Chapter 99.1: Trapped

Prodigal Alliance Head


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The look of the figure was rather familiar as well.

Tang Doudou dropped the silver needles in her hand and was about to walk over to get a better look when she saw that the person seemed to have sensed her gaze and looked her way.

She hastily jumped into the small hollow in the hill to hide. For the person to have such keen senses, it was likely that he was another martial arts expert!

For better or for worse, she had also been within the Jianghu for quite a while so she understood the basic common sense.

However, no one had even heard her when she cried out loudly earlier, so where did this person come from?

As she thought about that, she felt that it had probably been long enough so she slowly lifted her head and looked over. Unexpectedly, she didn’t see that person’s figure. It seemed like the person had already left.

This place was not a good place to stay for long. It was better for her to find the road back to the sea of flowers and then head back to the carriage to wait for Baili Yu.

However, right after she turned around, she saw Mu Ye’s grim face. His warmth-less pupils shocked her so much she involuntarily shivered. She immediately reacted, taking a large step back as she stared guardedly at Mu Ye. “You, why are you here!?”

“Alliance Head Li, I trust you’ve been well since we last met!” Mu Ye’s cold pupils reflected the familiar features of the person in front of him. When he heard the familiar voice as well, he instantly recognized the person in front of him as Li Xueyi, that guy who has messed with him multiple times.

However, when he saw Li Xueyi’s attire, a trace of unnaturalness flashed through his expressionless eyes. Why did he dress up this way?

Or was it that she was like this from the beginning!?

Mu Ye was an astute person and figured out the complication in just a few moments. She was actually a girl. No wonder she lustily stroked his face the first time they met and even… His eyes had multiple strange expressions when he recalled that incident. He was the only one who knew how complicated his emotions were though, because throughout this entire process, his face was still calm and emotionless.“What Alliance Head Li? You’ve got the wrong person!” Tang Doudou snapped back to her senses as well and immediately denied it. F*ck! It’s all cause she was too nervous earlier. She shouldn’t have taken the initiative to speak!

“Were you the one crying for help earlier?” Mu Ye asked coldly. He was thinking about other matters so he didn’t bother arguing with her over this topic.

Eh? He heard someone cry out ‘save me’ so he came to save her?

This big demon is that good-hearted?

Tang Doudou expressed extreme doubt towards this but she still nodded while stroking her chin. “It was me.”

After she said this, Mu Ye swept a cold gaze over her before turning and leaping out of the hollow. He strode away with large steps, seeming to be leaving in a rush.

Strange ah, how strange. Today’s Mu Ye seems a little off!

“Hey, did you come over to save me?”

Mu Ye’s steps paused as he lowered his eyes. Without turning back, he coldly spat out one word, “No.”

It would be strange if that wasn’t the case!

Tang Doudou climbed out of the hollow and patted off the soil on her as she said, “It doesn’t matter if that was the case or not, anyhow, thank you for your good intentions!”

Fine, in reality, her goal was to hop on Mu Ye’s ride in order to get out of this bamboo forest. Who asked her not to know the way out?

Even though she didn’t know if Mu Ye knew his way around, moving around with two people should be much better than going around alone. Not to mention, for better or for worse, he’s the grand Sect Leader of the Demonic Sect. With so many enemies, it’s inevitable that he would get injured and poisoned. Perhaps he’s actually a frequent guest to this Azure Water Valley!

That was why she was determined to cling onto Mu Ye.

“No need.”

Mu Ye originally didn’t want to respond to her. However, when he saw her crafty, fox-like gaze, these words slipped out before he could stop them.

Tang Doudou also glanced at Mu Ye, surprised. After confirming that he was acting a little odd today, she started giggling inwardly. If she didn’t guess wrong, his sudden odd behavior was definitely related to her outfit.

He had definitely recognized her but was so confused by her attire that he didn’t know how to act.

Look at his eyes, isn’t ‘dumbfounded’ written in huge block letters across them!?

“Did you also come to Azure Water Valley to seek medical treatment?” If you wanted to have a closer relationship with someone, you had to start by having the same goal as them!

If he didn’t come to Azure Water Valley for medical treatment, then what else would it be for? It couldn’t be to kill someone, right?

Tang Doudou was currently feeling pretty proud of herself for her clever idea when she heard Mu Ye reply coldly, “No, I’m here to kill someone.”


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