Chapter 98.2: Was Made Into a Hedgehog

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When the first ray of sunlight passed through the layers of bamboo leaves and spilled onto Tang Doudou’s tightly shut eyes, she turned her head away in discomfort. When she found a comfortable place, she opened her eyes.

“Da f*ck!?”

The first thing she saw when she opened her eyes were her limbs, stabbed full of needles. She fell to pieces as a feeling like she had rammed into a steel pole came over her. However, there was actually even more to come. Why had she been able to see her limbs? It’s because someone had tied her up like this!

“Which freaking psycho did this!? Is this a troll!?”

Tang Doudou wiggled and discovered that she was actually tied pretty tightly. If she didn’t exert all her strength like her life depended on it, she might not be able to ever get out!

However, if she struggled free, she’ll end up falling onto the ground. Twisting her head to look below her, she saw that she was over a dozen meters from the ground. Was their plan for her to fall and break all her bones?

She couldn’t struggle, but she also couldn’t not struggle. Tang Doudou could only stare blankly at the sunlight above her head as her flood of sorrows went against the stream and formed its own river…

It had been fine when she was sleeping, but now that she had woken up, the aching and numb feeling transmitted over to her limbs. That feeling was seriously indescribably unbearable.

Going on like this wasn’t a solution ah!

Tang Doudou moved around and discovered that it wasn’t a rope that was currently tying her up but the leaves of some bamboo stalks that had been bent down. She didn’t know which bastard has such skill. The leaves didn’t break even after she slept on them for an entire night nor did they drop her even after she blindly moved around.

Tang Doudou didn’t dare to randomly move around anymore after seeing that they were weak bamboo leaves. Glancing at the distance to the ground again, she could only hope that someone would pass by and save her.

However, it had already been mentioned before that men’s footprints are rare in Azure Water Valley. Not only were there not a lot of people in Azure Water Valley, it was hard for outsiders to find this place as well. The possibility that someone would pass by here was lower than winning the lottery.

AAAAAaaaaaaaah! The more she thought about it, the more she fell apart. Why did she have to be that friggin’ unfortunate? Everywhere she went, misfortune followed her. At this rate, she probably won’t even survive until the day the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance flared up.

“Is anyone here? Save me ah!”

The sound traveled rather far in the bamboo forest and a faint echo could even be heard. However, not even the shadow of a ghost came over. Tang Doudou’s stomach was starting to emit growls and the needles stabbed all over her was making her super uncomfortable. She really wanted to just fall to her death and be done with it.

Tang Doudou gulped. Perhaps this really was a possible idea. It’s definitely impossible to fall to her death at this height. At most she’ll probably just end up handicapped?

How much difference was there between being handicapped and being dead?

Tang Doudou considered it for a while. Alright, if she ends up handicapped, then so be it. At least it’s better than throwing away her life. Moreover, this is Azure Water Valley. Baili Yu might come out to look for her in just a while, then couldn’t they just go find that godly doctor thingamajig and cure her?This was the type of person she was. She always thought in the positive direction. It counted as comforting herself, but also counted as having a good attitude.

Thinking thus, she prepared to take action. Though she was bound pretty tight, the bamboo leaves were very weak. She would definitely be able to break them if she moved around forcefully. Thus, she closed her eyes and worked hard, wiggling like a caterpillar and trying to tear those leaves with this motion.

Unexpectedly, these bamboo leaves that she had recalled to be fragile didn’t show any signs of breaking from her frantic tugging. On the contrary, they bound her limbs more tightly when she moved.

Hence, she could only stop her movements and daze out while staring at her wrists. What the freak? Did they dare make it any worse?

They actually tied them in a noose knot!


Internally, her balls broke, but outwardly, her expression became calm.

After Tang Doudou found out it was a noose knot, she turned her fingers around and started untying the knot.

This skill was something she had actually learned when she followed the trend and played around with ways to save herself in different situations. Afterwards, she had lived half her lifetime peacefully without ever using those skills. Unexpectedly, those skills had actually come into use today. They say that having a lot of skills won’t weigh the body down, this is probably what they meant!

Tang Doudou thought about this a bit self-mockingly but her hands moved very quickly. In a few moments, she had already untied the leaves and stems that were binding her hands. However, she didn’t let go and tightly grabbed them with one hand while reached over to undo her legs with her other hand.

What variety of bamboo was this anyway? The toughness was good enough to make people stick up a finger. Even after she undid the bamboo stems binding her legs and hung down vertically, the bamboo leaves didn’t show any signs of breaking. On the contrary, because she was dangling like this, they were slowly being pulled towards the ground.

From the looks of it, there was no need for her to fall at all. She can just wait until the arc curves enough and slowly reach the ground!

The strength of her life was seriously unprecedentedly tough, thought Tang Doudou happily. Then, she released one of the bamboo leaves to increase her speed of descending a little.

She couldn’t hold on for much longer after all.

When she finally reached the ground, frightened but unharmed, and her weak legs touched solid ground, she lifted her hand to wipe the sweat covering her forehead. However, she ended up pricking herself with the needles on her hand and grimaced in pain.

“Who the f*ck was so bored that they decided to stab needles into someone else for fun!?” Tang Doudou angrily plucked out the needles all over her body and was just about to start cursing when she saw that there was a figure not too far away.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by snowgem

[Chiyomira's Corner]

Lol, for a moment Tang Doudou really was treated as a voodoo doll.

P.S. The bamboo leaves refers actually to the tender baby bamboo leaves, basically leaves that have just recently grown out.



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