Chapter 86. Conquering the Absilon Territory (2)

Overlord of Blood and Iron

‘This man…!’

Drakan could recognize what kind of man Kang Chul-In was.

How could he not?  

The image of Kang Chul-In riding around his horse on the battlefield was still deeply engraved in her mind.

Leading the Spectre Knights and making their farmlands into a complete wasteland.

The appearance he had when he was taking care of 500 soldiers single-handedly in the Absilon territory.

The appearance he had when he ripped out the feathers of the Bird-man general, Amaru.

... And the appearance when he beat the life out of  the Bull-dog general, Demian.

To Drakan, who had seen Kang Chul-In fighting, he was an existence who was basically unstoppable.

“You guys are later than I expected.”

Kang Chul-In pretended to look at his nonexistent wrist watch.

“You… were waiting? You knew that we would come over here?”

Drakan asked.

“Of course I did.”

Kang Chul-In answered nonchalantly.

“We… have been played around by you the whole time.”

“Well, maybe if your crops and your farmlands weren’t stolen by us, you wouldn’t have been led around the nose by us.”

And at this, Drakan blushed in shame.

“Think of this as the price that you are paying for not thinking enough about your crops.”

“Price… don’t you think we’ve already paid enough of a price?”  

“Could you let us go this time? We have already lost basically everything. We have already lost the food for this winter, and our army has already been exterminated. So please, let some of our soldiers go. Or at least, please let our Lord go.”

It was a very surprising.

It was almost unheard of for the half-dragon race to beg to their enemies, but it seemed that Drakan cared more about the life of his Lord than his pride.

“Send your Lord away… Well, descendant of the dragon race, what is your name?”

Kang Chul-In spoke to Drakan as if speaking to a subordinate.

“Drakan, my name is Drakan.”

And Drakan answered back, as if he was compelled to talk back to Kang Chul-In.

“Drakan, huh…”

Kang Chul-In engraved the name into his memory.

“That is a good name, fitting for a descendant of the dragon race.”

“Thank you.”

“Then, may I ask for your name and position?”  


Kang Chul-In opened his mouth.

“Am the Lord, the Lord of the Laputa territory.”  


“And my name is: Kang Chul-In.”

And as Kang Chul-In revealed his identity, Drakan’s golden eyes were filled with shock.

‘T-This man is the Lord? Dear god…’

“It seems your surprised?”  

Kang Chul-In smirked.

“Isn’t it obvious that I’m surprised?”  

“Come to me.”

And Kang Chul-In offered a surprising deal to Drakan.

“If you come over to me, I will save that useless Lord of yours.”


Drakan was tempted, and really thought about it for a while.


Drakan spoke.

“This Drakan while block this man’s way.”

“I will block this man to the best of my ability, so please run away while you can.”  

Rather than picking the easy way out where both of them could live, Drakan decided to cling on to his pride, and sacrifice himself for the sake of his Lord. It was a decision that was befitting of a Drake-man like him.

“Block them?”  

“Yes, milord.”  

“N-No… no. Just go to that man… I can only live if you decide to serve him!”


Drakan, who was calling Gonzales, had no strength left in his voice.

“Go… You can go, so just… go! Go! Please, just go!”  

“Drakan! If you are loyal to me, just follow that man. Isn’t saving me the most important thing? I don’t really mind, so just follow that man! Please, go!”  

Although a faithful servant was throwing his life on the line to protect the life and the honor of his Lord, Gonzales was just dirtying the pride of his servant, Drakan.

‘This guy is no better than a dog.’

Kang Chul-In thought.


And from Kang Chul-In’s voice was cold, and absolutely terrifying to hear for Gonzales.

“If you do something like that again, to dirty Drakan’s pride, I will put you inside a mixer and make you into a human smoothie, you disgusting bastard.”

“Now get lost. You don’t have the qualifications to die by my hand.”


And Kang Chul-In judged Drakan, who unlike Gonzales, was not running away frantically right now, as a great warrior.

“I will respect your decision.”

‘I… want to serve him…’

Drakan thought to himself.

‘Sigh… Lord Kang Chul-In… how wonderful would it have been if you were milord from the beginning?’

‘Please… if there truly is a chance at reincarnation, let me serve you in my next life.’

It was at that moment.

As if understanding Drakan’s thoughts, Kang Chul-In stared deeply into Drakan’s eyes, and spoke.


And with those words.


He changed the Soft Sword Kaiforce’s shape into that of the most basic sword.

“You are pretty good.”

Kang Chul-In’s weapon was a sword, and Drakan’s was also a greatsword. This gesture meant that Kang Chul-In wanted them to fight in a battle between sword and sword.

“Strength, and speed. You don’t lack both of these things. I can tell that you have been practicing for a long time. Therefore… Come. Let me send you on your way.”

“The way to the underworld, I will not leave any of my strength behind in this fight.”

And saying this, Drakan’s blood began to boil in anticipation.

Kang Chul-In, who was standing before his eyes, was undoubtedly powerful.

Although he hadn’t seen the man in front of him going all out, his instincts were telling him.

… That this man was someone that exceeded his imagination, and that he couldn’t win this upcoming battle.

“Are you ready?”

Drakan, who was nervous, spoke.


Kang Chul-In nodded his head.


Although Kang Chul-In and his subordinates mainly didn’t care where Gonzales was running to, it was different for some other people.

“Huk… Huk… T-That bastard…”  

Rok, who was exhausted at this point, looked around in all directions. Although his surroundings were covered in darkness due to it being night, Rok’s eyes were brighter than ever.

And… Rok, who had completely gone out of the battlefield while chasing Gonzales looked up, and stared at a silhouette not so far away from him.


Rok could tell who it was right away.

How could he not?

It was the one that had taken away the woman that he had loved, no, still loved away. It was impossible for him to forget. And no matter how dark it was, Rok’s eyes stared at Gonzales with a man’s eyes that had terrifying emotions lurking behind it.

‘Kill… I’m going to kill you…’

And thinking this, Rok began to run at the fastest speed that he had ever ran in his entire life.

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