Chapter 100.1: Strict Teacher Mu

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Mu Ye coldly swept a glance at her. He had already come to understand the extent of her profound inner strength last time. Thus, he assumed she was amusing herself by teasing him again and didn’t pay attention to her.

What Tang Doudou could realize, Mu Ye had naturally already thought of way earlier. However, he still ended up returning to his original spot every time despite having ascertained his position beforehand.

Otherwise, there was no way he would have been trapped in here for three entire days.

The person he needed to kill might not even be in the valley anymore. When this occurred to Mu Ye, his facial color worsened. With a swift movement, he returned back to the ground.

Tang Doudou hastily ran over upon seeing him come down. “How is it? Did you see which direction we should go?”


“How could you have missed it?” Tang Doudou was a little impatient now. “Then did you see the sea of flowers?”


“Which way is it?”

Mu Ye expressionlessly looked towards the west. Tang Doudou rubbed her chin as she looked over as well. That direction was precisely the direction they had just walked through.

From the looks of it, this idea had already occurred to Mu Ye, that was why he had walked in that direction. However, he still hadn’t been able to get out.

Tang Doudou retrieved her line of sight, disappointed. Suddenly, something occurred to her. “Did you try flying out from the sky?”

Mu Ye said, “It’s no use.”

Jesus ah, could it really be the legendary Space Binding Array?

No, no. Tang Doudou slapped this exotic idea out of her head before asking, “I was brought in here by an old beggar. How did you end up here? The way to Cang Baicao doesn’t seem to be by this road?”

Earlier, she saw that Baili Yu and Ye Chuan had been walking along that sea of flowers. As for her, she had seen the brook in the area opposing the flower sea and encountered the old, one-eyed woman there. Afterwards, she had reached this bamboo forest by continuing forward. This meant that this place was even further from the place Baili Yu and Ye Chuan had gone to.

So why did Mu Ye also come here?

“I’m not looking for him.”

“Not looking for Cang Baicao?” Tang Doudou smacked her lips, a little confused by what Mu Ye was saying.


Jesus ah, I give up. Talking with this demonic head is seriously tiring.

“If you’re not here to find Cang Baicao, then what did you come to Azure Water Valley for?”

This time, Mu Ye didn’t respond and simply started walking forward again.

There was no way Tang Doudou dared to stay in this damned place by herself so she hastily followed him. “Is the person you’re trying to kill a one-eyed old lady?”

“Or that old beggar who brought me in here?”

“Can you bring me up there to take a look? It’s just one look. Maybe I’ll find a way out?”

“Hey, can’t you say something!?”

“Just walking and walking like this, not even…”“You don’t know how to get up on your own?” Mu Ye replied coldly as he slanted a look at her.

Oh. Tang Doudou looked at him. How’d she forget this? Mu Ye wasn’t aware of the fact that she didn’t know martial arts.

It seems like she had used inner strength to injure him as well last time. He definitely wouldn’t believe her if she said she didn’t know martial arts right now.

She had tried using qinggong to fly before. Should she try it again this time?

Da fudge. Since all those martial arts existed in her brain, it’d be such a waste not to use them. Not to mention, there’s no way she could rely on others forever!

Thinking to here, Tang Doudou’s inner energy started sinking down as she recalled the feeling she had experienced in the underground palace. Her feet slightly moved and she shot into the air. This time, she didn’t lose control but instead slowly recalled how this body responded to qinggong, then slowly adjusted her inner strength. Her feet lightly touched the bamboo branches and she was able to slowly head up a certain bamboo while controlling her speed.

Tang Doudou only ended up at a loss when she reached the top. What was she freaking supposed to do in order to stand on it like Mu Ye had?

She tried slowing her speed to stop but her feet wouldn’t listen to her. They wouldn’t stop and she ended up flying straight into the distance.

Mu Ye was on the ground, watching Tang Doudou sway unsteadily as she flew around and around. A puzzled expression flashed across his face. She doesn’t know qinggong?

After watching her fly up a second time, then lose control and fly towards the distance once again, Mu Ye ascertained his guess. However, it caused even more puzzlement. Who in the country didn’t know about Li Xueyi’s famous qinggong?

One of the reasons he was able to fondle the flowers and trample the grass (womanize) year round without getting caught was because he was good at running. Otherwise, he would have already been caught and beaten to death.

Although he no longer believed those rumors after finding out her female identity, he didn’t doubt the fact that she knew qinggong. In the past, he had sent the subordinates who had the best qinggong in the sect to pursue her, yet afterwards, they all came back and said that her qinggong was too good, that it was not something any random person would be able to keep up with.

That was why he had personally shown up at Rutaceae Pavilion that day. Yet, unexpectedly, she still managed to escape.

However, it was a good thing he didn’t kill her that day…

When he realized that he had thought it was ‘good’, his facial color darkened. Lifting his head, he looked at the sky but Tang Doudou’s figure had disappeared.

Where did she go?

He felt a bad premonition. Tang Doudou’s pitiful, heart-tugging scream transmitted over from the distance. “Aaah! Mu Ye, save, save me!”

His figure flashed as he rushed towards that direction. It wasn’t very far away. Soon, he could see Tang Doudou falling like a snapped kite. She crashed through bamboo branches and continuously screamed from the pain.

She was about to hit the ground. Mu Ye hesitated only for a split second before he stepped forward to catch Tang Doudou.

After carrying her in a princess hold for a few breaths, he threw her onto the ground. “You don’t know martial arts?”

“It’s been too long since I’ve used it, so I forgot a little.”

Of course she wouldn’t admit that she didn’t know martial arts.

“How did you end up falling?”

Tang Doudou didn’t speak. There’s no way she can say that she was too dumb and released all her inner strength when she tried to stop, right?Meow a mii! If she really said this, wouldn’t it be admitting that she was stupid?

Mu Ye didn’t say anything for a while. Suddenly, he stretched out his hand towards Tang Doudou.


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