Chapter 70. Lang Bro, goes huge!

Overlord of Blood and Iron

Jang Woo-sun was a senior in high school who was trying to get into law school to become an inspector.

Since a young age, he had a dream to become an inspector and had studied harder than anyone to become a respectable politician.

But after looking at his mock test results in April, he was in despair.


The problem was his English.

“Do I have to get tutored…”

… He mumbled, but he also knew that would never happen.

Because his family was poor, he couldn’t afford to go to either academies or have private tutoring sessions.

“Law school… do I have to give up.”

Jang Woo-sun spoke bitterly.


He knew that if he went on like this, he would definitely fail on the real test that was in June.

“You there, student!”

Someone called him.


Jang Woo-sun was startled, looking at the big man that called him.

“Come here and take a look at this. This might be of some help to you.”

Oh Gwang-pil, who had once been the right hand man of Park Doo-sik beckoned Jang Woo-sun over and handed him a glass bottle that had a milky white liquid inside.

“Galaxy… corporation?”

“Haha, student you know that products from Pangaea are the new trend? Well, this here is from Pangaea.”

Realizing that this product was from Pangaea, Jang Woo-sun’s eyes turned round in surprise.

Everywhere around the world, including Korea was purchasing items from Pangaea like crazy.

From the most basic potion to fascinating artifacts, as well as medication that came from the dead bodies of monsters. If it was from Pangaea, there were many fascinating things that could not be seen in Earth. It was truly the great ‘Pangaea Age’.

“Here, look at this.”

Oh Gwang-pil pointed at a pamphlet, while giving his most ‘friendly’ smile.

“Our company is called the Galaxy Corporation, and we transport things in and out of Pangaea. And the thing I just gave you is the ‘Talking-tree sap’.

“T-talking-tree sap? What does it do?”

“If you drink it, you can learn a foreign language.”

“If it’s a totally unknown language you might have to drink 7, 250ml bottles to master it, but something like English would be mastered in just three.”

“I-is that so?”

Jang Woo-sun half believed,  half disbelieved.

“This bottle here contains 50ml, so have it a go. If you drink it and see some effects, don’t forget to share it and like it on either Facebook or Instagram. Or of course if you have a lot of followers on Twitter, you can tweet it.”

The conditions weren’t bad.

“Really, bro?”

“Of course~”

And Jang Woo-sun, believing in Oh Gwang-pil’s lax attitude believed in the effects of this talking-tree sap. And while heading home, his eyes were glued on the sticker.

(< Language Bro >

Type of product: Drink

Due Date: 1 year from production

Volume: 50ml (sample, the real product is 250ml)

Effects: Allows you to easily master a language. For more details, go to the website.

Finish your English studies at once!

We take care of all your foreign language studies! <Lang- Bro>

Galaxy Corporation.)

Lang bro seemed like a reliable title.

And hearing that the product was from Pangaea, Jang Woo-sun thought that it may really be possible to learn a foreign language quickly.

‘Well, I don’t think I’d die, so…’

Jang Woo-sun muttered and drank the whole drink in a single gulp.

“Not even one gulp, huh.”

A 50ml drink could be drunk in one gulp.

“Well, the taste is…. Kuk.”

Suddenly, Jang Woo-sun scrunched his forehead in pain, due to a headache.

‘W-what is this?!’

In his head, information about English flowed through. Words, sentence structures, spelling, pronunciation etc. Everything was there for him.

And this scene was repeated in many other households.

And soon enough, the ‘Lang Bro’ became famous.

[Alliance News] Lang Bro, when will they start selling officially? 

[Daily News] Lang Bro, showing the importance of Pangaea. 

And a few days later, the Galaxy Corporation finally revealed it’s production date and started a promotion with six thousand bottles in the beginning.

This was known as the ‘mastering English with Lang Bro!’

Master English with Lang Bro!!! Set.

You too can master English with just three bottles of Lang Bro.

Price: 15,000,000 won (15000 dollars) for one set, one set has 3 Lang Bros.

Amount: 2000 sets, limited offer (Needs reservations.)

Ways of reservation: Homeshopping (1000 sets), Homepage (1000 sets)

  • Will also choose 5 students with good grades that drank Lang Bro and pay their college fees.

And when this went online, South Korea was in chaos.

The S-grade celebrity that had everyone’s ‘trust’ became the show-host of homeshopping, and started the revolution of homeshopping itself….

And the E-shop of the galaxy corporation went down sometimes, because the server couldn’t have so many people online at once.

It was a huge success.

‘This is just the start.’

Kang Chul-in said, riding on his newly bought Lamborghini Sesto Elemento, satisfied with their great start.

Although this seemed like a huge deal, both to Kang Chul-in and Old man Kwon, it really wasn’t.

Lang Bro was just to get the trust of the civilians for the Galaxy Corporation, they still had some of their groundbreaking products left, hidden in store.

Although the start may be weak, the end will be strong!

This Lang Bro product was just a weak beginning compared to all that would come.


The Sesto Elemento drove through the highway with its maximum speed of 350 km/h.

And Kang Chul-in was headed to the area where the Talking-tree sap would be shipped.

Today was the day that they would receive the 500l, so he had decided to go himself.

“You’re here, director!”

“Good afternoon, director!”

As soon as he got there, the people related to the Galaxy Corporation all bowed to him.

‘Old man Kwon, not bad.’

Looking at the guards that stood around holding guns, he was satisfied.

“Well, let’s receive it immediately.”

When it finally became 00:00am, Kang Chul-in put his mana into the Dimensional Door.

Pzzt, Pzzt!

Sparks flew from the magic circle, showing that the Laputa side had answered.

And as the lights dimmed down… 30 of the 10L containers came out.


Kang Chul-in’s face contorted, looking at the meager amount of bottles.

One was 10L, and they needed 50, so that they would have 500L.

30 of them was 300L.

So where had the rest gone?

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