Chapter 64. Finishing the battle

Overlord of Blood and Iron

Without giving even a single bit of attention to the fallen Elizabeth, Kang Chul-in wiped the blood off his hands, before walking away.

A berserker without ‘Outrage’ was just a crazy idiot.

“I don’t look so good.”

Kang Chul-in muttered to himself.

If he had used a sword he wouldn’t look as violent and brutal as he did now, as he had just smacked everyone to death with his bare fists.

‘I need to have a weapon soon’.

Kang Chul-in figured that soon enough, he needed a weapon that was of at least the unique-rank.

He couldn’t beat up his enemies with his bare fists every time he used ‘Overdrive’. It wasn’t like he was a professional boxer.

‘It seems like I will have to go visit a dungeon or something.’

While thinking about his new weapon, Kang Chul-in realized that something was off and stopped walking.


Kang Chul-in was surprised.

‘Why is everyone staring at me?’

It was because of the pressure of a crowd staring at him.

By the time he had beaten up Elizabeth, the battle had ended and all the soldiers were staring at him, their mouths wide open.

It was obvious.

To the soldiers of Crete, Elizabeth was like the god of war.

And to the soldiers of Dorado, she was a bloodthirsty devil.

Before Kang Chul-in had arrived, she was the controller of battle.

“Our commander…”

 “Powerful, our commander is powerful!”

“This is truly the god of war!”

And after praising Kang Chul-in’s might, they started cheering for him too.

‘Do they really have to be so loud and fussy for killing that piece of trash?’ Kang Chul-in thought to himself, inwardly embarrassed at the passionate cheering.

“Mr. Chul-in!”

And through the chaos, Lee Chae-rin appeared.

“It’s our Lord Lee Chae-rin! Long live Lee Chae-rin! Long live Lee Chae-rin!”

Lee Chae-rin also got quite the enthusiastic response.

But she definitely had earned the right to it.

If not for her, the Dorado territory would definitely become a colony of either Crete or the Tempaman territory by now.

“The two of you have black hair and you guys fit well together!”

“Commander! Isn’t our lord beautiful?”

“We wish for you to marry each other!”

“An eternal alliance between Laputa and Dorado!”

Lots of voices rang out, each of them agreeing that the two of them fit each other well and that they should marry.

Because they were both asian and had black hair and black eyes, everyone thought that they should be a couple.

‘M-marry with Mr. Chul-in?’

Lee Chae-rin started blushing.

‘If I married to him…’

Lee Chae-rin imagined herself getting married to Kang Chul-in, in the middle of the battlefield.

Would the marriage take place at the Laputa territory?

Or the Dorado territory?

Or maybe one in Earth?

Because either of their parents couldn’t come all the way to Pangaea, maybe they would do it there.

‘Sigh… what am I even thinking… there’s no way that would ever happen.’

Although Lee Chae-rin imagined a future with Kang Chul-in, she soon got surprised and was depressed by herself.

Never mind kissing, they hadn’t even held hands before.

Although she had tried to kiss him secretly, she failed in the end.

And not only that, she was a Korean woman, not a native Pangaean. To her, the concept of a political marriage seemed so far away.


While Lee Chae-rin was thinking to herself, Kang Chul-in held his hand up, silencing the soldiers under.

“It’s not over yet.”

Kang Chul-in spoke.

“The ones that have surrendered will be treated well and brought back to the Dorado territory, and the ones that resist will be slaughtered without mercy. End the lives of the ones who are suffering but cannot be brought back and save as much of the ones that can be saved.

He wanted them to clean up the mess.

“We have won. And since we have, we need to clean up the mess afterwards well, to make it perfect. It is only a true victory if we take care of everything else afterwards.”

The Lee Chae-rin who had been stunned into silence because of the talk about marriage was completely astonished at how fast Kang Chul-in ignored it and didn’t care about it.

‘Huu… how can you not even blink an eyelash about it, Mr. Chul-in.’

And she felt a little bit upset at his attitude.

To her, he had absolutely no weak points and she thought the future was dark due to that.

And Kang Chul-in, feeling that some ridiculous story about marriage might come up again, decided to leave the battlefield as soon as possible.

At that moment.


Michael of the White-Lion knights started walking towards Kang Chul-in.

“Are you here for revenge?” Kang Chul-in asked.

“N-no, I’m not.”

Michael shook his head.

“How could I think of fighting against you? Even I have eyes.”

“Then what is it? Are you trying to tell me to take care of you well, as a prisoner?”

Against Michael, Kang Chul-in’s words were quite sharp.

It wasn’t because he had turned his back against Elizabeth. It was because he hadn’t listened to his warnings from the beginning.

Of course, if he did obey Kang Chul-in’s warnings, he wouldn’t admire them, making it very ironic.

“If you surrender, I won’t kill you. Don’t worry.” 

“No, milord. I’m not talking about that.”



Suddenly, Michael kneeled towards Kang Chul-in and the other White-Lion knights also followed soon afterwards.

“I wish to serve milord.”


“If you accept us, you will definitely have our undying loyalty.” 

And Michael bowed his head towards Kang Chul-in.


Kang Chul-in smiled as he found an unexpected ally.

He was satisfied.

Kang Chul-in was depressed that someone like Elizabeth got to command this loyal group of knights. It was true that he had been tempted by this group of knights more than he was tempted to ally with Elizabeth.

And since Michael himself was offering to join Kang Chul-in’s service, how could he not be happy?

“This one is a knight without a Lord. Rather than looking over the whole continent trying to find a new lord, there is a brilliant one right in front of me, so I’d rather go with you instead.”

Michael again told Kang Chul-in and expressed that he wanted to join him.

To the knights whose hearts had already left Elizabeth, Kang Chul-in was a very good Lord to join.

He had amazing martial prowess, as well as a manly charisma.

“Mr. Chul-in.” 

“Why not accept them? As you saw earlier, they have plenty of skill too. I’m sure that they’ll be of help to you.”

“To be honest…”

Kang Chul-in spoke.

“I wanted them from the very beginning.”

And listening to Kang Chul-in, their faces began to brighten.


“Yes, milord.”

“I don’t want to care about how you are going to exactly prove your undying loyalty nor do I really care.”

He wouldn’t ask. It was truly something that Kang Chul-in would say.

“My goal is to take over the whole of Pangaea and rule over it.”

“Will you be able to handle it? It won’t be an easy path.”

“Life is not easy and an easy death is hard to look for. There is also a high possibility that you may die in a foreign land, killed by a nameless soldier.”

“I don’t care.”

Michael said. 

“Okay then, Michael.”

“I will hereby announce you and your men as the White-Lion knights of the Laputa territory.”


“As I told you earlier, I want you guys to think that you were my underlings from the beginning. And try to show me the best of you.”

As soon as Kang Chul-in agreed, Michael and his knights were going to swear and do the knight’s cermony, but….

“We will skip that.”

Kang Chul-in didn’t really like foreign ceremonies like that.

“I don’t really care about swearing loyalty. Just show me that through your actions.”

“Hmm… I’ve earned quite a lot.”

Looking at the reports that Kang Chul-in received after the grueling 1 month that he had spent, Kang Chul-in was quite satisfied. This was what he had gotten:

  • 1 Level up
  • 47 Dwarf Slaves
  • 1 Tempaman territory building
  • 756 Tempaman civilians (256 men, 500 women)
  • 2784 gold
  • The White-Lion knights (Michael and the 26 knights)
  • SS rank Ark Mage Nilus
  • 40% of the gold in Nidavellir for 10 years

Although it was true that he had spent a lot of money using cosmic force here and there, it was also true that he had benefited from this trip.

Not only that contract for Nidavellir, the 47 dwarf slaves, the civilians, the White-Lion knights, as well as Nilus. Kang Chul-in had definitely earned some quite useful people.

“I guess I’ll start leaving now.”

As soon as it was over, Kang Chul-in decided that he wanted to return to Laputa.

“Already? Can’t you stay for a few more days… all the civilians want to see your face at least once.”

“If you keep showing them, you’ll rust.”


“It was a joke.”

Lee Chae-rin was confused at his sudden joke. It seemed like Kang Chul-in didn’t have much talent in this aspect.

“I have work to do.”

“You are always busy, huh?” 

“The country needs to make money in order for us to eat and live.”

Kang Chul-in spoke in a tired voice.

“Is that so. Oh, Mr. Chul-in, I have a question.”

“What is it?”  “Can I visit your territory from time to time? We are allied with each other after all.”


Kang Chul-in nodded his head as if it was nothing much. It wasn’t that he was going anywhere, since she was coming to him, there was no reason to stop her.

“How about your house?”


“Mr. Chul-in, you are living while getting pressured about marriage from your mother, right?”  “……” 

“I will take care of your mother well. Because you are an ally as well as my benefactor, I should be doing this kind of service.”

Lee Chae-rin showed her cards. Like this,  she would take care of Kang Chul-in’s family and unknowingly get close to him.  “Hmmm.”

Kang Chul-in, who was most afraid of his mother ‘Park Soon-ja’, couldn’t reject her offer.

“Hmm… then I’ll leave it to you for a while.”


“Only a while though.”

“Of course~”

And with that, Kang Chul-in and Lee Chae-rin could laughingly finalize the contract and finish the situation cleanly.

And Kang Chul-in left the work for Podolski, before leaving to Earth instead of Laputa.

‘That guy, is he the real Kwak-jung?’

He needed to check something when he got back.

He needed to check whether the ‘Black Leopard’ really was Kwak-jung now.

And the business with Old man Kwon was also important. He was planning to stay in Earth for a while, to build a business linked with Pangaea.

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