Chapter 67. Capturing Kwak-jung’s heart (pt. 3)

Overlord of Blood and Iron

‘God dammit’…

Kwak-jung had no idea why his luck was so bad, right as he was about to get through the remaining guards and run away, he had to meet this monster.

‘Why! Why! Why do you have to do this to me, god!’

Kwak-jung despaired in his mind.

‘God dammit, this damned bastard! Why does he have to do this to me!’

And not only that, rage seeped outside from inside his belly. He was so angry that his eyes nearly popped out.

After all, Kang Chul-s in’s expression right now was no different to a child’s after playing a prank against someone else. It was as if Kwak-jung was Son Goku, trying to escape from the palm of Buddha.

“U-uh, the thing is…”

Kwak-jung was surprised, flustered, frustrated and afraid at the same time.


Although he was extremely angry right now, he couldn’t express it outwardly. Otherwise, he would be beaten into a pulp like he had been in Park Doo-sik’s office.

“Oh, the thing is…”

Kwak-jung made an innocent expression and scratched his head.

He thought that he had grasped the perfect timing, but he had just pushed his head inside a tiger’s mouth.

“U-uhh.. I was testing the guards to see their s-strength! Yes, that’s it. I was playing around to test how good they are! Uhh.. S-so, I will get back into my room now. Haha!”

Kwak-jung turned his back after pretending nothing had happened. He was begging Kang Chul-in to pretend that nothing had ever happened.

“Stop moving.”

But Kwak-jung’s footsteps stopped midway when a voice colder than the depths of hell spoke.


Kwak-jung answered Kang Chul-in without even turning around. It wasn’t intentional, just that he was too afraid of Kang Chul-in right now.

“It seems like… you won’t be very easy to control.”

For some reason, Kwak-jung felt worried because of those words.

‘If Lee Gong-myung is white, you’re black. Black should be controlled like the color black.

Although Kang Chul-in wasn’t as cautious or as good as pretending as that damned Rothschild, he still knew how to treat people.

Of course, although the best way to treat someone was with kindness and sincerity, but that definitely was not Kang Chul-in’s style.

His style was to pressure them and impress them with his god-given charisma and his military might, and Kwak-jung was completely similar to Kang Chul-in in that way.

They were both humans that would start crawling up if they weren’t controlled very strictly.

“Turn around.”

“…T-turn around.”

The afraid Kwak-jung turned around and unintentionally repeated Kang Chul-in’s words out of fear.


Kang Chul-in spoke.

“Will begin by getting hit by me.”

And after those words, Kang Chul-in’s fist flew towards Kwak-jung’s stomach.


That night.

In the 14th floor VVIP hopsital room of the XX hospital, it was said that two gunshots, as well as a pig squealing could be heard until dawn.

The next morning.


Kang Chul-in’s fists were definitely no laughing matter. The peacock dragon, as well as a berserker in the state of outrage had both been beaten up by Kang Chul-in with his fists; it was easy to do the same for just another adventurer.

“Good morning.”

Kang Chul-in opened the door and walked in.

The shamelessness nearly made Kwak-jung flip over, but he didn’t show it outwardly. If he got hit just a little bit more, he would have to bid his farewells to this world.


“The fact that you’re not answering makes me feel like I need to make you do some more Mental Training…”

“G-good morning!”

Kwak-jung spoke as enthusiastically as possible, his fear winning out on his pain.

“From now on, be careful.”



Suddenly, a note of papers fell in front of Kwak-jung. Since he had punished him, it was now time for a bait.

“Read it, and sign it.”

“W-what is it?”

“It’s a servant contract, as well as the rewards in it.”

“Read it, and decide for yourself.”

‘This crazy bastard! Even if there really is a reward, a servant contract? This damned bastard! Am I a slave or something? Huh?’

Although Kwak-jung swore inwardly, he didn’t make any expression outwardly.

‘Humph…what kind of reward! I bet he’d only give me a few thousand won (a thousand won is around a dollar) and make me do some ridiculous things…Well, I guess I could have a look at it, can’t I.”

Kwak-jung opened the pack of notes. But inside came out a car key.

“What is t… BMW?”

“It’s a 5th Generation i8 (a hybrid supercar that got famous after coming out in the movie Ghost Protocol).”

“Y-you’re giving this to me? Seriously?”

“Do I look like someone that likes to joke around?”


Kwak-jung apologized.

“Continue looking.”

‘A house… Seocho-gu Banpo 4… Seorae Maeul? (All names of areas in seoul) And… the name… MINE?!’

Reading the sort of benefits that he would get, Kwak-jung’s eyes turned wide, and nearly popped out.

‘My bank account… 2,000,000 dollars? Is mine right now?’

A super-car, a good villa in Seorae Maeul (one of the two richest areas in Seoul probably), and 2,000,000 dollars in the bank right now. It was huge things that a gangster like him would definitely be unable to get. You needed to be at least the boss of a mafia or a gangster group for these kinds of benefits.

And of course, that was not all.

‘This is my ID card… wait… the ID…wait a minute… This, this isn’t my ID card…!’

A new identity was waiting for Kwak-jung.

“Gangster Kwak-jung the previous Kwak-jung died while doing surgery for lung cancer.”

Kang Chul-in threw out one of his hidden cards.

“From now on, you will make a new start. You will be a clean, innocent civilian and not the Kwak-jung that was living like trash.

And from this, Kwak-jung’s face brightened.

‘M-my death? New identity? Will I really be able to escape from this trashy life as a criminal…?’

“I made a high school identity, but college seems a bit tough. Of course, I can let you into a good school in the form of donations. Of course, Seoul University (the best university in Korea) is impossible. It’d have to be a private university for that to work.”

This was the greatest bait that he had.

But instead of rejoicing, Kwak-jung was afraid.

“W-what do you want me to do…?”

He had no idea on what he’d have to do and the risks he would have to take to earn this kind of money.

“What I want?” Kang Chul-in spoke.

“Read that scroll.”

Kwak-jung felt that the paper Kang Chul-in pointed at was the ‘servant contract’ that Kang Chul-in had talked about earlier.

‘God dammit… I can’t not read it now… this man, he figured out everything about me and got ready for it. There’s no choice but to listen to him now.’

Kwak-jung didn’t want to read the scroll which had a terrifying name. He knew that if he read it, Kang Chul-in would definitely force him to sign it.

But if he didn’t read it, he also knew that he would be beaten up by Kang Chul-in anyway.

‘Whatever, f*ck it.’

After closing his eyes once, he opened the ‘servant contract’. And the information in it was as follows:

  • Servant contract:

This contract is for the owner Kang Chul-in and servant Kwak-jung to promise and trust, and swear an oath that they will follow the rules set here, and not violate it.

Rule 1 (Rule of Obedience)

If the servant does not follow the orders of the owner, death is not enough. If the order of death is given, then suicide will take place for the obedience.

Rule 2 (Rule of Freedom)

From the beginning of the contact, all of the rights belonging to the servant will go to the owner.

The servant will not be angry or complain against any sort of physical or verbal violence against them.

(…Skip…) (This is what comes out in the original text)

Rule 7 (The longevity of the contract)

This contract is set for over 15 years since agreed to.

Rule 8 (Business Information)

No matter what business it is either in Earth or Pangaea, the servant will follow the orders of the owner in a happy way, and follow their orders to the utmost.


Rule 11 (Duty of the owner)

The owner will give the servant over 1,000,000 dollars a year, and will give extra if the servant makes significant contributions.

The owner will not spare any ‘resources’ in order to help the servant in doing their jobs.


‘God dammit! It really is a servant contract?!’

And reading Rule 7, Kwak-jung nearly swore out loud at the conditions. The second he signed, he would have to be a servant for over 15 years.

“Excuse me, but…”

“Isn’t this a little bit overboard?”

“What is?”

Kang Chul-in argued back.

“Even if the pay is 1,000,000 dollars, isn’t this… just a modern-time slave?”

“Is that what you really believe?”


“You have no conscience at all, do you.”

“After all, my life is on stake…”

“Your lung cancer, who do you think asked them to check it?”


“You aren’t someone who would get a health check regularly, and you even smoke 3 or even 4 cigarettes a day, do you really think that you would have a future without me?”

With Kang Chul-in’s outburst, Kwak-jung couldn’t speak.

“After saving a dead man, I gave him a house, a car, cleaned his identity, and said that he would be paid a million dollars a year, is it reasonable to say no to this kind of servant contract?”

His words were true, and there was nothing that Kwak-jung could say back to it.


Kang Chul-in pointed at the servant contract there.

“Read a bit more. There are still some lines left.”

Although Kwak-jung tried to argue back, he still decided to read it first before talking.


Reading the next few lines, Kwak-jung nearly coughed out loud. It was because the next few lines were truly shocking to him, and were the core of this contract.

The owner will find the ‘servant’s lost younger sister, Kwak Jung-mi and bring her to him in less than a month.’

If the statement stated above does not work out, this contract will become null, and the servant has no duty or need to give back the house, car, money and other forms of resources.

Kwak-jung was startled twice.

‘J-jung mi!’

He was startled at the fact that his little sister’s name came out in the slave contract…

‘How… Even the existence of my little sister…’

And was again startled at the fact that Kang Chul-in knew about his little sister.

‘He knows everything…  absolutely everything…’

And Kwak-jung had to admit defeat to Kang Chul-in’s well laid, intricate plans. And not only that, Kang Chul-in, who had just recently added this clause to the contract, smiled involuntarily.

“I will do it!”

Kwak-jung spoke hurriedly.

“I will definitely do it.”

After reading about the terms on his little sister, there was no choice for Kwak-jung but to sign the contract.

“Is that so? Have you also read the last clause in the contract? This scroll isn’t a normal one. This is a scroll created with high-ranked magic, and is a ‘soul binding contract’.

The last cause in the contract was as follows.

Rule 17 Subclause 3 (Solution to what happens if the contract is defied)

  1. Whether it is the servant or owner, whichever defies the contract the contract will become null, and the one that defies the contract will die of a heart attack.

It was a terrifying condition...

In the last condition was a terrifying penalty where one would die of a heart attack if the conditions and the rules in the contract were defied.

“I’m doing it.”

Kwak-jung didn’t run away.

“Is that so?”

“Yes, I’ll do it.”

“For the signature, use some of your blood instead. That is how your soul will  bound.” 

And listening to Kang Chul-in’s words, Kwak-jung bit his thumb and put the thumb mark on the area where it was marked as: signature.

“Is it done?”

“Yes, it is.”

“One month…”

“One month?”

Kang Chul-in interrupted Kwak-jung’s words.

“What do you mean one month. You there, bring her in.”


And the second Kang Chul-in’s words finished the door opened and a girl, who looked just like Kwak-jung entered the room. This was Kang Chul-in’s finishing blow, the appearance of his joker card!


Kwak-jung looked at the only blood relative he had left, and started crying.

“B-bro… Sniff… Bro…”

Kwak Jung-mi was the same too.

When she had heard that Kwak-jung had cancer, all the negative emotions she had felt towards Kwak-jung disappeared like smoke.

The two, who hadn’t met for over 3 years hugged each other, and started crying crazily. This was the harsh reality for those who lived tough lives, after their parents had passed away.


Looking at this scene, Kang Chul-in sighed.

Although this scene was moving, his brain was still cold and calculating.

Was it because he was a psychopath or a sociopath>

… No way.

He had been a Lord for a long time now, and he was waiting to play the final card that he had in play. Kang Chul-in was definitely a natural-born Lord, not feeling much emotion to a scene like this.


With a sound suggesting that something had been torn into pieces, a yellowish scroll had become split into two, before falling onto the ground.

This was behavior that only those truly magnanimous would have. Those who were narrow-minded would never be able to do something like this.


Kang Chul-in didn’t want forced loyalty that came from threats and rewards, or pressure from the contract. What he wanted was Kwak-jung’s 100% loyalty and respect.

‘This man…!’

And looking at this scene while somewhat still scatterbrained, Kwak-jung’s face stiffened like ice.

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