Chapter 99.2: Trapped

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Upon hearing this, Tang Doudou’s legs wobbled and she almost crashed to the ground. Bro, coildn’t you be a little more restrained?

She won’t be silenced with death after finding out such a huge secret, right!?

She nervously forced out a smile. Meow ah, her mouth seriously needs a spanking. Why’d you have to ask blindly!? She really wanted to smack herself.

However, since the conversation had already gotten to this point, she could only follow her plan. Thus, she exposed a mysterious aura and stealthily moved closer to Mu Ye. Resisting that chilling aura, she said, “Bro, I never expected that we were actually people of the same road. I won’t keep it from you, I’ll also here to kill someone!”

If he actually believed her words, a ghost-sighting would truly occur.

Mu Ye didn’t pay attention to Tang Doudou’s efforts to worm her way into being friends. He simply started walking forward.

Tang Doudou didn’t care whether he paid attention to her either. As long as he didn’t abandon her and run off on his own, it was good enough. She folded her hands behind her back as she followed after Mu Ye. She hit another thirty-six likes for her quick-witted thinking upon seeing that Mu Ye was walking in the forest as if he was very familiar with it. Soon after, she smugly started singing a little tune.

She was completely oblivious to Mu Ye’s dark expression that seemed as if he was enduring something terrible.

What kind of tune is this hideous mess!?

Mu Ye silently criticized in his heart. He wanted to berate her, but when he saw how pleased she was with herself, he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

The demon that has always killed people like he was scything flax was shocked by his own feelings and abruptly stopped walking. What was happening to him?

Mu Ye never had this feeling before and it had only occurred after he saw her. Hence, he quickly figured out the root of the problem. After he forced down that reluctant feeling, he turned around and said to Tang Doudou, “Don’t follow me!”

The tone actually wasn’t especially cold. On the contrary, it seemed a little like he didn’t know what to do with Tang Doudou.

Tang Doudou was currently in the middle of celebrating so she didn’t hear any difference in his words. All she heard was that Mu Ye was chasing her away. Thus, she exposed a pitiful expression. “Big Bro, don’t be like that ah! To meet by chance is fate. As the saying goes, while at home, one relies on the parents and while outside, one relies on friends. Look, we’ve already encountered each other so why not just stay together on this journey? In any case, everyone here is here to kill someone…”

She wanted to say more but saw that Mu Ye’s eyes were becoming increasingly cold. She hastily changed her tone and said, “Big Bro, in reality, I don’t want to follow you and annoy you either. It’s just that I seriously can’t find the way out. How about this? From now on, I’ll be quiet and won’t say a single word. I’ll just follow behind your back and once we get out of this bamboo forest, I’ll immediately beat it?”

So she was following him because she couldn’t find her way out.

Did she really think that he didn’t dare to kill her?

Or did she think that he didn’t see through her disguise?

She should be much more familiar with the Azure Water Valley than he was. Was it possible for her to be lost? Or was the call for help earlier on purpose to lure him over?

Half a month earlier, Baili Yu and she had been listed as wanted criminals in Huai City. During this period of time, there was no news about them at all. Now, she has appeared in Azure Water Valley. It’s unknown if it was Baili Yu that brought her here or if she was the one that brought Baili Yu here. However, if she was here, where was Baili Yu?

Did they come to Azure Water Valley to avoid the pursuers or for some other reason?

Mu Ye made a lot of silent speculations. He glanced at her little deer-like eyes before deciding to just continued walking.

Seeing this, Tang Doudou was overjoyed. Looks like this guy, Mu Ye, wasn’t that bad after all. At least he’s still a little kind to innocent young girls.

As Tang Doudou continued to follow Mu Ye, her happiness soon disappeared.

This was because she discovered that they had returned to their original spot!

She stared dumbstruck at the silver needles sprinkled all over the ground, then hastily called out to Mu Ye who was completely unaware of this discovery. “Hey, you, wait a second!”

Mu Ye stopped annoyedly upon hearing her call. He turned around, planning to just throttle her to death. However, he was surprised to find her crouched on the ground with her back toward him. She was completely unguarded and seemed to be looking for something on the ground.

Why wasn’t she afraid of him anymore?

“We seemed to have returned to our original location. Do you know the roads or not ah!?” Tang Doudou picked up the needles on the ground. She was certain that this was the place where she had been tied up.

Mu Ye glanced at the silver needles in her hand. “What do you mean?”

“Nuo, these silver needles were the ones that were on me earlier. I had pulled them off and thrown them onto the ground. You understand now, right?” As Tang Doudou spoke, she threw away the needles in her hand and looked around again. She was also completely confused and couldn’t figure out why this happened. She had been walking forward the entire time she had followed Mu Ye. Logically she should be getting further away from this place, how did she end up back here?

Unless, could it be!?

A scary idea emerged in Tang Doudou’s mind and she shivered. Moving closer to Mu Ye, she said with a trembling voice, “Could it be we’ve encountered a ghost wall*?”

According to Bing, this is something that everyone knows. It’s a phenomenon that people experience at night or in the suburbs. They’d keep walking and walking but end up going in circles.

Mu Ye was speechless as he took in the alarm on her face, then he replied coldly, “It’s an array.”

“What’s dat?”

“I’ve already been trapped in here for three days.”

When he said this, a hint of embarrassment flashed through his eyes and instantly vanished. However, Tang Doudou had been staring at him the entire time and caught the embarrassment clearly.

She also felt like falling apart. Da fudge? She thought she found a savior but in the end it turns out she had encountered a poor devil that was even more pitiful than her.

And she had been wondering why Mu Ye happened to show up here and had even been good-hearted enough to rush over upon hearing someone cry for help.

It turns out that his goal was the same as hers ah!

Now this was great, both of them were idiots!Tang Doudou sighed and plopped down on her butt. “Why didn’t you say so earlier? I wasted my time feeling happy.”

“Alliance Head Li often comes to Azure Water Valley, how is it possible for Alliance Head Li to be lost? Or is Alliance Head Li purposefully teasing ben zun for fun again?”

This dialogue could be counted as the most Mu Ye had said to her since the beginning of their history.

However, the murderous aura his words gave off caused Tang Doudou to shudder. She immediately shook her head like a rattle-drum. “Why would I purposefully tease you? I really am lost. I thought you knew the way out. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have shamelessly followed you around either!”

“You think I would believe that?” said Mu Ye.

“I can’t do anything about it even if you don’t believe. What I said was the truth.” When the thought that it was likely she would die with this cold-faced demon while trapped in this bamboo forest occurred to her, Tang Doudou no longer had the energy to waste words with him. She leaned against the bamboo and massaged her sore ankles as she stared blankly at the open space in the bamboo forest.

Mu Ye didn’t speak. After staring at her for a long while, he jumped up to get above the bamboo forest and surveyed the surroundings.

Tang Doudou immediately became energized again upon seeing what he did. That’s right, there’s an array in this forest that’s preventing them from getting out. However, there’s no way that an array can be set in the sky above the forest, right?

That would practically turn out to be like a xuanhuan novel!

Tang Doudou clambered up from the ground. She saw that Mu Ye had been looking around in the air for a long time but wasn’t reacting at all so she couldn’t help but call out, “Can you help me get up to take a look as well?”


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by ed.L

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