Chapter 105.2: Are You Interested In Him?

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Why did he direct the crossfire towards her!? Tang Doudou silently complained in her heart. However, she dutifully pulled out an expression as if she was deep in thought. “This, hmm…”

“Alliance Head da ren, there’s no harm in saying what you think,” said Baili Yu.

As this ball was kicked over by Baili Yu rather than Feng Yunhuan, it was worthwhile to consider what exactly Baili Yu meant by it.

Since she couldn’t figure it out, she could only buy more time for now. Knitting her brows, she asked Feng Yunhuan, “Is there any use in me giving my take?”

Feng Yunhuan naturally didn’t want to hear her talk. However, he recalled how she had been able to kill Xin Yue with one blow. It was evident, from that incident, that her inner strength was scarily strong. Yet afterwards, she didn’t even know qinggong and he had been able to easily trap her in the sea of flames. Had Baili Yu not rushed there in time, she would have been dead! However, in Azure Water Valley, she had been able to scare the old woman into fleeing with one strike yet again.

It looks like the people that looked the most unreliable were, in reality, the most impossible to predict.

This was something Lord Superior had warned him about when he headed out.

Didn’t this description fit Li Xueyi perfectly?

The condition of Baili Yu’s injury is unclear and the skill of Li Xueyi’s martial arts was unpredictable and impossible to measure. It was no wonder the two of them would be so unconcerned and fearless.

“All the matters of the Jianghu is up to Alliance Head da ren to decide, of course Alliance Head da ren’s words will be the authority for this small matter.” Feng Yunhuan rotated the antique lamp in his hand. Last time, she had insisted on having this lamp. Could it be that she also knows of this lamp’s secret?

Tch, as if her words could possibly be that useful.

Who in the world doesn’t know that in reality, she was just a puppet that took a laissez-faire attitude? Bai Feiyun dealt with everything, and Bai Feiyun also simply followed the commands of the Lord of Cloud City. To put it bluntly, the entire Jianghu was the Lord of Cloud City’s Jianghu, it didn’t have half a coin to do with her.

If it was the previous Li Xueyi, it didn’t matter much. But she had nothing to do with that Lord of Cloud City at all. The relationship between the two of them wasn't even as close as the relationship she had with Baili Yu. If it weren’t for the fact that she needed someone to cure the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance for her, she would have already dusted off her butt and left.

“Alright, since you’re both willing to listen to me, then this Alliance Head shall give some views.” Tang Doudou copied Baili Yu’s profound and mysterious smile and made a ‘please’ gesture towards Feng Yunhuan. “The air in the carriage isn’t that great. Why don’t we chat outside?”After she finished speaking, she sent Baili Yu a look, indicating for him to rest for a while.

However, Baili Yu imperceptibly shook his head and rejected her good intentions, saying, “There’s a lot of wind outside. It’s best if Alliance Head Li makes the long story short. Unlike us, Protector Feng has a lot of matters to deal with.”

What he meant was for her to make him leave!

Tang Doudou finally understood.

Thus, she walked towards Feng Yunhuan and stopped about three steps away from him. She gave a heavy sigh, then said with a heartfelt tone, “Xiao Huan ah!” (Little Huan ah!)

“Alliance Head da ren.” Feng Yunhuan nodded as he moved backwards a little.

He was afraid, afraid that Tang Doudou had walked closer in order to take advantage of an opportunity to capture him. After all, they were currently surrounded by his subordinates so it would be difficult for them to charge through the encirclement. However, if they captured him, they would be able to boldly swagger their way out.

The thing he couldn’t understand the most was that since both of them had good martial arts, what were they wasting so much time for?

That’s right, where did the other person on the carriage go?

Ye Chuan was like Baili Yu’s shadow and always by his side. Where did he go?

Feng Yunhuan was incomparably shrewd. It’s just that he overthought things too much. If he had given the command to attack the carriage right when he arrived, Tang Doudou and Baili Yu would already be cold corpses.

Yet, due to him being overly cautious and worried that Baili Yu was purposefully luring him out, he kept hesitating and didn’t make a move. This was what gave Ye Chuan sufficient time.

Ye Chuan’s martial arts didn’t count as very good on the Jianghu though it wasn’t too bad. However, the reason why Baili Yu valued him and allowed him to be the head of the hidden guards was because he was very good at concealing his presence. He was so good that it could be called perfection. Sometimes, you might not even see him when he’s standing right in front of you!

Originally, he was still panicking over how to save Baili Yu since the opponent had so many fighters. If they all started to move, he wouldn’t have been able to deal with them even if he had three heads and six arms!

Unexpectedly, Feng Yunhuan actually indicated to his subordinates not to act without thinking and to separate and be on standby. This was perfect for Ye Chuan. He borrowed the cover of the forest and secretly got rid of over half the concealed people.

Ye Chuan placed down the person he had just dealt with. He was now very close to the carriage.

His expression could not be seen as he looked at the carriage. Ever since that person had entered, the carriage had been extremely quiet without a sound. He didn’t know how his master was doing.

However, he hadn’t heard Tang Doudou’s cry of alarm or seen that person get off the carriage so it was likely that his master was still fine. He decided to increase his speed and get rid of these hateful guys faster in order to rush back to the carriage.

From the start, this had been Baili Yu’s plan - to keep the commander occupied in order to give Ye Chuan time to get rid of those little footmen.

He knew his people the best. Though Ye Chuan wasn’t anything special in open confrontation battles, no one could escape his clutches in the shadows.Moreover, they had already sent out the SOS signal earlier. If their people were around, they would currently be rushing this way. As long as they had enough time, they would be able to escape safe and unharmed.

However, Feng Yunhuan must not figure it out.

Thinking to here, he looked towards Tang Doudou worriedly. He hoped that she wouldn’t disappoint him. He knew that she had already misunderstood his words but he couldn’t give her another hint. The rest will depend on luck.

Tang Doudou sensed that his gaze seemed to contain other meanings so she pondered his words again. Connecting his words with everything he did during this period of time, a light bulb flickered on in her head. So it was like this!

Fart as if he was telling her to chase Feng Yunhuan away. Baili Yu was speaking in opposites. What he meant by telling her to make the long story short was to have her make the short story long!

But, would he be able to hold up?

She glanced worriedly at Baili Yu and saw that he had his eyes closed and was calmly napping on the couch.

She looked back at Feng Yunhuan and saw that his expression was not pretty at all. He was probably angry because Baili Yu was acting too condescending. After kicking the ball to Tang Doudou, he went off to nap. This was a complete lack of respect!

Tang Doudou gave a cough and took advantage of Feng Yunhuan’s absentmindedness to pat his shoulder. “Say, Xiao Huan, are you interested in Baili gongzi or something? You keep looking at him so anxiously. Even I find it embarrassing to watch!”


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