Chapter 69. Young Businessman Kang Chul-In (pt. 2)

Overlord of Blood and Iron

Gold was a form of currency that was accepted both on Earth and Pangaea.

And thanks to that, a system that used gold as a basis became the most popular trade between Earth and Pangaea.

After all, this was the most important things to the Lords of Pangaea.

To Lords, gold was like minerals and resources in a popular game called Starcraft.

They could buy units and items with gold, expand their territory, as well as pay their soldiers and workers with Gold. The importance of gold was obvious.

The Kang Chul-in of the past often sold expensive items, necklace, bracelets, rings and other types of magical accessories, earning his gold in this way.

But although the profits and gold he earnt were quite a lot, it wasn’t enough for him.

When Kang Chul-in himself had been dominating the battlefield with his powerful strength, the Overlords of the Gulveig Union had been changing Earth by selling items that could be used in everyday life.

Just like the smartphone that had come out in 2010 that changed the way of living, the Overlords had changed ways of living by selling everyday items.

And as a result, 5 years after Ragnarok, Kang Chul-in had been completely pushed away in terms of economic strength.

So this time, he had to make sure the same thing didn’t happen.

Because he knew that by selling only magical artifacts he wouldn’t be able to control the market worldwide, he was going for a different approach.

And to him, the Galaxy Corporation was the first step to his world-wide economic domination between Earth and Pangaea.


In front of a certain building located in Yeoksamdong, Tehran Street. As the door of the Jaguar XJ sedan opened, the workers of the Galaxy Corporation bowed to him, evident that they had been waiting for his arrival.

“Director Kang, you’re here.”

It was all planned.

Old man Kwon was ready to do anything to completely capture Kang Chul-in’s heart and in the end, this was the plan he had come out with.

Instead of trying to capture the mind of the impenetrable fortress that was Kang Chul-in, they would go for his mother, Park Sun-ja instead.

After all, what mother wouldn’t like it if their son had been promoted. And not only that, the Old man Kwon that Park Sun-ja knew was just a wealthy businessman, not some sort of underworld boss.


Park Sun-ja was greatly surprised at their grand reception.

“Did you get promoted a lot?”

“W-well… I got a high position because the chairman thought highly of me.”

“My son?”

To think that her son, who wasn’t even thirty years old would get such a high position, Park Sun-ja was completely moved.

“Oh my god…”

“Mother, this way please.”

But Kang Chul-in wouldn’t let her be so impressed and led her into the building. After all, he knew that all of this was Old man Kwon’s plan to get in his mother’s good books.

And they were escorted into a meeting hall, where they sat in the VIP area, where only the most important people sat.

“Director Kang, nice to see you.”

The first ones to greet them was Park Doo-sik and his underlings.

“Hello, Director Kang’s mother.”

Although Park Sun-ja was surprised at Park Doo-sik’s somewhat intimidating short, sporty hair, she was soon relieved by the sight of his dumb, dull looking face.

“Director, you’re here!”

“And his mother too, nice to meet you!”

And with these loud greetings, everyone in the meeting hall looked at them.

‘These bastards.’

A vein nearly popped out from Kang Chul-in’s forehead.

‘It seems like I need to induce some mental-training to them soon.’

Although he liked the fact that they gave up their gangster activities to become businessmen, he didn’t like that their gangster-ish tendencies were still there.

‘Well, thank god that at least Kwak-jung isn’t…’

And at that moment, Kang Chul-in’s smartphone rang, indicating that a message had come. It was from Kwak-jung, who was enjoying his free-time with his sister.

-Kwak-jung: Milord! How is this?

File: Loyalty. Jpg

And when he clicked on the file, it was a man’s back with the letters ‘忠誠’ (traditional chinese characters for Loyalty) tattooed on.

-User: What’s this?

-Kwak-jung: It’s a tattoo that I put on to show my undying faith and loyalty to milord.

-User: You really have a talent in making people wanting to hit you.

-Kwak-jung: … Sorry.

It seemed like he also needed to make Kwak-jung join the gangsters in the mental-training.

And after that, various different big shots from Korea came to greet him.

“Oh, you’re the famed director Kang?”

“Huhu~ You’ve become a director with this young age? Kuuu~ I’m truly surprised. I know that Old man Kwon is very picky after all.”

“Huk… Huk…”

And finally, Park Sun-ja had to wipe her tears with an expensive Chanel handkerchief that Kang Chul-in had gotten her recently.

“Son… mother hasn’t even done anything…”


“Mother has no more wishes left, none.”

Park Sun-ja’s tears didn’t stop flowing.


Kang Chul-in couldn’t understand why she was crying. After all, she had been the one to take care of him this whole time and he was grateful for it.

“Guys, she’s crying. It’s time for a barricade.”

And the quick witted Park Doo-sik and his underlings barricaded their area, blocking the others from seeing the crying Park Sun-ja.

‘I will never tell her.’

And meanwhile, Kang Chul-in made up his mind never to tell her the fact that he was actually a Lord in Pangaea.

Although he had recently told her that he was an adventurer in Pangaea, he didn’t know how his mother would react if she knew he was a Lord.

And by the time the event was nearly over, Kang Chul-in was told over and over by his mother that she was proud of him and thanked him.

“Huu… If only my son… could get married now.”

And pressured Kang Chul-in like this.

Because he had finally gotten a job and had financial stability, a terrifying pressure called family pressured him. To Kang Chul-in, this was much more terrifying than fighting an army of over a million men.

“I wish I could have a pretty granddaughter quickly…”

“Mother, I will go to the toilet.”

And faced with this relentless pressure, even the mighty Kang Chul-in had to run.

After the ceremony was over, Kang Chul-in and his Galaxy Corporation immediately got to work for producing the Talking-tree saps.

And Kang Chul-in was especially busy, having to travel back and forth between Earth and Pangaea, trying to find a way to ship the products more effectively.

And as a result, they were able to create a ‘dimensional door’ that connected Laputa and the Galaxy Corporation, and were able to ship 500 liters over.

And the main work force for this was the civilians of Laputa.

“La la la~ La la la~”

The daughter of Mr. Rustler, Lana, hummed while roaming through the forest of Talking-trees.

Although she was forced to work, she was still happy.

And Kang Chul-in didn’t make them work for free, he still paid them.

“Milord~ Our lord~ How can you be so cool~”

But Lana was busy singing to herself, and praising Kang Chul-in endlessly.

But it was understandable, as Lana did have quite a bond with him. Kang Chul-in had saved her and her father from the orc when he first stepped into Laputa, and Kang Chul-in also only took in Lana’s offerings after slaying the Peacock Dragon.

Lana once again thought of her beloved Lord Kang Chul-in and blushed.

She was 15 this year.

In Pangaea you reached adulthood at the age of 16, and after this fall, she would finally become an adult. And when she did, she would finally be able to go with her beloved Kang Chul-in. Or so she thought.

  • Kuku… You stupid girl, all you think of is your Lord. A young girl like you want to marry? Haha. Stop being foolish.

The Talking-tree said, telling her.

  • Do you really think that your mighty Lord will even take a second glance at you? Just give up.

Although the Talking-tree kept on telling her to give up and poured insults on her, Lana still continued to hum, and work. After all, she couldn’t hear them. It was due to the cute ear muffs that she were wearing.


Everyone working in this area worked while wearing Ear Muffs. This was because the Talking-trees would look into their minds and tempt them into doing things, which  sometimes drove people insane.

Ear Muffs were very important.

“La la la~”

Lana hummed, as she used a steel rod to poke the Talking-tree.

-Argh, t-that place is…

The talking-tree started making weird groaning noises.

But the Lana who wore Ear Muffs didn’t listen and continued to hit the same place, making the tree sap flow out.

-W-weaker… uhhhh…

The talking-tree she hit kept making weird noises. This was his private pleasure(?), seperate from the things he kept telling Lana.

Lana squatted down in front of the Talking-tree and once again thought of Kang Chul-in. But… she suddenly heard a strange voice, and turned her head.

  • Come here…

“W-Who are you?’

Lana was surprised she could hear this voice despite the fact that she wore ear muffs.

  • Come here… I’m waiting…

 Lana stood up from the spot.

“I-I have to work…”

But while she said that, she started moving towards the voice, as if she was entranced.

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