Chapter 66. Capturing Kwak-jung’s heart (pt. 2)

Overlord of Blood and Iron


“Hey, do you know this guy?”

“Oi, who the hell are you?”

“Why? Do you have something you need?”

A 17 years old high schooler this year, Kwak Jung-mi smirked and smoked.

‘Both are heavy smokers… What a wonderful family.’

Because they looked so similar, Kang Chul-in was immediately able to recognize Kwak-jung’s younger sister.

‘As long as I get her, Kwak-jung is practically mine.’

It was an opportunity for him.

“Kwak Jung-mi.”

Kang Chul-in took another step towards her, who was still smoking.

“Yeah? What are you, big bro? How do you know my name?’

As the seemingly cold man spoke her name, she was surprised.

“Big bro, are you a policeman? Or someone collecting debt?”

“Neither.” Kang Chul-in shook his head.

“Your brother, Kwak-jung is looking for you.”


“That bastard… is looking for me?”

“Yes.” Kang Chul-in nodded his head.

“I am here from your brother’s request. So…”


Kwak Jung-mi suddenly shouted.


“What a joke. That bastard is looking for me? As if I would believe that bullsh*t.”

Kwak Jung-mi seemed to hate her older brother.

“He told me he’d take care of me… and never let me go! That bastard who was in and out of prison! He never even sent me a phone call or a letter! And you’re saying now that he’s looking for me?”

“Show your frustration to your brother, not me. I’m not part of it, just someone to take you to him.”

“But… no. I don’t even want to take a look at his face.”

Kwak Jung-mi shook her head resolutely, showing her rejection.


“She said no. So **** off.”

“You wanna die?”

“Don’t cry when we… AGH!”

Kang Chul-in grabbed the collar of the student who was walking towards him, before throwing him into the ground.

‘No matter what, I will take her with me.’ Kang Chul-in thought and started moving.

And soon after, with a TAK sound, he nearly crushed the skull of the boys that he had finger-flicked with his hands.



“Kwak Jung-mi.”

Without even looking at the people that were down on the floor, Kang Chul-in threw a punch towards a nearby wall. And also included mana fire in it too.

“Stop trying to show off in front of me.” Kang Chul-in spoke.

Of course, he didn’t really plan on beating them up. It was just to scare them.

“H…How did you….”

Looking at the immense strength that surpassed a human, she was so frightened that she couldn’t even scream.


Rejection of Kwak-jung?

A 17 year old girl’s fearlessness?

…Nothing mattered.

The best fighters that she knew were defeated with a finger-flick and a wall had been busted with just bare fists.

“Will you come with me willingly, or…”

“G-Go. I’ll go.”

Kwak Jung-mi spoke, full of fear. As expected, Kang Chul-in was better at threatening people than persuading them.

“Then follow me.”

Kang Chul-in left the alley.

Although she wanted to scream and run away, there was no way for her to do that from someone that could break concrete with their hands. She had no choice.

“Ride it.”

Kang Chul-in spoke, jumping into his jaguar.

“T-This is your car?”

She was surprised at the expensive car.

“But…that bastard, what is he doing now?”

Kwak Jung-mi asked.

“See for yourself.”

Kang Chul-in didn’t answer her question.

‘I had lung cancer…sigh, I shouldn’t have smoked like that.’

After doing the surgery, Kwak-jung regretted that he had ever touched a cigarette.

He still felt a chill on his back.

Lung cancer was often very hard to find until the very late stages, but at that point, it would already be too late for the patient.

He was absolutely blessed that he had done surgery and gotten rid of it before it had spread elsewhere.

‘That monster, I think he knew me. He asked for my age and where I worked too. He knows me, and I’m sure he was looking for me.’

Kwak-jung approached the truth as he was locked inside his room.

‘I’m sure he has something that he wants from me. Although I’m not sure what it is, he wouldn’t have locked me up if not for that reason.’

Of course, the ‘monster’ that he was referring to was Kang Chul-in.

But as he was stuck in here, he planned his escape.

‘As if I would stay stuck in here!’

Kwak-jung clenched his teeth, and planned his escape from this damned hospital room.

And he looked through the room.

In his head, he had already set up his escape plan and was simulating his escape right now.

‘Tonight, I escape.’

Kwak-jung looked at the clock and kept on simulating his escape plan, over and over again.

And a few hours later…with a creak, the sound of the door opening came, with a guard holding a plate filled with food.

“Kuuhh~ I was hungry too. This old guy, at least he takes care of my food well.”

Kwak-jung spoke naturally.

“So, what is it for dinner today? It can’t be seaweed soup again, right? Yeah, there’s no way, right? It’s not like my birthday is every day of the year (Korean’s often drink seaweed soup on their birthday)…”

“Today we have meat and radish soup.”

The guard, who had gotten pretty close to him, spoke.

“Oh? Great! But the hospital’s food is pretty bland…Whatever. Oh. Can you pass me the water over there? My throat kind of hurts.”

“Sigh…why is someone tied up ordering me around…”

The guard muttered, but started moving towards the bottle of water, and stretched his hand towards it.


And at that moment, Kwak-jung moved like lightning.


And Kwak-jung’s fist hit the backside of a guard.

“What is this sound…”

The guard getting the water turned around…


But hot food spilled over him.


Kwak-jung searched the insides of the pockets of the fainted guard and took the USP pistol.

And while the other guard was only half-conscious because of the hot food that had spilled over him…


And with two shots, the titanium chains broke.


‘But from now on, it’s even more important.’

Kwak-jung took his pistol and stood behind the door.

Tap, Tap.

He heard the sound of footsteps from far away.

‘It must be because of the gunshots.’

The gunshots were louder than expected. Although they had silencers on it, it still made a loud sound.

‘Will he open the door? If he does, I’ll be able to catch him off guard.’

Kwak-jung simulated what was going to happen next in his head and heightened his senses as much as possible.


The door opened.


Kwak-jung spun his body from behind the door and pointed the pistol at the intruder.

“Put your hands… HUK!”

Kwak-jung was surprised twice in that moment.

First, he was surprised that the man that appeared was the ‘monster’ like man.

And he was also surprised that he had been disarmed, with the ‘monster’ moving his hand like lightning, and rendering the gun useless by moving the ‘slide’ of the gun to the way back.


“It seems like pointing a gun at someone who came to visit you is the trend now?”

Kang Chul-in said, smirking.

“Oh god, why…”

Kwak-jung’s face was filled with despair.

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