Chapter 113.3: Encountered Danger in Mist City

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Leaving aside his appearance, just based on the feeling the light from this lamp caused, his face… Alright, the appearance still had to be mentioned. In this type of situation and moment, anyone who saw him would have thought it was a ghost, alright?

“That’s right ah. I was just walking and before I knew it, I was here. This place is called Mist City? But why don’t I see anything like a city wall or a house?” Tang Doudou lifted the lamp and looked around curiously. Their surroundings were completely empty. It was nothing like a city, it just looked like a mass of wilderness.

That person said, “Heh, how could an outsider possibly find the real Mist City? You were lucky to have made it even this far!”

“Lucky?” Tang Doudou knitted her brows. For some reason, she felt like this person’s tone when he said the word ‘lucky’ sounded strange. It felt as if there was a hidden meaning.

“That’s right ah! Barely one out of ten thousand people come here, don’t you think that it’s lucky?” said that person with a laugh. However, this time, his strange tone was even more conspicuous and it set Tang Doudou on guard.

She secured the lamp once again. “Alright, many thanks for informing me. I still have matters to attend to so I shall take my leave here.”

“You want to leave?”

“En, from the start this isn’t my destination, I just happened to pass through so of course I intend to leave!” Tang Doudou subtly moved back a little to put distance between the two of them. She didn’t know martial arts, all she knew was qinggong. She would have a chance to escape only if she put some distance between them. If they were too close, she might be taken down before she even had a chance to react.

That person didn’t expose any suspicious expression upon seeing Tang Doudou back away warily. Due to this, Tang Doudou thought she had been over thinking and that the person had only come here to give a greeting.

However, she soon flung this idea past the topmost clouds.

She had better get going. Who knew how much longer Baili Yu could endure?

Thinking of that, she tapped down and flew off.

Tang Doudou watched the figure below her gradually become smaller. When she saw that he didn’t make any strange moves, she finally started to relax. However, before she could even fully relax, her legs went limp and she fell like a cut kite towards the ground.

F*ck! Why did her legs go limp at this crucial moment!?

Something’s not right!

This feeling was completely different from the sensation the Tendons Softening Powder caused. Not only were her legs weak, her entire body felt weak and her head felt sluggish. It caused her to wonder, could it be that the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance flared up again?

That’s not right!

She shook her head. Suddenly, she saw the person that had originally been standing on the ground appear next to her. There was a strange smile on that ugly face.

It was him!

No wonder he didn’t react at all when she said she was about to leave. So it turns out he had already poisoned her!

It’s seriously too hateful.


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