Chapter 112.4: Put on a Play

Prodigal Alliance Head


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“Damn! I actually let her get away!” Ye Chuan feigned fury as he amassed inner strength in his hand and send it violently towards the ground with a strike. The people below couldn’t react in time and was hit hard by the force of Ye Chuan’s strike.

Ye Chuan had used ninety percent of his strength in this strike. Several people had been injured from the shockwaves. The people in front that bore the brunt of the attack received serious internal injuries.

They got up from the ground and looked at Ye Chuan who was in the air.

This disturbance was so large that Ye Chuan’s subordinates also came to notice the ambushers on the ground. Thus alerted, they hastily rushed over.

The two sides soon started fighting.

Ye Chuan had sharp eyes and soon spotted the black-clothed leader. He immediately moved towards the black-clothed man.

The leader had realized by now that he had fallen into a trap. If they had been fighting openly, Ye Chuan wouldn’t be his match. However, he had been severely injured by that earlier strike so his only choice was to try and slip away.

He had just turned around when a sharp blade appeared against his throat. The black-clothed leader followed the line of the blade and looked over to see Ye Chuan. “You…”

Ye Chuan didn’t wait for him to speak. He quickly reversed the sword and hit the guy hard with the hilt of the blade. The leader’s eyes rolled back and he collapsed onto the ground.

The black-clothed men immediately fled in all directions the moment they saw that their leader had been captured. Ye Chuan hadn’t brought a lot of people so although they had managed to kill many, quite a few managed to escape.


“No need to chase after them. Alliance Head Li and I still have an important matter to attend to. In a little while, you guys should disguise yourselves as the two of us and head to Huai City with him. Make sure that he doesn’t escape on the way.” Ye Chuan sheathed his sword. “Remember that this cannot become known to the public no matter the cost. Otherwise, be prepared to deal with the aftermath yourselves!”

“Understood, Boss!”

Afterwards, those people left with that leader.

Ye Chuan tidied up, then rushed towards the direction Tang Doudou had headed.

Soon, he found Tang Doudou waiting next to a brook.

“Did you finish taking care of it?”

“En!” Ye Chuan said with a smile, “Your idea was actually quite useful.”

“Of course. Who do you think I am!?” said Tang Doudou smugly.

“Things cannot be delayed. We had better hurry and get moving!” Ye Chuan felt a little weird seeing her smug and delighted manner so he hastily changed the topic.

Only then did Tang Doudou remember that they still had something to do. She hastily nodded and said, “Alright.”

The two rushed towards the direction they had come from. When they reached the small town, Tang Doudou said that she wanted to go in to get a couple horses. After all, qinggong required inner strength and they didn’t know how much longer they would have to travel. If their physical strength ended up running out midway, wouldn’t it cause even more of a delay?

However, Ye Chuan said, “Xu Sanniang has betrayed Master. Wouldn’t our plan be exposed if we went in?”

“Wacha!? She looks at Baili Yu like a dog looks at a dat ah, how could she have betrayed Baili Yu? A woman’s heart is truly like a needle on the bottom of the ocean ah!”T/N exclaimed Tang Doudou. However, she discarded the idea of going into the town and continued rushing towards the northwest with Ye Chuan.

They kept going until it was almost sunset. Tang Doudou saw that Ye Chuan was running out of strength. His face was dripping with sweat so she hastily called for him to stop. “Hey, Ye Chuan, you should rest a little!”

“No way!” Ye Chuan rejected the idea without even thinking.

Tang Doudou got angry and, in a flash, moved in front of him. Stretching out her arms to stop him, she said in annoyance, “We don’t even know how much longer we still have to rush. If you won’t rest, could it be that you want me to tow your corpse along while chasing after Baili Yu?”

“If I really end up dead, you should take this map and go find Master on your own.” Ye Chuan took out a faint yellow map from his chest. His facial color was very pale. It was clear that he had been already out of strength.

Tang Doudou now felt a little helpless. She never expected that Ye Chuan would have been the first to run out of strength. As of now, the energy in her body was still like a large continuous sea that didn’t seem to have an end.

Looks like Ye Chuan was also not her match in inner strength ah!

She had such vast inner strength, yet she could only use it on qinggong. What a troll!

Tang Doudou silently had a moment of speechlessness. She took the map, then said, “How about this? You rest here for now while I follow this map and look for Baili Yu. Once you finish resting, you can come catch up with us?”


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Dray

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T/N - “She looks at Baili Yu like a dog looks at a dat ah, how could she have betrayed Baili Yu? A woman’s heart is truly like a needle on the bottom of the ocean ah!” A dog looks at a bone I think. And Tang Doudou’s just expressing disbelief that she would betray Baili Yu despite seeming to be so obsessed with him. Then she exclaims that women sure are hard creatures to understand. (as if she wasn’t a woman herself…)

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