Chapter 112.3: Put on a Play

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Everyone from God Firmament Hall were hiding in a little concave hole underground in a distant area. As they watched this scene and listened to Tang Doudou’s extremely tragic cries, they couldn’t help but look at each other in confusion. What the hell was going on?

How did two people that were getting along just a moment earlier suddenly start fighting?

“They probably had an argument about something.”“I think so as well. Earlier when they were whispering in each other’s ears, it was probably to discuss something.”

“That’s right ah. They definitely failed to reach an agreement.”

“Isn’t Li Xueyi the martial arts Alliance Head? How come he can’t even beat a bodyguard? Isn’t that way too weak?”

“Forget it, their internal strife is a perfect opportunity for us. While they’re off-guard, let’s make our move!” said a black-clothed man who looked to be the group’s leader.

A person on his left didn’t agree with this course of action. “The possibility that they’re deliberately doing this in order to lure us out can’t be excluded!”

The black-clothed leader said, “That’s true. How about this? We can try sounding them out first!”

“How do we sound them out?” asked that person.

“Oh no, they’ve run away!” Someone in the group stood up and shouted.

The black-clothed leader also hastily looked in that direction. He found that Ye Chuan had already run to a very distant place while chasing after and beating Tang Doudou.

Tang Doudou, who was in front, was running while swearing at him. “Ye Chuan, you little bastard. To mount a sneak attack on this daddy just because you can’t beat this great uncle in a fight! You’re as despicable and shameless of a bastard as your family’s master!”

If this hadn’t been agreed on beforehand, Ye Chuan definitely would have been so angered by these insults that he vomited blood. Right now though, he just listened to them sullenly then replied, “Humph! Aren’t you the one that’s a despicable and shameless bastard, running just because you can’t beat me? If you have the guts, why don’t we just have a honest battle and decide the victor in one go!”

Pei! Only a fool would fight with you right now!”

“You think you can escape?” said Ye Chuan disdainfully.

Taking this in, the people from God Firmament Hall asked their leader, “Boss, should we chase after them?”

“Waste of words! If we don’t chase after them, they’ll be gone from our sights!” The black-clothed leader waved his hand, then took the lead and jumped out of the hole. Keeping close to the ground, he started running after Ye Chuan and Tang Doudou.

This type of martial arts technique had never been seen before.

Tang Doudou and Ye Chuan who were running in front also revealed shocked expressions. Ye Chuan thought in his heart, what sort of strange technique was that?

Meanwhile, Tang Doudou was silently cursing. Oh my freaking god, why does this seem like the ninjutsu of some country from a TV show!? Seriously can’t take any more!

No matter what though, this was going all according to plan. The two gave each other a firm nod as they ran, then Tang Doudou shouted, “Little bastard, this great uncle won’t keep you company any longer. Goodbye!”

As she spoke, she started using qinggong and flew into the distance.

Ye Chuan gave a cold humph. “I’d like to see where you think you can escape to!”

After he finished saying that, he also used qinggong to move into the air after her.

It was easier for the two to see the black-clothed men on the ground once they got into the air. The black moving mass was quite a spectacular sight.

Ye Chuan estimated the number of people below. There were about fifty people. He swiftly came up with a plan, then sent Tang Doudou a series of hand gestures. Tang Doudou nodded in understanding and increased her speed. In the blink of an eye, she disappeared ahead.


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