Chapter 62. Kang Chul-In VS Berserker

Overlord of Blood and Iron

Elizabeth’s eyes almost popped out from anger after hearing Kang Chul-in’s taunting.


Her eyes almost shot fire from anger.

“Okay, I’ll fight you then.”

Elizabeth spoke, enraged.

Her appearance now was so frightening and fearsome, that the soldiers of the Dorado territory all instinctively backed off.

“Everyone, focus on fighting.”

But Kang Chul-in was still calm.

“Leave this place to me.”

And Kang Chul-in started walking to Elizabeth slowly.


Elizabeth launched the first strike.


Red ‘mana fire’ coated Elizabeth’s sword, the destroyer.


Their swords clashed, and made an incredible impact.


And the one that lost this exchange was Elizabeth.

In fact, she was pushed back so hard that she nearly let go of her sword.

They had only clashed their swords against each other, the impact made her hand where she held the sword rip apart.

“You’re… strong.”

She laughed crazily, while licking the blood spewing out of her mouth.

Her eyes showed her madness, and she was absolutely crazy with madness right now. But because of this, her rage in battle also rose.

‘So annoying.’

Looking at her, Kang Chul-in realized that she was quite the annoying and troublesome opponent.

Berserkers were always annoying to fight against.

These kinds of people weren’t afraid of everything, and this made their attacks fearsome and desperate.

And because they didn’t focus on defense and only attack, they were annoying to battle against.

“Oi, yellow leaf.”

Kang Chul-in stared at her with an unsatisfied expression.

Although she looked like a rare talent and a force to be reckoned with from far away, she was now nothing more than a piece of yellow grass in his eyes.

She was just a demon that was drunk on blood, and Kang Chul-in thought that she was less than even dirt, or trash.

She was just a Lord that was an ‘Ability Abuser’, and thought that they were the strongest just relying on their ability.

Although he thought of taking her in under his wing if she was a decent fighter, but now, he thought of her as rotten fish.

“Just die.”

Kang Chul-in started running towards her again.


And as the two blades met each other…


Elizabeth flew back 10m, and landed on the ground. While their swords met, he had knee-kicked her, and sent her flying away.

But Kang Chul-in didn’t stop there.

‘Trash like her shouldn’t be alive.’

That was how Kang Chul-in thought of her.

And he ran back towards her, stabbing ‘Punto’ towards her.


Elizabeth screamed in agony, while trying to dodge Kang Chul-in’s attacks, rolling in the blood-soaked ground. But Kang Chul-in’s blade sliced her hair apart.


And she stood back up like a demon, and started laughing. Because the sight of this was quite dreadful, Kang Chul-in squinted his eyes in displeasure.

“You are… strong…but…”

Elizabeth said in a dismal tone.

“The one that rules the battlefield here… IS ME! IT’S ME!”

“SO DIE!” 

Elizabeth rushed forward in an unseen speed, faster than all of her attacks so far, and swung her sword madly.

To describe it roughly, it was like ‘mad sword’? Although the precision fell, the speed and power behind each blow made even Kang Chul-in feel some threat.

“This kind of rampage…”

Kang Chul-in muttered to himself as if it was funny.

This was the state of ‘Outrage’, where the mana inside one’s chest reacted with someone’s madness, turning into the state of Outrage.

Outrage was a skill that was found in people who were both powerful, yet mentally unstable.

Elizabeth had truly become a berserker now, a monster who only focused on killing her enemies.

And she suddenly shortened the distance between them, before aiming for his waist and swinging.


He calmly predicted the incoming strike…

And ‘POW’.

Countered against her fearsome attack.


Elizabeth was knocked away flying, blood spraying across the ground. She was hit by his powerful counter attack.

‘Time to follow-up.’

Kang Chul-in immediately chased to where she was sprawled on the ground. Bleeding.

When fighting against a berserker, it was important to try and finish off the battle as soon as possible.

Warriors like berserkers got more powerful as the wounds inflicted upon them started stacking, and grew stronger as they kept on fighting.

It was like a flame that burnt terribly brightly before extinguishing, a berserker was an existence that would run into a fight if they had even the slightest bit of health or mana left.

‘Aim for the heart.’

Kang Chul-in had shortened the distance between the two of them, and stabbed towards the heart of the crazed woman.

And because of the effect of the item that he wielded, his stab was as quick as lightning.

But it was at that moment.

A knight got into the way of Kang Chul-in and Elizabeth.


The blade stabbed through the knight, and not through Elizabeth.


The knight spat out blood.

“O-Our Lord… Will be protected by…our knigh….”

And it was at that moment too.


Around 20 of Crete’s elite force, the White-Lion Knights rushed towards Kang Chul-in.

‘As expected of the elite force.’

Kang Chul-in inwardly admired the enemy knights.

No, he had to admire them.

They ran in this chaotic battlefield to save Elizabeth, despite the dangers.

Although they didn’t know whether saving the berserker Elizabeth was worth it, they still tried to do it, as the knights of the territory.

And Kang Chul-in rated them highly.

Ones that would risk their lives in this kind of situation should be respected. Whether the reason for that was because of duty, or loyalty.


This was the battlefield. Respecting the enemy and being annoyed at the knight that had blocked his way from killing his enemy was a different story.


The knight that was blocking Kang Chul-in’s way was sliced in half.

“Get out of my way.”

Kang Chul-in warned them, with the blood splattering on his face.

“Will you lose your precious lives trying to save trash like that?”

It was pity and mercy for those that he thought deserved respect.



The White-Lion Knights couldn’t answer his question.

And even in their eyes, Elizabeth was not sane.

The reddish, blood-shot eyes, the pitch-black retinas, the ripped mouth, as well as the crazy-looking face. The Lord of Crete was no longer there, just a crazy blood-devil.


Elizabeth, no, the berserker was laughing madly, feeling her rampaging mana inside of her body.

She certainly did get stronger.

Although she would definitely become crippled or disabled afterwards, she really was a powerful existence at the moment.

But that was obvious, as the price to become that powerful was also as costly, she had to spend her life force for it.


Elizabeth screamed madly.


The one that looked to be the captain and leader of the knights stepped out.

“No matter what. Us knights, protect our lord.”

Despite Kang Chul-in’s warnings, the knights didn’t budge an inch.

“You should get out of my way.”

This was loyalty that could be praised by him. They were on a different level to people like Sledge.


Kang Chul-in smiled, his face twisted.

It didn’t feel good when he had to kill those that were loyal.

But why did these knights have to be underlings of that crazy woman?

If they were under him, he would definitely treat them well, but to think that he would have to kill the knights that he wanted as underlings in battle… to Kang Chul-in, it wasn’t a good feeling.

“There’s no choice.”

There really was no other option.

“Don’t blame me for this then.”

He had to kill them.


The leader of the knights shouted. It was because Kang Chul-in was running straight towards them.


The knight that was nearest to Kang Chul-in screamed in pain, his blood splattering everywhere.

“Don’t fight him alone! The enemy is strong.”

The knights stood in front of him, in a formation. Since they realized that they would die if they split up, they decided to group together in order to better resist him.

“Haa… Haa..” 

And while that was happening, Elizabeth was breathing heavily, and reaching the pinnacle state of ‘Outrage’.

‘Crackle, CRACKLE!’

Elizabeth’s sword was now coated with mana-fire, and was giving off powerful energy, like the tongue of a snake.

“This is my territory… This is my battle… Kuku.”

And the muttering Elizabeth flung herself towards Kang Chul-in like a catapult, a bloody-reddish aura flowing out from her body.

And with a shout, she aimed her blade at Kang Chul-in.

And it hit the left side of his body.


With a sound that was louder than when the energy blasts were coming out from the cannons, Kang Chul-in was pushed back around 2 meters.

The Kang Chul-in, who had never lost in terms of power before had been pushed back.


And surprisingly, a drop of blood flowed down from Kang Chul-in’s hands. His palms had nearly been ripped by Elizabeth’s destructiveness.


And Elizabeth chased him, and started raining down attacks on him like crazy.


Realizing that this was their golden opportunity, the White-Lion knights moved in, protecting Elizabeth and putting her in the center, while also attacking Kang Chul-in.

And they all went in against him.


Kang Chul-in blade, Elizabeth’s blade, and even the blades of the White-Lion knights clashed against each other.

And slowly, Kang Chul-in was being pushed back, 1 step, 2 steps. Although he would definitely destroy Elizabeth in a one on one fight, the numerous knights made the difference, and even the mighty Kang Chul-in was feeling threatened.

“Milord, now! You should flee from here…”

The leader of the knights recommended her to hide and recuperate instead of fighting.



All that came back was a devilish scream.

‘Our lord…. has lost her sanity.’

At this moment the leader of the knights realized that Elizabeth had embarked on a path of no return, but he still couldn’t back off.

It was a battle of one against many, a battle of Kang Chul-in and the territory of Crete. And nearly all of those in the battlefield was focused on their battle.

The Elizabeth in a berserker and ‘outrage’ state was nearly as powerful as Kang Chul-in, and the knights themselves pressured Kang Chul-in back with their commendable skill.


And Elizabeth had become a devil.

Her body was filled with blood because she had rolled on the ground, and her own blood made her look like a blood devil.

And the Elizabeth in this state was capable of threatening even Kang Chul-in. The onlookers, looking at the Kang Chul-in being pushed back, was impatient to join the battle.



The Podolski and Billy duo stepped out to help him. And the 30 men of adventurers also followed. If they helped, Kang Chul-in was able to relax.

But Kang Chul-in didn’t welcome the joining of his allies.

“Don’t join in.”

Kang Chul-in commanded them, and swung his sword widely and backed off. And he spoke not to his allies, but his enemies.

“Sigh, do you…”

Kang Chul-in stepped forward.


And Kang Chul-in’s body radiated a shapeless and formless aura around him, pressuring his surroundings.


And sparks also flew.

“Have to make someone this angry?”

Kang Chul-in just threw his blade, Punto into the ground.


Punto, which had lost some of its sharpness during the clashes, was now rolling on the floor.

With an item like this, he wouldn’t be able to fight well against Elizabeth. Even his fists were better. It seemed like he would need a unique rank or above item soon.

“All of you…”

Kang Chul-in spoke, laughing.

“Get ready for a beating.”

And he moved towards the enemies with his two fists clenching, and his ‘Overdrive’ state on.

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