Chapter 59. The War Begins

Overlord of Blood and Iron

“Buy 300 soldiers as well as two D-ranked magic cannons and four artillery machines.”

“Magic cannons?”

“Are they similar to the cannons on Earth?”

“As if. As a D-ranked unit, its range and damage are low, but it is still the best card that we have.”

Compared to the cannons on Earth, Pangaea’s ones were definitely lackluster, but it still had a significant effect, especially in the low levels.

The higher-ranked cannons were definitely able to rival those of Earth.

An example of this was Hecate. She had a shooting range of 10km with 74 cannons that could shoot from the air. This was one of her famed attacks, one that she self-proclaimed as “Fire”.

“Okay, got it.”

“And add in two battle ogres as well as eight troll guards.”

“Since we bought some already, isn’t it better to just buy more cannons?”

“There is a limit of how many you can buy depending on the level of the Lord. The maximum you can buy right now should be two.”


Lee Chae-Rin nodded, understanding the situation.

“This… is so expensive…”

Lee Chae-Rin’s eyes widened as she looked at the price of the magic cannons.

    Magic Cannon

Type: Magic weapon

Rank: D

Price: 1200 gold

Range: 2km

Shots per minute: 2

Maximum recharge: 10

Cooldown: 24 hours

Cost for reloading: 5 gold per shot

Explanation: Shoots with a bullet made of mana. After shooting all 10 of the bullets, there is a 24-hour cooldown.

*Limit of bullets due to level (max 10)

*There are no limits to how many cannons you can have if you take them

*Can be further upgraded with gold.

“You should use them after upgrading them first.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Get ready. You need to make sure that the cannons are covered with something. If our enemies see it, it would be troublesome.”

After Lee Chae-Rin left the war room, Kang Chul-In started thinking.

A war that’s like a real war…. It’s been some time.

Wars in Pangaea were vastly different from the ones on Earth.

The army, made up of both humans and monsters, fought against enemies and also used magically loaded weapons to shoot from far away.

And not only that, but there were also magicians like Nilus that made a huge difference.

However, the true key factor and “flowers of war” were superhumans like Kang Chul-In.

If someone was over Level 100, they could definitely influence the battlefield hugely.

A great example of this was Kang Chul-In and Dorian, who had changed almost impossible fights to ones that they won with their sheer strength.

There was also a time when Kang Chul-In had destroyed one of Rothschild’s fortress’s halls all by himself and was known as a legend after.

Kang Chul-In could still remember the excitement he felt back then. Maybe he went to war to experience those feelings again.

Of course, the difference of strength between the old and new Kang Chul-In was huge, but the fact that he still roamed the battlefield remained the same.

“Mr. Chul-In, when shall we move our army?”

After she had gotten the job of getting rid of the guerilla squad from Kang Chul-In, Lee Chae-Rin seemed impatient to move.

“There will be a signal.”

“Signal? Will Podolski send us a signal?”

“This isn’t Earth. There is no way for Podolski to be able to do that.”

“That’s true…”

“The signal will be given by the enemies.”


Lee Chae-Rin couldn’t understand Kang Chul-In’s words.

The enemies would give them a signal?

That didn’t make sense to her. It wasn’t as if the enemies were going to say “we’re having a war!” to them in a welcoming manner. To her, Kang Chul-In’s words didn’t make sense.

“Look at the sky, and you will get the answer.”

Kang Chul-In sipped the wine of the Dorado territory and pointed towards the sky.

“The… sky?”

Lee Chae-Rin followed Kang Chul-In’s fingertips and looked up.

“… My eyes hurt.”

“Should we try using Cosmic Force instead?”

“No money. If we use money like that, we will go bankrupt in no time. Even you shouldn’t have money right now.”


Lee Chae-Rin had spent nearly all of her gold buying the troops just now. If she was unable to take back Nidavellir, she would also become like Kang Chul-In and become a poor Lord.

Time passed until it became noon.

“That’s the signal,” Kang Chul-In said.

“The signal?”



Kang Chul-In pointed towards scouting hawks that were flying through the air.

And there weren’t just one or two of them.

There were almost ten of them. It was definitely to check her territory.

“Because they are having an all-out war, they are afraid of their backside,” Kang Chul-In explained.


“They are going to fight soon. How bad would your territory look in their eyes?”


Listening to Kang Chul-In’s explanations, Lee Chae-Rin thought of the state of things in Dorado right now.

Hobos lying on the streets, corpses everywhere, soldiers without discipline, burning buildings. Everything would seem bad to them.

“They would be able to think that we are out of action and go to war with a calm state of mind.”


“Then we strike them in the back, just like you said?”


Kang Chul-In nodded.

“Let’s go. We will let them taste hell.”

I will do it, Mr. Chul-In!

Although Lee Chae-Rin was nervous because this was her first battle, she thought of the stable man who never swayed as well as the man she now loved. She clenched her teeth.

She needed to get rid of their guerilla troops in order for Kang Chul-In to move his troops into position.

“Milord.” Anubis came forward and spoke to her.

“I will protect you, milord. Please have some confidence.”

“Of course, Anubis.”

Anubis tried to relieve Lee Chae-Rin’s stress and nervousness. As expected, the dog-men were truly loyal.

Lee Chae-Rin and her personal guards, the newly named “Royal Hounds”, started moving quickly and quietly against the guerilla squad.

Because they had checked their enemies’ positions through Cosmic Force, their movements were very quick.

Sniff, sniff!

Anubis and the Royal Hound’s smelled the surroundings to check for the scent of their enemies. After all, they were dog-men.

Their noses could sense whether the enemies were moving or not, so it made it almost impossible for their enemies to escape from them.

“We’ve arrived, milord.”

Anubis, lying face down in the grass, whispered to Lee Chae-Rin.

In front of them were around 20 men in the squad, lying down in their tents. They thought that they wouldn’t be attacked by the puny Dorado territory and were camped out like this.

“Then, we shall attack immediately.”

“Yes, milord.”

Anubis nodded, and all of the Royal Hounds tensed their muscles, ready to dash out of the grass at any time towards the enemies.

“One, Two… Three!”

As soon as the signal came, the Royal Hounds each grabbed their staff in one hand and a knife in the other and rushed towards the enemies like lightning.

A slaughter began.




Although the guerilla squad screamed and tried to run, there was no mercy.

They were smacked to death by the staves, cut to death by the knives, and pierced to death by the sharp teeth of the dog-men. To the lax guerilla squad, there was only death.


“Do not let a single one go. If our plan leaks, everything will be for nothing.”

Soon, everything was cleared out, and even the ones who tried to run had been taken down quickly by the dog-men.

“We will move again. We don’t have much time.”

Lee Chae-Rin moved quickly and took the Royal Hounds with her.

Kang Chul-In waited for Lee Chae-Rin’s signal. She was to get rid of the guerilla squad and ambush the enemies.

After waiting for around 3 hours… the signal came. From far away, a yellow flag waved towards them.

“So you’ve succeeded, Lee Chae-Rin.”

Kang Chul-In smiled as if satisfied with her and took the 500 soldiers waiting outside.

It was a quiet march.

Their destination was the west side of the Plains.

Kang Chul-In set up the two magic cannons 2km away from the battlefield and told them to fire when the battle reached the climax.

The rest of the troops were stationed on a hill where they could see what was going on.

From up to down.

There was definitely an advantage of high ground here, as setting up an ambush from the high ground was very effective.

After that, they hid and waited for their enemies to come.

The sun fell, and night came.

The plains were quiet.

Not even an ant, much less a soldier, was seen in the plains, although the occasional boar or prairie dog came out.

The fight begins the next morning.

Because Kang Chul-In was sure that the battle would occur here in the plains, he didn’t feel impatient.

Looking at the map and the hologram pictures, there was no other place as likely as this for the two Lords to start a war. This wasn’t a prediction but an inevitability.

And just like Kang Chul-In thought, when the sun started rising, his words turned out to be true.

“Your majesty, the enemies have appeared!”

Although Kang Chul-In told Nilus not to come to the battlefield because of his age, he still followed.

“Good, just wait a bit.”

Kang Chul-In didn’t give an attack order. If they attacked now, it would just become a 3-way war.

He wanted to attack when they were at the climax of the war.

Not long after, the battle began.

The armies of the two Lords fought each other in the middle of the plains, showing off their strength to each other.

“Everyone, gather round.”

While the battle was occurring in the plains, Kang Chul-In gathered all of the soldiers from the Dorado territory.

“Do you see those filthy invaders?”

Kang Chul-In pointed at the middle of the battlefield and shouted.

“Those bastards took our sacred land and even murdered our brethren. They are just robbers!”

Listening to him, one of the soldiers passionately shouted.

“That’s right!”

“Those bastards should be ripped to shreds!”

“My brother died at the hands of those guys!”

“They have touched what they shouldn’t have touched!”

An army with high morale doesn’t lose easily. And that was the same for an army filled with hatred.

The soldiers from Dorado had a lot of things going for them right now. They wanted nothing more than to go up and kill those filthy invaders.

“The chance has come.”

“This is the chance to cleanly sate your thirst for revenge! Everyone, your chance is here!”

The body of the soldiers all trembled.

Motivation made someone strong.

And if the cause of that was because of revenge?

They would definitely give it more than their original ability. Even someone weak would become a ferocious beast when they had hatred within their heart.

And not only that, but they could see their enemies tearing each other apart. There was no other time and place for them to be so highly motivated.


Kang Chul-In shouted loudly.

“I will stand in the front. ALL MEN, CHARGE!!!”

And before anyone, he sprinted towards the fight.





Shouting loudly, the 500 soldiers of the Dorado territory all followed Kang Chul-In’s lead and ran into battle.

At that same instant, the cannons of their allies began firing against their enemies.

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