Chapter 106: Went Too Soft

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Feng Yunhuan, who had been knocked unconscious, was still there on the ground.

“Big evil spirit, say, how should we deal with this guy?”

“Wife can deal with him however Wife wishes to.”

“Earlier, you said that their Hall Master was called something Xin, how did you know that? I thought you never heard of God Firmament Hall?”

Tang Doudou was rather curious. After all, if Baili Yu had known that such a person existed, he probably would have made more preparations before going to Azure Water Valley instead of coming here with only Ye Chuan and a carriage.

“Would you believe me if I said it was a guess?”

Baili Yu smiled towards her with curved eyes and reached out to hook Tang Doudou’s chin. “Let’s not talk about these boring things. Let’s do some entertaining things together!”

Streaks of black lines ran down Tang Doudou’s head. She slapped away his restless hand with an annoyed expression. “Rest and recuperate properly, I’m going outside to help Ye Chuan drive the carriage. He’s definitely tired from fighting with so many people. Shouldn’t you, as the master, understand how to show consideration to your subordinates?”

Ye Chuan’s clothes had tons of bloodstains so Tang Doudou thought that Ye Chuan had battled with all the opponents head on by himself. That was why she thought of helping him with the carriage.

“Wife is worrying about other men in front of this husband? Is Wife not worried that this husband will be jealous?”


Tang Doudou purposefully slapped the injury on his shoulder and hurt Baili Yu to the point he inhaled sharply from the pain. This woman sure is vicious with her hits!

Tang Doudou felt inwardly more refreshed from seeing his weak appearance. Then, she kicked Feng Yunhuan out of the way and headed out to find Ye Chuan.

The smile on Baili Yu’s face only disappeared when Tang Doudou had exited. He looked towards Feng Yunhuan with an indecipherable look in his eyes. Ah Xin, what exactly are you planning to do?

After half a day, Ye Chuan had driven the carriage to a small town and met up with the person that was supposed to have met up with them earlier.

“Boss Ye, where’s Master?”

The person that met them was an attractive middle-aged woman. The moment they got close, she started looking impatiently towards the carriage as if she wanted to drill a hole in the carriage with her gaze.

Tang Doudou was rather curious upon seeing this. Who exactly is this woman?

Ye Chuan jumped off the carriage and said coldly to the woman, “Xu Sanniang, why were you so late? Did you know that Master almost died due to you being late!?”

When Xu Sanniang heard this, she immediately became alarmed. “I, what, what happened to Master?!”

“Humph!” Ye Chuan humphed coldly and was just about to further criticize Xu Sanniang when Tang Doudou hastily stopped him.

“You should leave the task of sorting out your subordinates until later. Right now we need to find some doctors to look at Baili Yu’s injury!” After she finished speaking, she went back inside the carriage to tell Baili Yu that he should prepare to get out of the carriage.

At the start, Xu Sanniang hadn’t noticed Tang Doudou. It was only after Tang Doudou spoke that she realized with alarm that there was actually a female on the carriage.

And it was even a gentle and good-looking young girl.

She even called Master directly by his name!

Xu Sanniang’s heart immediately became quite disturbed. It must be known that she had admired Baili Yu ever since she was a young lady. At that time, although Baili Yu was still young, news of his astonishing talents had already spread. She had also been quite well-known herself, yet she was reduced to submission by Baili Yu. All these years, she had put all her heart into helping him deal with matters without a single word of complaint.

Yet after so many years, she never even got within five steps of Baili Yu, much less ever experienced riding in the same carriage as Baili Yu.

Often times she would feel strong hatred for Qing Yin and that bunch of young and pretty maids. Why? Why are they able to live so close to Baili Yu? If it weren’t for the fact that she had aged, there was no way these silly little girls would have a turn!

She heard that Master had only brought Ye Chuan and Li Xueyi, two men, with him when he headed out.

It was now her domain again. For the sake of leaving a good impression on Baili Yu, she spent some time to make an appointment with a Divine Cosmetologist in order to make herself more attractive. That was why she ended up being late.

The news of Baili Yu and Li Xueyi getting married had spread everywhere. However, having known Baili Yu for so long, she thought it was probably just another joke Baili Yu made in order to disgust the Lord of Cloud City so she hadn’t believed it at all. Not to mention, there was no way that the taste of a man could compare to the taste of a woman!

There’s no way Baili Yu could like men!

But who is this young girl?

And how did Master get injured!?

She never imagined that there was actually someone in this world that could injure Master!

Xu Sanniang’s emotions were currently extremely complicated. It was to the extent that she completely failed to take in everything Tang Doudou just said.

The people that irritated Ye Chuan the most was his master’s admirers. They were all boobs and no brains. He didn’t know what his master was thinking, to have used this moronic Xu Sanniang for so many years.

However, though he was displeased, the most important thing right now was the condition of Baili Yu’s injury.


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