Chapter 60. I’ll be right back

Overlord of Blood and Iron


The Lord Elizabeth stabbed her spear towards an enemy soldier.


The soldier screamed pitifully and fell.

‘To think that I would be dragged out to the battlefield.’

Podolski, who had cut down an enemy soldier, smiled as if he was sick of it.

Somehow, he had gotten dragged into this mess as a mercenary of Reginald, the Lord of the North. Although there were some chances to get out, he tried to get more information, and had now lost the timing.

“You bastard!”

It was at this moment.

“You’re not ba…”

The enemy that Podolski faced turned his head towards him, and they saw each other, and were stunned.

“Uhh.. how did you get here? You are definitely one that could have gotten out of this mess…”

Billy spoke, confusedly.

“… I greeded for too much information, and got into this mess.”

Podolski scratched the back of head, embarrassed.

“You bastards!”

“You there! What the hell are you doing with the enemy, huh? I told you to kill, kill him!”

The two soldiers started swearing at the two of them that were standing there.

“Uhh, what should we do now?”

Podolski didn’t answer.

“Did boss tell you anything about when he would come?”

“Probably when the battle reaches the climax, that’s when he will come.” Podolski answered.

“The climax? Not when it’s over? Wouldn’t that be much easier?” 

“No.” Podolski shook his head.

“There are very few battles where one side are completely annihilated. Normally, the side who has lost will retreat, and give up on the territory, and so will the winners, as they are tired.”

And as he spoke, Podolski cut the throat of a charging enemy soldier.

“…Then if that happens, wouldn’t we be able to catch two rabbits at once? When the battle reaches its climax, there is a high chance he comes in and wipes everyone out.”

Podolski accurately predicted Kang Chul-in’s thoughts. It was as expected as an experienced veteran of war.

“Oh… Then… Shall we join in…”

“Oh, yes. Let’s fight a little bit, and join in when our lord comes here.”

The two of them tried to turn around, but at that moment…

“Vice Leader Billy!”

Podolski abruptly started heading towards Billy.

“Commissioner Podolski!”

And Billy also towards Podolski.

“How dare you!”

“You bastard!”

Podolski and Billy both slashed their swords out.


Blood flowed everywhere, and also fell afterwards.



Two soldiers of opposing forces fell. Podolski and Billy both saved each other.

“Kuuuhhh~~ bro!”

Billy pointed a thumbs up! towards Podolski.

And Podolski himself gave a sign of respect to Billy with his hands.

“W-what the hell are these guys doing?”

“What was that just now? An ally just killed an ally?”

“These crazy bastards!”

But the problem was that some people had witnessed this scene.

“Vice leader Billy.”

“Commissioner Podolski.”

The two of them called each other. And traded glimpses with each other.


The two of them both started running at this moment.

And while the two of them had a very ‘weird’ battle, the other side of the battle was very fierce. Neither side was turning back, and they had truly started a fierce battle.

“God dammit!”

At the northern territory, the Lord of the Tempaman territory,  Reginald scrunched his lips and spoke angrily.

But it was obvious that he would be raging.

Right now, the one that owned Nidavellir was none other than Reginald.

If he won the battle, he would be able to take both Lee Chae-rin’s Dorado territory and Nidavellir, but he wasn’t able to win and was tied in a deadlock.

He was about to cross his boiling point, so it was obvious he was frustrated.

“God dammit, I have no choice.”

The impatient Reginald made orders.

“Send out the twin-head ogre.”

And after Reginald sent out his orders, some soldiers dragged out two twin-head ogres that were bound by steel chain.


The twin-head ogres shouted a huge battle roar and started sprinting towards the enemy lines like crazy.


As the ogre made sounds like a miniature earthquake, the Ogre’s started massacring the enemies unstoppably.

As expected of the monstrosity that was the twin-head ogre.

As soon as the ogre leapt into battle, the battle’s tide has turned. As the monster known as the king of the forest, it was obvious that the Tempaman territory would have the advantage now.

And seeing this sight, the Lord of the Crete territory, Elizabeth clenched her teeth and decided to go out her self.


She took out her sword.


The secretary of the Creta territory, Eva, tried to stop her.

“How could you go by yourself…”

“I have to go!” Elizabeth shouted fiercely.

“See, we’re losing ground!”

“Even still…”

“What else do you have to say?”


Eva sighed in her mind.

This wasn’t the first time that they had argued like this.


Eva’s face turned pale.

“Learn your place, woman.”

Elizabeth said fiercely.

“I am the lord. Not you.”

“B-but I am your…”

“Shut up.”

Elizabeth’s sword touched the neck of Eva.


With a groan, red blood started flowing from Eva. If the sword went any further, Eva would definitely die.

“I will teach you some manners after this battle.”

Elizabeth said coldly, and walked away from Eva. And soon, her personal guard followed her.



Everywhere she went, the enemy soldiers fell like leaves. Her swordplay was fancy, yet sharp.

“Her, kill her! That woman is the Lord of the Crete territory!”

When some of the Tempaman soldiers recognized her, they all started rushing towards her, eager to kill her.

“A bunch of small fry.”

Elizabeth smiled violently. Although she was a beauty with blonde hair and blue eyes, she was as violent as a serial killer. And not only that…

“KAHHH!!”  “KUH!” 

Her skills were also very impressive.

“Twin-head ogre?”

She smirked.

 “Yeah, let’s see what happens when we fight.”

Laughing confidently, she pulled out her sword, Destroyer, which had blood all over it.

And with another smile, Elizabeth headed straight towards enemy lines.

And as she did so, blood started flowing. She… had a special ability that helped her swordplay, until she was almost invincible.

After the Twin-ogre and Elizabeth joined the fight, the battle became even again.

“God dammit!”

Billy, who had become a mess in the chaos swore.

“Vice leader, it’s dangerous there!”

One of the adventurers that had followed Billy warned him.

“Who dares to try and kill me?”

Billy swung his mace and broke the skull of his enemy.


Podolski let in a deep breath and breathed violently.

“It should be about time that milord…”

Podolski and Billy both fought in a battle where they could no longer recognize friend or enemy.

Whoever ran in died. They didn’t care whether they were from the Crete or Tempaman territory.

“Vice captain Billy!”

Podolski shouted.


Billy’s face stiffened.


The monster that was the Twin-head Ogre started rushing towards the tired Billy.

Billy predicted his death. There was no way for him to stop a monster rushing towards him at 130km/h, much less when he was exhausted.

But it was at that moment.

He heard a sound that nearly tore apart his eardrums.



WIth the loud sound, the left side of the Twin-head ogre became nothing. It had taken the full force of the magic cannon.


The firing continued.


Podolski shouted.


The Billy, who nearly died just now, shouted back.

“It’s the firing of our allies! We need to get out of here! Quick!”

Podolski and Billy, as well as the other adventurers that joined them used all of their strengh to leave the battle. And where they left, the cannons started shooting again.

“There, over there!”

Podolski pointed towards a hill.


Billy made a happy face, as if he met his fiance.


“KILL! SHOW THOSE INVADERS WHO REALLY IS BOSS!”  It was Kang Chul-in who was leading the soldiers down the hill at a fast speed.

And it was the right timing.

Both the Crete and Tempaman army were less than half of its original size, and because the fight was completely chaotic right now, it would be easier for them to clean them up.



Both Podolski and Billy called Kang Chul-in.

“You’ve worked hard!”

Kang Chul-in said.

“But why were you still there? You nearly died to the firing of our own allies.”

“Whatever, I will listen to you guys later.”

Kang Chul-in passed both Billy and Podolski. This was not the time to listen to their stories, but time to wipe out those invaders.

And thanks to that, the two of them didn’t have to come up with a lame excuse.

“This way!”

Kang Chul-in spoke in an ear piercing voice. This was the area where the firing wouldn’t reach.

And at that moment, his B rank ability, ‘conquer’ activated, and started affecting the soldiers of the Dorado territory,

‘Conquer’ allowed the soldiers to have a 10% increase in morale and strength.

If the rank of the ability went up in the future, it definitely would progress even more.

Thanks to his buffs, the Dorado soldiers began to massacre both the Crete and Tempaman soldiers.

“Do not go any further! The firing of our allies has not finished yet! Calm down for now!” 

Kang Chul-in stayed in the front of them and cut each enemy down while also speaking calmly.

Before the firing of their allies finished, going in like that was akin to suicide.

Although they wanted to go mad and kill all of them, they needed to resist the urge for now and wait for the firing to finish.


Kang Chul-in counted the number of bullets that had fallen so far.



The maximum of each cannon was 10. And because there were two cannons, there would be 20 shots that would be fired.





As soon as the firing of their allies finished, Kang Chul-in raised his sword up in the air, and shouted at the soldiers, and marched forwards.

“FORWARDS! Keep the formation, and kill all of them! Just don’t split up! As long as we keep the basic formation, it doesn’t matter how you guys fight!”

Although what he asked for was basic, it was also the most effective. Because the enemies were all tangled together and his allies were in a formation, they could start a one sided massacre.


Kang Chul-in also called in the battle ogre into the middle of the battlefield, to cause even more chaos.

“Troll guards, protect our allies from the Twin-head ogre.”

He used the troll guards to protect the frontal line of their formation.

And the effect was huge,

The Dorado army used merciless attack to kill their enemies, and never broke their formation. And this lead to a one sided massacre, sweeping through both the army of the Crete and Tempaman.


Looking at the army that was fighting effectively, Kang Chul-in sighed loudly and started walking forwards.

While Kang Chul-in was a great general, he was also a poor general.

Although he was a Lord, he walked into the middle of enemy lines like this, and this made him a poor general.

But what could he do?

Roaming the battlefield like this was one of Kang Chul-in’s favorite activities.


Kang Chul-in passed by Urad, and spoke.

“Yes, commander!”

“I’ll be right back.”


And as soon as he finished his words, Kang Chul-in ran like lightning, towards the middle of enemy lines.

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