Chapter 63. True Powerhouse

Overlord of Blood and Iron

And while the great battle was going on, the Dorado soldiers went on a rampage, absolutely destroying the Crete and the Tempaman territory’s troops.

The Dorado troops, who had a high morale,  laughed and killed whoever they saw.

While the Dorado troops were marching valiantly, the soldiers of the Crete and Tempaman tried to fight back clumsily. It was almost as if you couldn’t notice that they were the ones fighting so intensely earlier.

“Milord! Our soldiers are out of control!”

A military officer of Tempaman stated to Reginald.

“I know.”

Reginald spoke back with a bleak, desolate tone.

“Out of control… this is going to be a complete annihilation.’

Reginald realized the winner of this battle was not Elizabeth of Crete and not him either. The true winner of this battle was the weak, puny Dorado territory that they had lorded over before.

“Does it… end like this.”

Reginald spoke again with a despairing tone.

‘End’ didn’t mean just the winning and losing of this battle.

Although Elizabeth of Crete was in the same situation, Reginald had bet his all on this battle.

And the past few days, these two territories had spent all of their money and troops for a war like this. This was a war that either side desperately needed to win.

But they had lost.

Although they had bet everything they had in this war, knowing they couldn’t turn back, they had lost. They had lost a war that couldn’t be lost and their territory had truly become crippled.

“Milord, I think we should retreat back to our territory.”

“Sigh… okay… Go… Let’s go back.”

Reginald spoke in a powerless voice.

Because he had lost everything in this war and they had no future anymore, they had to get out of the hellish battlefield to preserve their lives.

Turning his back around his soldiers that were being massacred, Reginald turned the head of his horse.


“Move out! Move out!”

The military officers of the Tempaman territory made some space for Reginald to get through. They would use their horses and flee from a battle like this.

No, they would try to, but would fail.

Crack, CRACK! 

The ground started cracking, which caused a rupture. And because of that, the horse-ridden officers all fell backwards with their horses, or just fell down from their horses entirely.


And suddenly, a boy came out, laughing like an old man.

“And where are you guys going so busily?”  The sight was quite peculiar.

The opponent definitely had an appearance of a boy, but he had his arms behind his back, and looked at them like an elder would do to his juniors.


Someone cried out, surprised.

“Don’t worry! It’s just a brat.”  Another one retorted.

“Milord! Leave this brat to us! Just flee from here!”

“We’ll catch up to you soon!”

A few volunteered to fight.

“Huhu… These brats.”

But the ‘old’ Ark Mage Nilus laughed, as if the whole situation was funny.

But while laughing, his eyes let out a sharp glint.

No, Nilus felt uncomfortable.

Although his body was definitely of a boy, Nilus’s soul was definitely of an old man. And he was an old man that had reached the level of an Ark Mage.

And because they treated him like a novice mage, Nilus felt very uncomfortable in his heart.

Nilus raised both of his hands and a fierce fire rose up from them. This spell was actually the minor version of the powerful spell ‘Hell Fire’.

Lee Chae-rin’s mission was not just taking care of the guerilla squad. She also had a second mission that Kang Chul-in had set her.

“Anubis, this way!”

Her mission was to take care of the Crete and Tempaman troops that were running from battle.


And the Royal-Hound Squad showed their sharp fangs, cutting off the breath of the fleeing troops.

‘They cannot run from us.’

Kang Chul-in didn’t want the soldiers to go back to their territory and form a force. It was so that after the war, he would be able to swallow the territory of his enemies easily.

But they didn’t kill the ones that surrendered.

They had decided that after the war, they would split the territories between the two of them; they had no reason to kill the soldiers that had surrendered.

‘We… We…. won.’

Looking at the battlefield, all of her previous grief and shame had washed away.

The victory was hers.

The total of the Crete and Tempaman soldiers didn’t even reach 500.

The remaining 1500 soldiers… were lying down in the battlefield, all as corpses. It was as if the whole scene were from an action movie.

‘Mr. Chul-in… it’s all over. Mr. Chul-in…’

…it’s all thanks to you. Was what she was about to say, before looking at the Kang Chul-in from far away.

‘Mr. Chul-in!’

From far away, there was a battle between Kang Chul-in against some knights and a devil (Elizabeth was nothing more than a devil in Lee Chae-rin’s eyes), and he was getting pushed back.


Lee Chae-rin started running towards Kang Chul-in before anyone, shouting.

‘I will save you! I’ll save you, Mr. Chul-in.’

She ran.

To save her alliance, to save the man that she loved, she ran the fastest she had ever run in her life.


By the time Lee Chae-rin arrived at where Kang Chul-in was fighting, it was not the Kang Chul-in being pushed back, but the Overlord Kang Chul-in.


The image of a powerful lord she had been trying to build all shattered at this moment and she even started moving backwards.

The effects of the battle were huge.

Especially the ‘Mana Waves’ that came out from Kang Chul-in, they were ridiculously powerful, making her cringe at the fierceness unintentionally.

‘Mr. Chul-in… what kind of person are you…’

Kang Chul-in… didn’t need the help of Lee Chae-rin.


Elizabeth was sent flying for a couple tens of meters, before being buried in the ground.

“How dare you, you piece of trash.”

Kang Chul-in spoke in a freezing cold voice.

“H-How on earth do you have that kind of movement…”

The leader of the White-Lion knights, Michael, couldn’t understand how Kang Chul-in could move like that.

It would be weird if he did.

Kang Chul-in had been barely hanging on just a few seconds ago, but now, he had passed through the knights like smoke, and punched Elizabeth on the face.

But Kang Chul-in started walking towards Elizabeth with large strides, regardless whether Michael was surprised or not.


Although it was strength that had come from sacrificing some of their lifeforce, it was not even close to the level of Kang Chul-in’s ‘Overdrive’.

‘Overdrive’ vs ‘Outrage’.

Actually, the two of them worked similarly.

Both of them relied on the user’s powerful will to explode with huge power.

But there was a big difference between them. And that was the difference of effort.

Overdrive needed not just talent, but also bone-crushing pain, needed for both practicing and learning the ability.

Kang Chul-in himself had to endure hellish-training every day in order to finally master ‘Overdrive’.

Meanwhile, ‘Outrage’ was an ability that had come from the ones that had ceased to be human anymore. If ‘Overdrive’ was the highest class wine that had been preserved for a long period of time, ‘Outrage’ was just a cheap drug.

And although they seemed to have similar power, there was a ‘wall’ that was like the heavens and earth. Just like right now.




Kang Chul-in had punched through the heart of the knight in front of him. Just one punch, one punch had caused destruction.

And the onlooker’s faces couldn’t hide their shock, looking at the unbelievable scene before them.

‘Is… Is he human?’

Someone questioned the existence and identity of Kang Chul-in…

‘No, this can’t be reality.’

And another refused to believe it….

‘Powerhouse… That’s a true powerhouse.’

While some were entranced by his strength.

And the Kang Chul-in that had surprised everybody just walked forward towards Elizabeth, aiming to beat her to death.

“Those who block me…”

Kang Chul-in spoke while walking towards Elizabeth.


It was as if this statement was an absolute law that no-one here could ever even hope to defy. The true controller of the battlefield that Elizabeth had been harping about so often was not her, but Kang Chul-in.

“L-Leader… The enemy is aiming for our Lord… We need to…!”


And Michael, the leader of the knights, shook his head at one of the knight’s desperate voice.

“This is not… about loyalty.”

Although Michael had undying loyalty and conduct as a knight, he still had to give up on protecting Elizabeth.

This decision was not a choice but force, it was a reply against an unstoppable disaster.

One punch, and a soldier that was wearing golden-plated armor had died, his heart penetrated by that one punch. It wasn’t a special attack or skill, just an ordinary punch that caused this disaster.

But fighting against that sort of absurd, ridiculous strength?

That would just result in a stupid, painful death.

Of course, this wasn’t the only reason why a knight leader that had to keep his chivalry as a knight, decided not to protect Elizabeth.

Michael had some rejection towards the Elizabeth that had turned into a devil/demon right now.

Would it be right to sacrifice the lives of his comrade and knights in order to save a devil like this? When she would die or be crippled regardless of whether they managed to get away from this situation?

“White-Lion Knights, stay back.”

Michael stated.

“The Lord of the Crete territory… Isn’t a devil like that.”

And even the loyal White-Lion knights decided to give up on Elizabeth.

Although some knights that had disagreed with Michael’s orders tried to fight against Kang Chul-in, the results were still the same. Kang Chul-in had beaten up a Peacock Dragon to death, of course he would be able to do the same for these knights.

“KAHHHH!”  And when Kang Chul-in finally reached Elizabeth, she let out a loud cry and swung her sword towards him. The mana fire coated in this strike wasn’t just red but also had a hint of black, showing how immense the power behind this strike was.


Kang Chul-in dodged this attack so easily and started counterattacking.


Elizabeth’s body had become like a staple, when Kang Chul-in had struck her in her midriff.

“ARGH!!”  And a painful scream came out of the mouth of this devil.

It was surprising.

When someone went in the state of ‘Outrage’ they would lose all sense of pain, but Kang Chul-in’s punch made her feel the extremity of pain and made her scream.

“Trash like you…”

Kang Chul-in spoke.

“Will die in a hideous manner.”

And he grabbed the Elizabeth that was clutching her midriff in pain and held her up, before throwing her down to the ground.

Go easy on a woman?

To a berserker in the state of ‘Outrage’, there was no such thing as sex. It was just a monster that needed to be killed.


Elizabeth started screaming again, from the immense pain. This was a punch that would even make berserkers feel extreme pain, this was the punch of Kang Chul-in with ‘Overdrive’ on.

“As expected of a berserker.”

Kang Chul-in muttered to himself, interested.

If it were someone else like the knights, it would definitely punch through to their whole body, but for her, it just broke her bones. It seemed that ‘Outrage’ had some advantages too.

‘It finishes now.’

Kang Chul-in finally decided to end Elizabeth’s breath.

It was nearly the end of ‘Overdrive’. After taking care of this trash, he decided to end the battle once and for all.

And while he was going to do so, a voice that was close to steel spoke towards Kang Chul-in.

“Kuk..Kuhuk..What… What the… hell… are you… to… huk…be so strong?”

Surprisingly, Elizabeth started speaking words properly, instead of screaming in agony. People say that men will wake up when they get hit, but this was proof of that.


She spoke, in despair and agony.

“WHY! WHY… HOW CAN YOU BE STRONGER THAN ME! WHY, WHY?”  And while despairing, she felt jealousy over his strength, as well as despair, hatred, rage, and murderous intent coursing through her… Basically, she had all of the dirty emotions a human could feel.

“Do you want an answer?”

Kang Chul-in spoke.

“Tell… me… quick… how… you’re… stronger than me.”

Elizabeth had a strong suspicion of Kang Chul-in’s strength and asked for an answer. She was certainly a woman who pursued strength.

“It’s simple.”

Kang Chul-in spoke as if it wasn’t that complex and difficult.

“You are garbage.”


“Although trash like you can become stronger, they would still be the same garbage and trash that they were, how could I lose to someone like that?”

Kang Chul-in didn’t give the answer that she wanted. He just didn’t think of her as a human being at all.

“That… isn’t the answer… NO! NO!! TELL ME, QUICK!”

And Elizabeth launched her body towards Kang Chul-in, screaming.

Looking at the almost red beams of light that seemed to be spewing out of her eyes, he realized that she had probably reached the limit of ‘Outrage’. It meant that soon, Elizabeth would probably explode from inside out due the rampaging mana inside her body.

“Tell me, TELL MEEEE!!!”  It was a crisis.

The explosion was powerful and dangerous enough to destroy everything within a 5 meter radius. Even for the powerful Kang Chul-in, he would be critically injured. But…


With a loud explosion, Elizabeth stopped moving entirely. Just like the knights before her, her heart was penetrated by Kang Chul-in’s fist.

And as long as the origin of the explosion, the heart, stopped beating, her final resistance had dissipated, like thin smoke.

“Things like this is my expertise, trash.”

Kang Chul-in recalled right before he had gone back in time and reincarnated, when he had blown himself up in front of him, and smirked.

If he were to die against some plot like this, he would already have that.

Letting his guard down?

Kang Chul-in had no moments like that.

“Tell…. Tell me….”

And even while she was dying, Elizabeth kept on asking Kang Chul-in the same question over and over again.

“If you’re that curious…”

Kang Chul-in spoke.

“Then pray that you have a next life.”

Kang Chul-in took out his fist that was inside her heart. And with splashing blood, Elizabeth fell to the ground.

It was an ending without even a hint of pity or mercy.

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