Chapter 112.2: Put on a Play

Prodigal Alliance Head


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“Ye Chuan, don’t look for them yet.” Tang Doudou stopped Ye Chuan, then glanced around. One good thing about this world was that those damned monitoring and tapping devices didn’t exist. Hence, as long as there wasn’t anyone around and you discussed things quietly, no one would be able to listen in.


“Don’t worry so much for now. Come over here, I’ll explain…” Tang Doudou started nattering next to Ye Chuan’s ear. The more Ye Chuan listened, the more excited his expression became. From time to time, he would look towards Tang Doudou with admiration in his eyes. His behavior also gradually became as strange as Tang Doudou’s.

“Are you sure!?”

“Of course!”

Tang Doudou patted her chest. “You must trust me!”

“In regards to trust, I actually do trust you but this, this…” Ye Chuan thought about what Tang Doudou asked of him earlier and lifted his hand again. However, in the end he dropped it. “I can’t bring myself to do it!”

“Why can’t you bring yourself to do it? A great man has to be ruthless, quit dawdling like a lady!” urged Tang Doudou. “Hurry up ah, are you a man or not?”T/N Ye Chuan looked at his palm, then thought about his master. Hardening his heart and gritting his teeth, he lifted his hand and sent a vicious slap towards Tang Doudou.

Just as his hand was about to reach Tang Doudou’s face, all the force in his hand suddenly disappeared and his hand landed on her face as lightly as a feather .

This sensation not only did not hurt, it didn’t even tickle! Tang Doudou’s eyes rolled back from her speechlessness.

Looks like she’ll have to step up after all for this crucial moment!

Speaking is slow, time is fast.G Just after Ye Chuan finished giving his feather-like slap and was about to retrieve his hand in embarrassment, he heard Tang Doudou’s miserable shriek. Then she flew out in the direction he had slapped in and fell heavily onto the ground. Rolling about while covering her face, she cried, “Aiyah, owww, owww! I’m going to die from the pain!”

...isn’t that a little over-exaggerated?

Ye Chuan retrieved his hand and stared dumbstruck at Tang Doudou who was rolling all over the ground.

Tang Doudou’s acting was seriously too realistic. It was to the point that it made him feel like he had actually hit her fiercely.

“Hell, what are you still spacing out over there for? Continue kicking me!” Tang Doudou opened her fingers to reveal her eyes and blinked towards Ye Chuan through the cracks between her fingers.

This was part of the plan they had discussed earlier. Ye Chuan nodded to indicate his understanding.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Dray

[Chiyomira's Corner]

T/N - “I can’t bring myself to do it!” When I was reading this, I thought we were going to have some faux bl action lmao. Especially since the Chinese phrase which I translated as “I can’t bring myself to do it!” is also used in situations where a person has the opportunity to have sex with someone but can’t bring themselves to do it (usually ‘cause the other is unattractive) lmao.

Dray: … /facepalm.

Second submission!! Another awesome work of art! XD


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