Chapter 84. A dirty, underhanded tactic (3)

Overlord of Blood and Iron

“W-Why not?”

Gonzales shouted in anger.

“Now is not the time, milord. If we go right now to attack them, there is a possibility that we might get ambushed by them. Instead, why don’t we wait it out, until the day breaks out, and there is no more darkness to empower the Spectre Knights? After all, when it is night, they will become even stronger, being able to blend it with the night and all.”

Since it made sense, Gonzales nodded his head, trying his best to suppress his rage.

“So basically, all I need to do is wait for the sun to rise, before attacking them?”  

“Yes, and if we do that, not only will we be able to win the war, they will have harvested all of our crops for us.”

“Hmm… okay, I will follow your idea then.”

“Thank you, milord.”

And just like Drakan had said, Gonzales decided to wait until the sun rose. However…

“Milord, milord!”

Maybe when there was still one hour left until dawn, a bird-man scout barged into the room, and made Gonzales almost go crazy with rage with the next sentence.

“What is it?”

“T-The enemies…”

“The enemies what?”

“After harvesting our crops, they have left…”


Gonzales’s eyes were about to pop out of their sockets.


He was so angry, that his body started to tremble, and his eyes were flipped over.


 Tremble, tremble…

And Drakan’s body also shook.

‘Their goal wasn’t to invade us, but to take our crops instead?’


And the angry turned towards Drakan as a source for him to distress.

“Yes, milord.”

Since Drakan also had his own conscience, he couldn’t hold his head up high.

“How are you going to be responsible for this? I trusted in your words and waited, and now all of my crops are going to be harvested by the enemy.”


“I asked, how are you going to be responsible, huh? You were the one who kept on arguing that I should follow you, but now, huh? The whole territory is screwed because of you, screwed!”

“DRAKAN! Answer me! Speak with that well-educated mouth of yours, and give me an answer!”

Gonzales shouted at Drakan.


“Why, got no more words to speak anymore? I told you, be RESPONSIBLE, you stupid lizard!”


Drakan’s whole body shook.

To a drake-man, the word ‘lizard’ was a sort of taboo to them, as their race carried the sacred blood of a dragon, and the fact that others compared them to lizards truly scarred them. 

“... When the day comes again, I will chase them, and take back all of the crops that they have taken.”

Drakan spoke, with his eyes closed tightly.

“You irresponsible lizard. You’ve already screwed me over twice, and now you’re thinking of doing it a third time?”

Gonzales still retorted with anger.

“One more… If you gave me one more chance…”


“......”  “Not only do you have no real ability, but you are also shameless.”

Gonzales stared at Drakan with disgust and hatred in his eyes.

“You will stay back here, and wait for your punishment when I get back. I will chase him with the army myself.”

And Drakan, who had lost the trust of Gonzales, had to be treated as a traitor and a criminal.

“Open the gates, and ready all of the soldiers! As soon as the sun rises, we will go and chase that damned army that took our food!”

Gonzales ordered.

But unfortunately for him, there was absolutely no fighting.

“T-T-These RAT BASTARDS!!”  

Grit… Grit...

Although Gonzales was gritting his teeth in frustration, the Laputa army was already well beyond their territory and reach, and had already set up camp within a forest, where the camp was set up for it to be very difficult to reach and attack.


The Secretary of the Absilon Territory spoke to Gonzales cautiously, afraid when his anger was going to erupt.

“I-I think that we should get ready to retreat now… If we try to attack against their army when they are set up like that…”

“I know! I know…”

Gonzales sighed in frustration.

“****... ****... I will leave you guys this time, but… ****... These dirty, underhanded, cheeky, ****ing little bastards! I will crush you the next time I see you…”

And saying this, the Lord of the Absilon territory, Gonzales, had to retreat back into his own territory.


At the same time.


“I’ve heard that Nilus could use a spell called ‘Megaphone’ that could allow sound to be extremely loud by amplifying it.”  

“If you lend Nilus to me, I guarantee that I will be able to lure the enemies back to us.”

Kwak-jung’s face was full of conviction and self-confidence.

“Fine. But if you fail to do so…Hmph… Get ready for a beating.”


“I-I will definitely keep my word, milord!”


That afternoon.

Kwak-jung, with the help of Nilus, spoke towards the Absilon territory.

“Hey, you stupid, idiotic peasants of the Absilon Territory!”

The start was a taunt. 

“Are you guys still serving that stupid, idiotic Lord of yours?”

 “Well, thanks to you guys, we’ll definitely have a good time in winter, and be able to stuff ourselves! Thanks, thanks! I really have to thank the ones who had to pour in their blood and sweat in for this.”


Curses rang out across the Absilon territory, but Kwak-Jung didn’t care.

“Curse! Curse at me all you want! But it doesn’t matter to me… After all, you guys will all be dead when the winter is over.”

“Well, take a look at each others faces before winter. Because I reckon that it will be the last time you’ll be able to see yourselves at all.”

The effect was immediate.

“H-He’s right… The shortage of food is definitely…”

“I-It’s winter… And we d-don’t even have enough food…”

“Wait a minute, everyone. I’m not finished speaking.”

Kwak-Jung suddenly spoke up.

“But… well, our merciful and angelic Lord Kang Chul-In has been nice, and decided to give you guys a chance. Alright? So listen up carefully if you want to live.”

“First, if you want to serve that stupid Lord of yours, fine! Just starve to death, and that’ll be the end of it. However. If all of you guys decide to surrender, then our merciful Lord will allow you to have the food of our territory, and even become a citizen of the Laputa area.”

“Oh… and I heard that your Lord is incompetent, and only has interest in women? Is there a reason to follow someone like that? Our Lord has spoken, if you are able to bring the head of your Lord, then 1000 gold, along with 20 years worth of food enough for a 4 person family, as well as status as a noble in the territory will be given. Okay. Everybody, dismissed.”


“Milord… I’m afraid that if we do not take our food back quick enough, the citizens will start a rebellion.”


“Milord… How about we send in our assassins tonight, and see if we can assassinate our enemies?”

“Assassination? Hmm…”

“Do we not have a 10 man squad of the best assassins in the land?”


Gonzales, who had the ability of ‘Friends with Different Races’ had many different races under him, and among them were the Cat-Humans, who were specialized in assassination.

“Okay, then send them off tonight.”  

“Yes, milord!”

And that was how the first squadron of Cat-humans were sent. To assassinate ‘the infamous’ Kang Chul-In.

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