Chapter 106: Went Too Soft

Prodigal Alliance Head


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What the hell was she saying!?

Feng Yunhuan’s face instantly turned red beneath his mask. However, it was true that the way he stared fixedly at Baili Yu seemed to imply that meaning.

Baili Yu was even more beautiful than most women, anyone would take a second look.

However, he probably liked girls…

When Tang Doudou saw Feng Yunhuan’s reaction, she knew that her words had worked. It was just surprising that he looked so astute yet he actually turned out to be so dumb. Anyone else would have been able to see that she was just poking fun but he actually started thinking seriously about it.

After she inwardly laughed about it, she sneakily gave Baili Yu a thumbs up while Feng Yunhuan wasn’t looking. Baili Yu smiled. At the same time, he heard the secret signal Ye Chuan sent from outside the carriage.

Thus, a small blood-colored blade appeared in his hand. Baili Yu smiled slightly as he said, “Protector Feng, is the Hall Master of God Firmament Hall named Ming Mengxin?”

Feng Yunhuan immediately returned to his senses. Shock flashed through his eyes and he blurted out instinctively, “How do you know that!?”

Then he saw the small blood-colored blade in Baili Yu’s hand. “You, what are you planning to do!?”

“What am I planning to do?” Baili Yu stood up with a mild smile and approached Feng Yunhuan step by step. “Doesn’t Protector Feng know exactly what it is?”

“You better think it through clearly. Right now this carriage is surrounded by my subordinates. Even if you take me hostage you won’t be able to escape!” When he recalled that his subordinates were outside, his confidence was restored and he spoke with much more strength.

“Is that so?”

Baili Yu’s smile did not falter in the slightest. Even in the narrow carriage his imposing aura that seemed as if he was the king of the world could be felt. Feng Yunhuan felt shocked and scared as he took all this in. How could Baili Yu possess such a strong monarch-like air? The pressure he gave off was so strong he felt difficulty breathing.

“Then Protector Feng should give me a demonstration of how amazing your subordinates are!”

“Humph! You better not regret it!” Feng Yunhuan retreated towards the entrance of the carriage and seized the opportunity to send several signals. A few moments passed but there was no response. He yelled towards the outside, “Are you all dead!? Hurry up and get in here to subdue Baili Yu!”

Yet it was still a scene of tranquility outside. Only now did Feng Yunhuan realize that something wasn’t right and he hastily lifted the carriage curtain to get out.

However, he was forced backwards by a sword.

Who else would it be except for Ye Chuan who had been waiting outside this entire time?

The sharp sword which still dripped with blood was placed right against Feng Yunhuan’s neck. It would pierce through his throat immediately if Ye Chuan moved it just a little bit forward.

“How could it be you!?”

“You killed everyone outside?”

“That’s not possible. How did you do it?”

Ye Chuan’s expression was cold and there was quite a lot of blood on his clothes. “Do you want to try experiencing how I did it?”

Feng Yunhuan immediately shut up. Earlier, he hadn’t sensed even the slightest bit of movement and had no idea when Ye Chuan arrived. From this, it could be seen that Ye Chuan’s skill at concealment was truly amazing.

Then he thought deeper about the events and immediately realized what Baili Yu had been planning since the start.

He hated himself for being so dumb and falling for it just like that!

“Wife, it should be your turn now. Knock him out and let’s hurry on our way.” Baili Yu winked at Tang Doudou. Even though Feng Yunhuan was now within their control, Baili Yu still didn’t expose even the slightest bit of weakness. He was truly very careful in everything he did.

Wah! When Tang Doudou heard this, she felt the impulse to rush up and smack a kiss on Baili Yu. This was seriously just what she wanted.

He knew that Feng Yunhuan had almost killed her last time and immediately gave her this chance to take revenge.


Tang Doudou beamed as she slowly approached Feng Yunhuan.

Feng Yunhuan stared at her. “What are you planning to do? I’m warning you, stay away. Otherwise, otherwise…”

He shifted his gaze towards the antique lamp in his hand. “I’ll smash this and you won’t be able to have it either!”

“Then want to see if you’ll manage to smash the antique lamp first, or whether I’ll cut your throat first?” said Ye Chuan coldly.

Tang Doudou gave a thumbs up and hit a huge like for Ye Chuan. Although Ye Chuan’s attitude towards her had been pretty poor lately, she really felt grateful to him from the bottom of her heart this time!

She giggled ‘hehe’, then looked around the carriage. Picking up a wine jug, she weighed it in her hand. “This toy hmm, it’s not bad ah!”

As she spoke, she rubbed her chin and exposed an evil smirk. “Little Huanhuan, come over here and give this Alliance Head some love!”

After she finished speaking, she smashed the jug over Feng Yunhuan’s head without any hesitation.Feng Yunhuan didn’t expect her to hit him without even giving any warning.

He glared fiercely at her. However, Tang Doudou went on to expose a shocked expression. “Ah, went too soft!”

Following that, she smashed another jug on him. Blood started flowing from Feng Yunhuan’s forehead. “Li Xueyi!”


Another jug smashed!

Before the sound of his voice even faded, his eyes had rolled back and he collapsed to the ground. Tang Doudou reacted quickly and caught the antique lamp that fell towards the ground.

Wah, it’s finally in her hands again.

Tang Doudou held the lamp happily and didn’t even glance towards Feng Yunhuan.

She ran to Baili Yu with the lamp. Looking at him worriedly, she said, “Thanks.”

“As long as Wife likes it, it’s good.”

Tang Doudou flung the lamp to the side and grabbed hold of Baili Yu’s arm. “Hey, big evil spirit, don’t force yourself. Sit down and rest!”

He hadn’t expected for her to worry about his condition even after finally obtaining the lamp she had been longing for. Her attitude was quite different from how savage it used to be, when she itched to just bite him to death. However, it was cuter this way!

Tang Doudou rubbed Baili Yu’s forehead, then checked the condition of his back injuries. From the looks of it, he had been pretty careful. Nothing looked to have been torn.

“Wife doesn’t need to worry about this husband. There’s no way I will die before marrying Wife!” Baili Yu pinched Tang Doudou’s nose, then placed his hand on Tang Doudou’s shoulder. “However, this husband is very happy that Wife is worrying so much about this husband.”

“Quit chattering and go rest!” Tang Doudou helped Baili Yu to the soft couch and covered him with the quilt. When she turned back around, she saw that Ye Chuan had already left at some unknown time. The carriage started moving forward again unhurriedly.


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