Chapter 85. Conquering the Absilon Territory (1)

Overlord of Blood and Iron

The cat assassins that were sent by Gonzales were like ghosts. 

Tip toeing just like cats, they were unable to sneak into the Laputa territory without taking even 2 hours.

‘Their guard is very lax. As expected, these humans…’

Looking at the state of the guards in the Laputa territory, Nieu clicked her tongue in disapproval.

Although the defense wasn’t even that bad, to someone like Nieu, a very well trained assassin, the defense wasn’t very good.

<This way.>

And Nieu, who was walking in the Laputa territory as if she were at home saw a tent that was much bigger than others in size, and was decorated beautifully. It was clearly the Lord’s tent.

Jumping up lightly, Nieu got onto the top of the tent, and motioned for the rest of the group to follow.

Stepping lightly, stepping lightly.

The assassins were able to make no noise at all when they jumped onto the top of the heavy cloth that made up the tent.

<Ignore the guards, and rip the ceiling, before going inside.>

Nieu told her subordinate assassins to get ready to strike.

With who sneaky and cautious the assassins were, it wouldn’t take them very long, just a couple of seconds to take the head of the enemy Lord.


And as Nieu and her assassins took out their daggers, and started to rip out the ceiling of the Tent.

It was at that moment.

“Be quiet, I can hear everything.”

“This? There’s no way a human can…”

Nieu answered unconsciously to the voice that spoke to her suddenly.

‘Wait a minute…’

Nieu was completely, and utterly startled.

“You guys are still far away from being able to assassinate me.”

And at the voice, Nieu and the assassins turned their heads towards a man standing there.


And standing there, smirking at them was Kang Chul-In.

“There were quite a few assassination attempts on me before, after all… I think… this is the… 78th attempt so far? And well… you should be able to guess by the fact that I’m still alive about what happened to the assassins.”

And as soon as Kang Chul-In’s words were finished.

“How dare you little cats…”

Standing there were Kang Chul-In’s reinforcements, and backup.

Lucia, Captain James, Billy Halford and his fellow adventurers. 

“You dirty, little, robbing cats.”  

And Lucia seemed particularly angry out of the people standing there.

“Lucia. Just properly educate them for me.”  

“The cat-humans will be very useful under me, so try not to kill them, alright?”

“Oh also, they will have poisonous tablets in their molars, so make sure that they don’t swallow them and commit suicide.”

Saying this, Kang Chul-In left, as if he was taking a stroll, leaving the rest to his subordinates.

Cat-human assassins?  

There was no reason for him to step up himself, when he had his subordinates to teach them a lesson.


And after Kang Chul-In left, he headed directly to Kwak-jung’s tent, where he was staying.

“Why didn’t you just kill the assassins?”

Kwak-Jung asked, curious about Kang Chul-In’s decision.

“They’re very useful to me.”

“Are they really that capable?”  

“No, not that much.”

Kang Chul-In shook his head.

“But they do have a lot of uses.”


“We can use them for assassination attempts like this, and more importantly, use them to attract the attention of male Adventurers.”

“Attract their attention?”  

“Although I’m not sure why, it seems like the human males seem to be very attracted towards these Cat-humans.”


Kwak-Jung gasped, realizing Kang Chul-In’s plan.

Due to the fact that the Cat-Human race were exceptionally beautiful, they were very good for attracting the attention of human males.

“Hmm… now that I think about it, that is actually a very good idea.”

“Oh, and that boy called Rok. How… will we reward him?”

Rok was the young teenager who had his fiance taken away from him, resulting in him joining the Laputa army to take revenge against his former Lord, Gonzales.

“Well, he was the one that gave information about the fact that the enemy Lord has control over the demi-humans. Well, we’ll give him land, food, as well as a job after the war is over.”

“Yes, milord.”

“Well then, let’s go finish off this war.”


Twang! BANG!

Fireworks flew high in the sky, and lit up the night sky.

“As expected of our assassins.”  

Gonzales was smiling in his castle, happy that his assassins had ‘succeeded’ in taking the head of the enemy Lord.

“Soldiers of the Absilon territory, hear me! The enemy Lord is dead!”  

“Huh? He’s dead?”

“H-How do you know that....”  


Gonzales’s secretary shushed everyone into silence.

“The proud assassins of our territory have succeeded in assassinating the enemy Lord. Do you see the fireworks over there? That’s the sign that they had been ordered to send if the assassination was successful.”

“Right now, we will immediately head to that damned territory, and take back the food, as well as land that they have.”

“Go! Go!”  

And while Gonzales, as well as the soldiers of the Absilon territory were absolutely frenzied with excitement for the upcoming war, Drakan felt uneasy.

‘Something isn’t right here…’

Their enemies this time didn’t follow logic. 

They were absolutely dirty, and underhanded. There seemed to be no way that their Lord would go down this easily.

But Drakan couldn’t speak up.

He had no rights to speak after the events that had transpired last time, and it wouldn’t be surprising for him to be cursed at by his Lord.

And… Drakan’s worries weren’t unfounded, as the war went on.


It seemed as if the Absilon Territory had the upper hand at the beginning of the battle.

“Kill! Kill them all!”

Gonzales, who was absolutely confident in winning the war with the absence of the enemy Lord, sent out his vanguard, who was comprised with 10 Cyclopes (the one eyed giants from greek mythology).

But… as the firing from the Laputa army began, the situation began to turn around.


3 Magic Cannons that were hidden from sight in a forest near the Laputa territory fired off their shells with extremely large sounds. 


And when the firing from the cannons stopped, it was Nilus’s turn to pour his lethal, wide-ranged magic onto the forces of the Absilon territory.

“Kuhahahah! You stupid idiots! Prepare to die!”

Billy Halford, leading his group of adventurers flanked the left side of the Absilon army.

“Kill them all!”

And Michael, along with the White-Lion Knights, circled behind the enemy, launching an attack from behind.

“W-What the…”

Gonzales cursed at the unexpected situation he faced.

“A-A-A-A-AGAIN! I’ve been tricked again! Noooooo!!!!”

Gonzales despaired, and nearly spat out blood.

“WHY! WHY! WHY?!”  

The furious Gonzales despaired and despaired, but nothing happened.

The only that he could do while his allies were being decimated was curse.


Drakan, who was swinging his greatsword against his enemies, went to the side of Gonzales.

“Quickly, milord! You need to retreat!”

Although Gonzales wasn’t a good Lord to Drakan, he still had loyalty for him, as a citizen and proud general of the Absilon land.

“Milord! Quickly!”

“What, you want me to retreat like this! Do you have an inkling of just how angry I am right now?”  

“But… you will be killed if you stay.”


Gonzales’s face turned pale at those words.

“Yes, milord. We already have no chance of winning this war. The only way we have turning this around is for you to run, milord, and take revenge in the distant future.”

“Quickly, this way! I will lead you there!”

“The enemy Lord is running away!”

“Catch them!”

And the soldiers of the Laputa territory tried to chase them.


Swinging his greatsword, Drakan killed everyone that stood in his way.


“D-Drake… He’s half dragon…”

But… Drakan didn’t go far before coming face to face with another man.


Crack. Crack.

Cracking his knuckles, Kang Chul-In smirked at Drakan.

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