feeling would it be, kissing with a man?

Due to all of this imagination and curiosity, her mind state was already half-crazy by now.

That was how much charm Kang Chul-in had towards her.

It was as if she had been infected by the ‘bad boy syndrome’, where she wanted to be loved by a man who didn’t show interest or attraction towards her, but didn’t care at all.

It wasn’t normal.

Nowadays, what kind of woman would try to take the lips of a sleeping man? Maybe Lee Chae-rin’s eccentric behavior right now was because of all of the stress stacked up between the past few days.

“... Mr. Chul-in… Whatever. I don’t care anymore. I’ll just do it.” 

But the temptation was too great.

Lee Chae-rin leaned her face towards Kang Chul-in like she didn’t care anymore, moving towards Kang Chul-s in’s lips.

And she closed her eyes.

No, she tried to.

If Kang Chul-in didn’t open his eyes abruptly and look at her.


The two people stared at each other, their faces so close that their noses almost touched.

“Uhh… Can I ask what you’re doing right now?”

Kang Chul-in’s face turned cold.

“M-Mr. Chul-in.. That…”

“Stay back.”

“I-I’m sorry.”

Lee Chae-rin apologized and hurriedly stepped back. Because of this, her attempting in stealing his lips ended in a failure.

“Lee Chae-rin.”

Kang Chul-in asked her with an uncomfortable expression.


“What did you try to do to me just now?”

“U-uhh...I… I was trying to… get something off your face, because something was on it!”

“Is that so?”

“O-Of course!”

“Well, your intentions were good, but don’t do something like that ever again.”


“Or you’ll get hurt.”

Kang Chul-in’s face again turned cold.

Lee Chae-rin didn’t know, but she was lucky that a knife didn’t go flying at her right now. Battle maniacs like Kang Chul-in hated people going near them while they were vulnerable, after all. 

“To think that I would show weakness at this kind of time… I would have truly died if that was an assassin there.”

“Mr. Chul-in….”

“What, is there a problem?”

“You really…”


“Huu… Never mind.”

Lee Chae-rin looked as if she was going to say something, but stopped mid-way, and sighed.

“The execution is also over.”

 “Hmm, so it seems like you’ve overcome it then.”

“Yes, I just followed what you told me to do.”

“Well, let’s rest for the rest today, and talk again tomorrow. I think you need a day at least to take in what just happened after all. Oh, and…”


“Don’t lean too heavily on alcohol because you’re tired and feeling down.”


“It’s like advertising that you drank alcohol, especially what that red face of yours. Although you don’t smell of alcohol, it is a negative in itself that a Lord seems drunk.”

“Stop.” Lee Chae-rin stopped his words midway.

“I’m leaving.”


“You shouldn’t sleep in a place like this, Mr. Chul-in. Now, goodbye.” And as she said bye to him, she dissappeared from the room as if she was never there.

“I guess it could be very tiring.”

Looking at her, Kang Chul-in thought that the work could be too stressful for the current her to handle, making her angry right now.

The next day, the higher ranked members of the Dorado-Laputa allies discussed about how to approach the war.

“First of all, our problem is our lack of information.” Kang Chul-in spoke.

“How much they have, what they are doing, how their army is formatted. Do we have answers to any of these questions?”  

No-one raised their hand.

‘As expected.’

It was hard for them to even send out a scout, so obviously they had no information about their opponents. 

“Mr. Chul-in.” Lee Chae-rin spoke.

“Should we try using some scouting hawks? I think that we should send about five into their territory…”

“No.” He shook his head.

“The range is too short. Our operations will cover around 80 km. What will we do with a unit that has a maximum range of 20?”

“Hmm… Then shall we send soldiers?”

“No, that’s pointless too. By sending them, it would just be just killing them off.”

“Oh, I forgot to ask. What is the special ability of this territory?”  

“Oh, that.... Pft.” Lee Chae-rin laughed like she hadn’t for a long time.

“Ehem, ehem.”

“The thing is, the special ability of Dorado is linked to me.”

“With you?”

“Uhh… So…”

“....?”  “The special ability of this territory is called ‘embarrassed moon’.”

“I have no idea what you’re saying though…”

“Uhh… Well, it’s hard for me to explain… Urad, will you tell him for me?” Lee Chae-rin asked help from Urad.

“Yes, milord.”

“...I will take your orders.”

Although looked awkward, he still didn’t disobey Lee Chae-rin’s orders. 

“Hmm… milord Kang Chul-in?” 


“The thing is… our Dorado territory gets a special buff twice a year.”

“And when is this?”

“When it’s a full moon.”

‘As expected of the name, embarrassed moon.’ 

“And the effects?” 

“Ehem… well…”

“Just say it quickly. The meeting is more important.”

“Oh, well. I’ll just speak. When the effect is on… it’s 100 percent.” 

“Don’t avoid it.”

“When a man and a woman makes love at a full moon… the male becomes a father, and the female a mother.”

At that moment, Kang Chul-in’s countenance stiffened. 

‘God dammit, I shouldn’t have asked.’

But it was at that moment.

“Huu… to think that there was a great buff like that…”

The old Nilus nodded his head and expressed his joy.

“Your majesty, I guess we don’t need to worry about your descendants then.” And made Kang Chul-in feel awkward. 


“Later when you take in our empress, I think that we should use the first night here, during the special buff.”


“Does your majesty not think this would be the best place to take in our empress? Keeping the royal bloodline alive is the most important after all. 

The Nilus that looked like he would go to primary school was speaking like this, and the atmosphere soon turned weird because of him. And because Kang Chul-in couldn’t tell him to just get older, he made Kang Chul-in feel awkward too.


“Yes, you’re majesty!”

“Stop saying things that an old man would say.”

“But I am an old man though…”

“Go outside and kneel there, while raising your hands up.”

“Y-your majesty… how could you do this to an old man like me…”


Eventually, Nilus had to go out of the meeting and kneel down there, holding his hands up for more than just a couple of hours.

“Ho, how old are you to come out here and do this?”

“You got in trouble with your parents? You shouldn’t come close here though, it’s for authorities only.”

“Huu, you’re a troublemaker, huh?”  

The maids and servants passing by all talked to him, and poor Nilus had tears flowing down from his eyes.

“Well, no we’ll start to talk about the battle we’re about to fight in.”

And with  Kang Chul-in’s annoyed face, the meeting began.

“Now, I will begin our scouting mission.”

And as Kang Chul-in said that, he took out the Soul Core of his Laputa territory, and opened the Cosmic Force menu for the first time.

  • Cosmic Force 

Type: Magical Satellite

Uses: For many things 

Explanation: A satellite with Magic applied in it.

Level: Level 1 (Maximum level 5)

Level 1: Search (Able to use)

Level 2: Area Search System (Unable to use)

Level 3: Pulse Wave (Unable to use)

Level 4: (Unable to use, unlocked when get level 4)

Level 5: (Unable to use, unlocked when get level 5)

Kang Chul-in was shocked.

‘So many types…’

He was very surprised… to think that there were also so much type of searches…

‘What a money-eating machine…’

And he was also surprised at how much money it took to use it.

          Search (Max Level 5)

Explanation: Scans the area around you, going up to a maximum of 50km.

Basic Scan: 500 gold per scan

Live-time Scan: 1200 gold per minute

Live-time heat wave scan: 1800 gold per minute 

Note: Can only be used in a 500km radius of Laputa, the range increases as the Level of Cosmic Force increases.

It really made one scream in horror at the price.

The basic scan took 200,000 dollars per scan. And that was the cheapest option.

Even someone like Lee Chae-rin, who specialized in making money, would feel pain looking at the options.

‘Is it a sort of penalty?’

Well, if this sort of thing was cheap, it would be totally unbalanced, and completely broken; OP. 

But Kang Chul-in accepted the cost. 

‘Well, at least I will try it out.’

After spending the 500 gold, Kang Chul-in bought the Basic Scan option, and used it immediately. And as he did so, the space around him fluctuated, and brought up a mini-map, telling him to select an area. 


Kang Chul-in selected the Dorado territory area. He wanted to see around them first.


As soon as he clicked on the area, many pictures of the 50 km around the territory also came up, but as a hologram.


“Is this the ground from a bird’s eye view?”

“What an incredible map!”

“What in the world… is this?”

The people watching this scene nearly fell from their chairs with shock. 

“Mr. Chul-in… is that… a satellite?”

But only Lee Chae-rin was shocked for another reason. To think that there would be satellites in Pangaea…

“Shh, quiet.”

Kang Chul-in pointed at specific places of the map, and spoke. 

“Here, here, and here.”

Looking at the map in front of him, he put a red flag where the enemies where concealed, and were prepared to launch guerilla attacks on them. 

“Although I’m not sure how much of their troops are covered by the trees and the forest, but this is what we got to know. Now we know that they don’t have a particularly large amount of troops waiting nearby.”

“Then since we know where they are, shall we get rid of them?”  


Kang Chul-in shook his head. 

“Getting rid of them in such an open manner is a stupid thing to do. If we attack them and they get information of us after that, it would be a loss for us.”

“Yes, that’s true.”  

“But something is off.”

Looking at some special things in the hologram, Kang Chul-in furrowed his eyebrows in discomfort.

“What’s wrong?”

“I thought you guys had lost multiple times already. It wouldn’t be exactly weird if they just came against you guys, going all in. But there are not much troops around here. This doesn’t make sense at all. 

That’s right.

The Dorado territory had almost lost 2000 soldiers while trying to take back Nidavellir. 

But to think that the enemies wouldn’t attack them during this weakened state? Even when they were 1 hit away from being destroyed?

It was impossible that they would just let her go, and try to humiliate her. This was not how things worked.

‘Should I do a live time scan… No, that’s too expensive.’

Kang Chul-in tried to think of the reasons for why this would happen. 


‘Is there a possibility that…’

And as he was thinking, there was an explanation that made sense, and came to mind.

“To think that they have no finishing ability.”

If the scenario was what he was thinking of, the war wouldn’t take a month, it wouldn’t even take a week to finish.

“Why? Did you figure something out?” Lee Chae-rin asked.

“These bastards, they are celebrating too early.”


 “Yes. They have decided that your territory is already done for.”

“What… does that mean?"

Lee Chae-rin tilted her head to show that she didn’t understand. And neither did the ones sitting down in the tactics meeting.

“These guys…”

Kang Chul-in spoke in a convincing manner. “They are fighting each other.”

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